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  • Each of our institutes enage an Advisary Board of successful salan and spa owners to guide and assess the effectiveness of our curriculum.You'll have licenced educators to advise and consult you as you become comfortable with your skill.

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  • This volume contains contributions written by authors who have all worked in some capacity with Judith Bishop during her distinguished career. When Judith reached a certain milestone in her age (and we will leave the reader to figure out which one), we had the idea of putting together this book in recognition of her career and her accomplishments. We contacted various researchers and industry professionals who have worked with Judith and asked them if they would be willing to contribute material for this book. Their responses were overwhelmingly positive.

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  • My Dear Sir Charles, I take leave to dedicate this work to you, not merely because your nineteen years of political and literary life in Australia render it very fitting that any work written by a resident in the colonies, and having to do with the history of past colonial days, should bear your name upon its dedicatory page; but because the publication of my book is due to your advice and encouragement. The convict of fiction has been hitherto shown only at the beginning or at the end of his career. Either his exile has been the mysterious...

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