Layers of protection

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  • Project managers often run into problems because they try to assign tasks rather than areas of responsibility. In the belief that a highly structured, organized form of management is the only key to project success, they may overlook the need of team members to be given a share of the job, instead of just being told what to do. Scheduling and the giving out of assignments cannot be separated from one another. They are part of the same process of defining areas of responsibility. The person who is given responsibility for a range of duties may be told what to do; or he or she...

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  • Of course, such a rapid start requires resources capable of performing the required fieldwork. Generally, internal audit resources “ramp up” to address the full audit programme. To achieve a rapid start, many companies initially look to an outside provider. This can have several advantages, including advice and counsel throughout the development process; access to resources necessary to complete specific high-risk audits; access to tools and technologies; and knowledge transfer to employees as the function transitions to a full in-house or cosourced resource model.

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  • The appeal of horn shapes is not difficult to understand in the field. One quickly learns to appreciate the variety of trained and untrained shapes in a forest of horns in the cattle camp. Both the symmetrical and the asymmetrical curving shapes of Nilotic cattle horns have great visual appeal, especially when they are seen moving through space as the cattle move their heads, and when the arcs the horns make in the air are exaggerated by the swinging movements of the tassels. Fagg (e.g. 1973) has drawn attention to the frequent use of exponential curves in African art:...

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  • The third edition of this popular course builds on the success of the earlier editions and responds to suggestions from both students and teachers. Plagiarism has become a major concern in higher education, and a special feature of Academic Writing is a section on avoiding plagiarism. There are also units on the key skills of paraphrasing, summarising and referencing. The book includes sections on crucial areas such as argument, cause and effect, comparison, definitions and academic style.

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  • The atmosphere of Earth is a layer of gases surrounding the planet Earth that is retained by Earth's gravity. The atmosphere protects life on Earth by absorbing ultraviolet solar radiation, warming the surface through heat retention (greenhouse effect), and reducing temperature extremes between day and night (the diurnal temperature variation).

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  • Investment funds worldwide experienced an increase in net flows in the first quarter of 2012 to register net inflows of €193 billion, up from €83 billion in the previous quarter. Long-term funds recorded net inflows of €248 billion, a considerable increase compared to the net inflows of €11 billion recorded in the previous quarter. Flows out of equity funds worldwide were €6 billion in the first quarter, after experiencing €52 billion of net outflows in the fourth quarter of 2011.

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  • The topic of “risk” and what financial services firms are doing to manage or oversee risk has received heightened attention in recent years. The market events of 2007–2009 prompted many firms to take a fresh look at their practices and resources and to incorporate any lessons learned from their own or others’ experience. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has also focused attention on risk oversight practices by requiring companies, including funds, to disclose the board’s risk oversight role.

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  • The dilemma every regional leadership team must resolve is how to select those investments projects most likely to spur growth in areas that will produce the desired outcomes for the region in the long-term. This is no small feat, since the leadership team must weigh the likely returns with associated risks, as well as questions of equity (“Are we investing to benefit the entire region or just a part of it?”). The Guidelines for Regional Investment Decisions help a region prioritize investments through guided, focused discussions within the leadership team.

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  • Trend Micro has taken the multilayered security approach to the next level of sophistication with its Trend Micro Threat Management Services network security "overwatch" service. Threat Management Services provides an additional security layer that greatly strengthens an organization's security infrastructure by monitoring the network for active infections that have successfully infiltrated. Once the threat discovery occurs, in real time, the network overwatch layer intercepts the attack and performs automated containment and remediation.

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  • Communicating successfully with customers is an essential part of doing business. When dealing with customers who are blind or have low vision, those who are deaf or hard of hearing, or those who have speech disabilities, many business owners and employees are not sure what to do. The ADA requires businesses to take steps necessary to communicate effectively with customers with vision, hearing, and speech disabilities. Because the nature of communications differs from business to business, the rules allow for flexibility in determining effective communication solutions.

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  • Intrusion detection systems and vulnerability scanners provide an additional layer of network security.While firewalls permit or deny traffic based on source, destination, port, or other criteria, they do not actually analyze traffic for attacks or search the network for existing vulnerabilities. In addition, firewalls typically do not address the internal threat presented by “insiders.

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  • Skill and automaticity with numbers is only part of the story. Students must also bring abstraction into play. This is also very commonly an uncon- scious process. There are huge numbers of choices for what to emphasize and what to exclude in real problems so as to focus on the core of what matters. Indeed, it is often far from clear what the core actually is. As was the case before, one has to practice to facilitate abstraction.

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  • Applicants should consider in their proposed research design how policing outcomes have been influenced by using the above-referenced applications. Successful applicants will also consider both official agency-sanctioned uses of social media and unofficial practices of the line officers. It is recommended that the application include a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the applicant and the law enforcement agency for the participating jurisdiction(s) under exploration.

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  • A modem computer consists of one or more processors, some main memory, disks, printers, a keyboard, a mouse, a display, network interfaces, and various other input/output devices. All in all, a complex system. If every application programmer had to understand how all these things work in detail, no code would ever get written. Furthermore, managing all these components and using them optimally is an exceedingly challenging job.

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  • Growth in wireless services is increasing the number of copper and fiber cables that must be managed – causing an increased workload for reconfigurations and maintenance. Meeting the challenge of increasing profits in the face of fewer capital and operating resources to manage this steadily growing and more complex wireless network infrastructure requires improvements in operational efficiency from Network Operations.

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  • Pulmonary hypertension is characterized by a mediator imbalance with a predominance of vasoconstriction and cell proliferation involving all layers of the vessel. The end result is an increase in pulmonary vascular resistance, increased workload of the right ventricle, and right ventricular hypertrophy to maintain an adequate flow. Subsequently, right ventricular dilatation ensues the signs and symptoms of right heart failure occurence.

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  • The skin is the largest organ of the body and its main function is to protect the organism against undesirable effects of the environment. The skin is composed of three different layers: epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. The epidermis contains the stratum corneum, the uppermost layer of the epidermis, that acts as the barrier function of the skin due to its very high density and its low hydration. The dermis is an extensive vascular network providing skin nutrition, repair, thermal regulation and immune response.

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  • Install, use (in “real-time” mode, if available), and keep regularly updated anti-virus and anti-spyware software on every computer used in your business. Many commercial software vendors provide adequate protection at a reasonable price and some for free. An internet search for anti-virus and anti-spyware products will show many of these organizations. Most vendors now offer subscriptions to “security service” applications, which provides multiple layers of protection (in addition to anti-virus and anti-spyware protection).

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  • The culm of the bamboo is covered by its hard epidermis and inner wax layer. It also lacks ray cells as radial pathways. Several results have revealed that bamboo is difficult to treat with preservatives [Liese 1998; Lee 2001]. An oil-bath treatment can successfully protect against fungal attack, but severe losses in strength have to be expected [Leithoff and Peek 2001]. Since the amount of each chemical composition of bamboo varies with age, height, and layer, the chemical compositions of bamboo are correlated with its physical and mechanical properties.

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  • Biologicalmicroorganismsare important tomaintainaproductive soil.Energy cropsusually supportamorediversemicrobialpopulationthantypicalagriculturalrowcrops.Somestudies suggestthatenergycropschangetheagriculturallandbiotatotheonesquitesimilartoforest environment.Increasedsoilcarbon,moreconsistentsoilmoisture,lowersoiltemperature(due topropercover)helpintherestorationoftheagriculturallandbiota.

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