Licensure requirements

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  • In 1996 the debate regarding the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act centered on the necessity to screen foreigneducated health care professionals seeking employment in the United States. The focused and controversial discussion also raised cogent points regarding the qualifications of an entity to perform such an assessment. Based on its established track record in providing credentialing services to a variety of health occupations, CGFNS International was named in the Act to provide health professions screening when the law passed.

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  • The requirements call for continuity of program director leadership. The average length in years between program director appointment dates in the core specialties is 7.06 years (range 4.62 – 11.36). 1 Programs that have a history of frequent changes may trigger additional inquiry into the cause(s) in order to determine if the learning environment has been adversely affected. A single person (program director) must have authority for the operation of the program.

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  • State law defines the grounds for misconduct, such as negligence, deceit, fraud, or exploitation of the physician-patient relationship. A physician will face restrictions, suspension, or revocation of his or her license to practice following investigation and conviction of charges filed against him or her. Physicians are required to complete medical school and several years of postgraduate training. They must also pass a rigorous medical licensing examination to be eligible for licensure. The license to practice is broad and not restricted to particular fields of medicine.

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