Language disorders

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  • This volume descibes, in up-to-date terminology and authoritative interpretation, the field of neurolinguistics, the science concerned with the neural mechanisms underlying the comprehension, production and abstract knowledge of spoken, signed or written language.

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  • Score gains in the Writing component of the Test have been the main focus of much of this research. Green (2004) presents the findings of four studies, all of which involved candidates whose average initial score was 5.0 and who were undertaking periods of English language instruction of not more than three months. Average score gains in these four studies were less than half a band. In these studies, the candidates who achieved a score of 5.0 or below on the first test tended to improve on the second, while those achieving a score of 7.0 tended to receive a...

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  • The Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing and Allied Health is a unique and invaluable source of information for the nursing or allied health student. This collection of over 850 entries provides in-depth coverage of specific diseases and disorders, tests and procedures, equipment and tools, body systems, nursing and allied health professions, and current health issues. This book is designed to fill a gap between health information designed for laypeople and that provided for medical professionals, which may be too complicated for the beginning student to understand.

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  • Conduction Aphasia Speech output is fluent but paraphasic, comprehension of spoken language is intact, and repetition is severely impaired. Naming and writing are also impaired. Reading aloud is impaired, but reading comprehension is preserved. The lesion sites spare Broca's and Wernicke's areas but may induce a functional disconnection between the two so that lexical representations formed in Wernicke's area and adjacent regions cannot be conveyed to Broca's area for assembly into corresponding articulatory patterns.

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  • Language in PPA The language impairment in PPA varies from patient to patient. Some patients cannot find the right words to express thoughts; others cannot understand the meaning of heard or seen words; still others cannot name objects in the environment. The language impairment can be fluent (that is, with normal articulation, flow, and number of words per utterance) or nonfluent. The single most common sign of primary progressive aphasia is anomia, manifested by an inability to come up with the right word during conversation and/or an inability to name objects shown by the examiner.

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  • The 4th Edition of PROFESSIONAL ISSUES IN SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY AND AUDIOLOGY explores the most relevant and critical issues related to professional practice in the field of Communication Sciences and Disorders today. Written by a variety of highly regarded experts in the field, each chapter delves into a critical issue, such as research, education and health care policies, infection prevention,

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  • Language allows the communication and elaboration of thoughts and experiences by linking them to arbitrary symbols known as words. The neural substrate of language is composed of a distributed network centered in the perisylvian region of the left hemisphere. The posterior pole of this network is located at the temporoparietal junction and includes a region known as Wernicke's area. An essential function of Wernicke's area is to transform sensory inputs into their lexical representations so that these can establish the distributed associations that give the word its meaning. ...

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  • Pure Alexia Without Agraphia This is the visual equivalent of pure word deafness. The lesions (usually a combination of damage to the left occipital cortex and to a posterior sector of the corpus callosum—the splenium) interrupt the flow of visual input into the language network. There is usually a right hemianopia, but the core language network remains unaffected. The patient can understand and produce spoken language, name objects in the left visual hemifield, repeat, and write.

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  • The correspondence between individual deficits of language function and lesion location does not display a rigid one-to-one relationship and should be conceptualized within the context of the distributed network model. Nonetheless, the classification of aphasias of acute onset into specific clinical syndromes helps to determine the most likely anatomic distribution of the underlying neurologic disease and has implications for etiology and prognosis (Table 27-1). The syndromes listed in Table 27-1 are most applicable to aphasias caused by cerebrovascular accidents (CVA).

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  • Gestures and pantomime do not improve communication. The patient does not seem to realize that his or her language is incomprehensible and may appear angry and impatient when the examiner fails to decipher the meaning of a severely paraphasic statement. In some patients this type of aphasia can be associated with severe agitation and paranoid behaviors. One area of comprehension that may be preserved is the ability to follow commands aimed at axial musculature.

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  • The present book, Differential Diagnosis in Internal Medicine, first appeared as a German edition in 1952 and since then has been translated into 10 other languages. Over the past 50 years 19 German editions have been published, and now the 19th edition of the work, which has become the classic differential diagnosis textbook, is available in English for the first time. This book encompasses differential diagnosis across the spectrum of internal medicine, covering dermatology, neurology, and rheumatology, and provides the very latest knowledge including pathophysiological aspects.

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  • Significantly revised and updated, this second edition of the bestselling Handbook of Nutrition and Food welcomes contributions from several new authors, including Elaine B. Feldman and Johanna Dwyer, notable leaders in nutritional science. Retaining the high level of scientific research, accessible language, and attention to detail of the original, this new edition reflects the changes and developments of the past six years in nutrition research by adding 12 new chapters and tripling the number of referential web addresses. ...

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  • Increasing numbers of children are recognised as experiencing an autistic spectrum disorder, and educational provision for most of these children is found within a mainstream school. Autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs) are also sometimes referred to as pervasive development disorders because they pervade so many areas of life and are intrinsic to that individual’s development.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Exploring psychology" has contents: Thinking, language, and intelligence; motivation; emotions, stress, and health; personality; psychological disorders; therapy; social psychology; glossary; references,... and other contents.

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  • Hemiparesis Hemiparesis results from an upper motor neuron lesion above the midcervical spinal cord; most such lesions are above the foramen magnum. The presence of other neurologic deficits helps to localize the lesion. Thus, language disorders, cortical sensory disturbances, cognitive abnormalities, disorders of visual-spatial integration, apraxia, or seizures point to a cortical lesion. Homonymous visual field defects reflect either a cortical or a subcortical hemispheric lesion.

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  • A timetable or appointment diary is another application included in e-Mintza; in a very simple way a multimedia timetable or appointment diary can be generated for the user. This is particularly useful for people who have difficulties with temporal sequencing or imagination but have good visual skills.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Psychology a journey" has contents: Intelligence, cognition, language, and creativity; motivation and emotion; personality; health, stress, and coping; psychological disorders; therapies; social behavior.

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  • The American Medical Association Complete Guide to Men’s Health provides up-to-date information that will enable you to adopt healthy habits that you can follow throughout your life. The book emphasizes the basics of a healthy lifestyle and the steps you can take to prevent illness. In clear, easy-to-understand language, this book describes how different body systems work, answers many questions you may have about common diseases and disorders, and explains how many of these conditions can be prevented.

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  • Agitation (dễ cáu gắt) is an unpleasant state of extreme arousal, increased tension, and irritability anxiety (lo lắng) Fear or apprehension or dread of impending danger and accompanied by restlessness, tension, tachycardia, and dyspnea unattached to a clearly identifiable stimulus.

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  • lasso estimates can be obtained at the same computational cost as that of an ordinary least squares estimation Hastie et al. (òýýÀ). Further, the lasso estimator remains numerically feasible for dimensions m that are much higher than the sample size n. Zou and Hastie (òýý ) introduced a hybrid PLS regression with the so called elastic net penalty dened as "Ppj =Ô(ò ( j + Ô −)SjS). Here the penalty function is a linear combination of the ridge regression penalty function and lasso penalty function. A dišerent type of PLS, called garotte is due to Breiman (ÔÀÀç).

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