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  • n 1999, the nordic council adopted a recommendation on prison education in a Nordic perspective. In September 2001, a Nordic project group was appointed to carry out a study, with representatives from the Prison and Probation Service and the educational authorities.

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  • About Simak: Clifford Donald Simak (August 3, 1904 - April 25, 1988) was a leading American science fiction writer. He won three Hugo awards and one Nebula award, as well as being named the third Grand Master by the SFWA in 1977. Clifford Donald Simak was born in Millville, Wisconsin, son of John Lewis and Margaret (Wiseman) Simak. He married Agnes Kuchenberg on April 13, 1929 and they had two children, Scott and Shelley. Simak attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and later worked at various newspapers in the Midwest.

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  • FRIENDSHIP honest (a) trung thöïc hospitable (a) hieáu khaùch humorous (a) haøi höôùc in common (exp) chung incapable (of) (a) khoâng theå influence (v) aûnh höôûng insist on (v) khaêng khaêng jam (n) möùt joke (n,v) (lôøi) noùi ñuøa journalist (n) phoùng vieân joy (n) nieàm vui jump (v) nhaûy last (v) keùo daøi lasting (a) beàn vöõng lifelong (a) suoát ñôøi like (n) sôû thích loyal (a) trung thaønh loyalty (n) loøng trung thaønh medium (a) trung bình mix (v) troän modest (a) khieâm toán mushroom (n) maám mutual (a) laãn nhau oval (a) coù h...

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  • William Sydney Porter (1862-1910), who wrote under the pseudonym of O. Henry, was born in North Carolina. His only formal education was to attend his Aunt Lina’s school until the age of fifteen, where he developed his lifelong love of books. By 1881 he was a licensed pharmacist. However, within a year, on the recommendation of a medical colleague of his Father’s, Porter moved to La Salle County in Texas for two years herding sheep.

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  • The next chapter describes how a conventional model of ocean-atmosphere interaction can be modified to include the free convection within the air and the swell of the ocean. These effects become particularly important for low wind velocities, where the standard Charnock wind stress formula leads to a singularity. The article should be of particular interest to readers who are familiar with standard turbulence modeling, and it is important to weather modeling.

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  • PROTECTING YOUR WEALTH IN GOOD TIMES AND BAD is an essential guidebook to a secure saving and investing strategy. Step by step, this book walks you through the process of developing and imple- menting a sound lifelong plan to grow and protect your hard- earned assets. Understanding how the accumulation and distribu- tion of money will take place during the course of your life is crit- ical to forming a financial plan. Equally as important is the use of proper investing principles during all stages of...

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  • 11. Andrew J. Martin, “The Role of Positive Psychology in Enhancing Satisfaction, Motivation, and Productivity in the Workplace,” Journal of Organizational Behavior Management 24, 1–2 (2004–5): 113. 12. Dee Dickinson, “Lifelong Learning for Business: A Global Perspective” (presented at the Conference on Lifelong Learning for European Business, Oxford University, UK, October 6–7, 1992). 13. Rees Morrison, “How to Make Collaboration Work: Powerful Ways to Build Consensus, Solve Problems, and Make Decisions,” Consulting to Management (September 2004): 62. 14. Michael P.

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  • I dedicate this book to Susan Shank Mix, my wife, lifelong friend, and trusted advisor. Without her encouragement, creativity, and support, this book would be still in my imagination. —Dr. Dean McKay I dedicate this book to Al Burgos, an accountant with the heart of an astronomer, because without him, no deadline would

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  • This second edition remains dedicated to my family, Donna, Allison, and Ellen, and to the two finest surgeons that I have known, Benjamin Franklin Byrd, Jr., and James Reuben Andrews. My father, B.F. Byrd, Jr., has dedicated his entire life to fighting cancer, a much more admirable pursuit than anything I will do. He detoured only briefly from this battle to champion another cause, as a highly decorated medical officer overseeing the care of wounded from Normandy Beach through the fields of Europe. Through his lifelong example, he has shown me what being a physician is all about.

