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  • in the united states, RREEF Real Estate’s engineering procedures include detailed practices to improve resource efficiency and environmental practices. the engineering team is deeply involved both in acquisitions due diligence, and in working closely with asset management to develop sustainable property management guidelines with third- party property managers.

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  • The reverse is true of collection agencies, which provide information to the repositories, but do not use credit data to evaluate consumer creditworthiness, although they may use information in credit reports to locate debtors. Repositories also obtain information by requesting it from public records and government entities and when certain government entities report directly to the repositories, such as for delinquent child or family support payments, unpaid parking tickets, or overpayments of unemployment benefits.

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  • The first section laid out a theory of media that recognized the cathartic and escapist function of motion picture entertainment but deplored the photoplay that “tends to degrade human beings.” Italicized references to “moral importance” and capitalized imperatives that “the motion picture has special Moral obligations” animate every line of the text.

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  • The age until which children are permitted to stay in prison with their mothers varies considerably across the WHO European Region. With a range from zero to six years old, the age of three years is the most common age limit for children to stay with their mother in European prisons. Norway is the only European country that totally prohibits children from staying with their mother in prison (Quaker Council for European Affairs, 2007).

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  • The first high-level consultation between UNFPA and WHO in 2002 called for collaboration in health- sector-wide approaches (SWAps), and adequate investment in reproductive health. In 2004, the second high-level consultation recognized the progress made, and identified a need for complementary efforts from both agencies to mainstream SRH in national and international planning processes.

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  • None of the newer evidence altered the priority given to metformin cited in the previous guideline. Although the specific cardioprotective effects of metformin suggested by the UKPDS study were open to challenge from some of the very recent studies, this was not on the basis of strong outcome data. Large observational studies from Canada and Scotland111,112 appeared to support the widespread advantage of metformin over sulfonylureas, but the A Diabetes Outcome Progression Trial (ADOPT) study did not.

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  • A budget should include all projected expenses associated with a project, from refreshments at focus group discussions (FGDs) to staff salaries. When your project is complete, you can fill in actual budget costs and compare them with your projected figures for future planning. Figure 2 shows a sample budget for print, radio, and video materials. While not an exhaustive list, this sample includes the major expenses you might encounter in a typical materials development project.

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  • The Interagency List of Essential Medical Devices for Reproductive Health was developed by  WHO  in  collaboration  with  UNICEF  and  UNFPA  and  major  international  and  nongovernmental organizations active  in the field of reproductive health. In 2004 and 2005,  several  interagency meetings were held  to discuss  the discrepancy medical devices existing  among  the  various  lists.

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  • There is a new method of rendering that was recently developed. It is called radiosity. It does something all the other rendering methods don't do: it figures out the relationship in the scene of all the objects present. For example, in real life, if you take a bright colored ball and put it into a white room, the walls of the room are going to reflect a little bit of color from the ball, making them look a little reddish for example. This is not possible in raytracing, since it does not bounce rays off of matte objects, such as a wall. You can compare the above...

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  • As previously mentioned, preferred stocks are junior to the debt obligations of the company and senior to common equity. Figure 3 shows the priority of various security types in a typical capital structure. In this graph we scaled the order of priority by the average proportion of each security type for financial and non-financial firms in the S&P 500, in order to highlight not only the priority but also the different relative importance of each security type for financial versus non-financial firms. When a firm is liquidated, debt holders are paid first. If debt holders are...

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  • The results of studies by Fama and Schwert (1977), Chen, Roll and Ross (1986), Nelson (1976) and Jaffe and Mandelker (1976) pointed to a negative relation between inflation and stock prices. We hypothesize similarly: an increase in the rate of inflation is likely to lead to economic tightening policies, which in turn increases the nominal risk-free rate and hence raises the discount rate in the valuation model (equation 1).

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  • Some organic pest management strategies include using crop rotations that disrupt the pest life cycle, improving soil quality, practicing good sanitation, using optimum planting densities, timing planting and transplanting operations to avoid high pest populations, employing biological control, and growing resistant varieties. Approved pesticides that have been listed in the grower’s OSP can be used in organic production, but should be used as judiciously and as specific to the pest organism as possible.

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  • Interest rate hedges include a variety of different products sold to customers to help protect them against interest rate risk. In principle, interest rate hedging products can meet customers’ needs, as they provide greater certainty over future loan repayments. However, these products can also be very complex and, therefore, susceptible to mis-selling. Our review has found serious failings in the sale of interest rate hedging products to small and medium sized businesses (SMEs). We have evidence which raises concerns about the sales we have reviewed in certain banks.

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  • Ten incorrect diagrams were created by randomly changing the origin or destination of one relationship per diagram. The layouts of the incorrect diagrams were visually comparable to those of the correct diagrams: as we did not intend to analyse the responses to the incorrect diagrams, their layout was not important.

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  • Experience seems to demonstrate that trade liberalisation and an increase in foreign trade do enable a better allocation of resources and more economic growth. Nevertheless, for that growth also to lead to more development, understood as poverty reduction in its different aspects, according to Steinberg there have to be additional conditions. Many of them are concerned with the existence of a national development strategy that facilitates a pro-poor distribution of growth.

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  • During the Depression, Sloan (1936) conducted a detailed study of 135 leading industrial corporations. The companies in the study had complete financial histories over the 1922—1933 period and, in the authors’ opinion, were representative of large companies in business during this period. The study provides detailed income accounts and balance sheets for the aggregate and specific details for major industries and major corporations.

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  • Progress towards gender equality is a critical issue for us. …..First we will adopt measures to restore those rights to our women and girls that they were denied because of the segregationist policies of the Taliban and the threat to their personal security during periods of conflict. To support this, we will need to create women's specific opportunities that will allow them to catch up with men and boys.

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  • There has been increasing interest in exploring fi nancial instruments that could limit the cyclical vulnerabilities of developing countries and reduce the likelihood of defaults and debt crises. GDPindexed bonds fall into this category and may also generate a wider range of benefi ts for issuer countries, investors and the global fi nancial system. The authors also examine the concerns and obstacles relating to the introduction of this instrument, suggesting that some may be exaggerated while others could be overcome.

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