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  • Th e key to winning any dispute, especially one in court, is having substantial proof of the facts in dispute. Th is is best done by putting all complaints in writing, making a copy for yourself, and if possible, sending all correspondence by certifi ed mail. Th is is what is known as creating a paper trail, which is very important because this way when a dispute arises, you will have all the information you need right in front of you for the other party to see. In the unfortunate case of a dispute going to court,...

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  • In the past decades a renewed interest has been seen around optical wireless communications, commonly known as free-space optics (FSO), because of the ever growing demand for high-data-rate data transmission as to a large extent current applications, such as the high-definition (HD) contents and cloud computing, require great amount of data to be transmitted, hence, demanding more transmission bandwidth. Nowadays, the last mile problem continuous to be the bottle neck in the global communication network....

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  • The All Mobile Matrix is a mobile production flight case system that can support large-scale productions in both HD and SD. Shown are four VTR racks with HD decks as well as router panels and dual flat screen monitors.

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  • Huntingtin protein (Htt), whose mutation causes Huntington’s disease (HD), interacts with large numbers of proteins that participate in diverse cellular pathways. This observation indicates that wild-type Htt is involved in various cellular processes and that the mutated Htt alters these processes in HD.

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