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  • As a lifelong golfer, I am honored to be writing a book about the game I have loved for many years and the sport that has been a binding thread in my family for five decades. I have always been an avid athlete, playing many sports, with a consistent commitment to physical fitness. Years ago I discovered yoga by playing a round with a new friend, a woman who was a five handicap golfer. At the time I was playing to a twentyfour handicap and I wanted what she had! Oddly enough, though she was a marathon runner and avid golfer, my friend’s yoga experience had a dramatic effect...

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  • Education has become the number one demanded commodity for social and economic transformation for both developing and developed economies. Thus the number of persons going and returning to school has become too big to be handled by existing brick and mortar learning institutions. Besides, the majority of lifelong learners do not have the time to become full-time students. Distance education is becoming the solution to the aforementioned challenges. It has been defined as the mode of study where the learner is separated in time and space from the institution and tutors providing the tuition....

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  • Regular physical activity provides numerous health benefits, including a reduced risk of diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, some cancers, and heart disease, as well as increased mental well-being, longevity, and life satisfaction. Beginning a physical fitness program is important at any age, and it can provide a lifelong love of fitness in children, increased strength and endurance in adults, and improved balance and flexibility in the elderly. Yet, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 39% of Americans engage in no leisure-time physical activity....

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  • Mark Alan Stewart About Peterson’s To succeed on your lifelong educational journey, you will need accurate, dependable, and practical tools and resources. That is why Peterson’s is everywhere education happens. Because whenever and however you need education content delivered, you can rely on Peterson’s to provide the information, know-how, and guidance to help you reach your goals. Tools to match the right students with the right school. It’s here. Personalized resources and expert guidance. It’s here.

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  • Let me write Elderhostel on the board for you. Elderhostel. To date, hundreds of thousands of students from sixty to one hundred years old have participated in Elderhostel. Students usually live in dormitories, eat in cafeterias, and attend social, recreational, and cultural functions. All services available to students during the academic year are offered to Elderhostel students. Registration fees vary from as little as twenty dollars to as much as three hundred dollars, excluding books and transportation to the campus or community site.

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  • Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is the most common known preventable cause of mental impairment. Babies with FAS have distinctive changes in their facial features and they may be born small. The brain damage that occurs with FAS can result in lifelong problems with learning, memory, attention, and problem solving. These alcohol-related changes in the brain may be present even in babies whose appearance and growth are not affected.

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  • Improving the quality and efficiency of provision and outcomes: Social media offer a broad variety of versatile tools which address different channels and involve learners more actively in constructing their own learning process, allowing more effective learning strategies to be implemented. Research evidence indicates that Learning 2.0 strategies can furthermore improve individual performance, actively foster the development of transversal competences, and nurture abilities to flexibly develop skills in a lifelong learning continuum.

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  • Have you ever wondered whether the forensic science you’ve seen on TV is anything like the real thing? There’s no better way to find out than to roll up your sleeves and do it yourself. This full-color book offers advice for setting up an inexpensive home lab, and includes more than 50 hands-on lab sessions that deal with forensic science experiments in biology, chemistry, and physics. You’ll learn the practical skills and fundamental knowledge needed to pursue forensics as a lifelong hobby—or even a career....

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  • One of the most fundamental obligations of any society is to prepare its adolescents and young adults to lead productive and prosperous lives as adults. This means preparing all young people with a solid enough foundation of literacy, numeracy, and thinking skills for responsible citizenship, career development, and lifelong learning. For over a century, the United States led the world in equipping its young people with the education they would need to succeed.

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  • Epidemiological studies conducted during the past decade revealed that CD is one of the most common lifelong disorders worldwide. CD can manifest with a previously unsuspected range of clinical presentations, including the typical malabsorption syndrome and a spectrum of symptoms potentially affecting any organ system. Since CD is often atypical or even silent on clinical ground, many cases remain undiagnosed and exposed to the risk of long term complications, such as anemia and other hematological complications, osteoporosis, neurological complications or cancer....

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  • Eugene “Bill” Wilson (1900–1981) was Dean of Admission at Amherst College. He was known for his sense of humor and his genuine interest in the welfare of each student. This quote attributed to him, published in Reader’s Digest in April of 1968, summarizes education to me, that is, it is learning itself that is most exciting, not the knowledge per se that one gathers from it. It is truly the lifelong ride of learning, not the final destination, that makes us what we are.

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