Limitations inherent

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  • The technology-based Effluent Guidelines could not guarantee achievement of adequate water quality in all receiving waters, so permit writers were required to set even more stringent “water-quality-limited” standards for plants discharging into such water bodies. These standards necessarily depended on the current conditions of the receiving water body and its capacity to absorb waste. Also, the effluent limitations for any firm affected and were affected by the effluent limitations on all other firms. The front-line administration of this program—i.e.

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  • An agreement from car manufacturers to cut CO2 to 140g/km by 2008, though likely to be met, will not be enough to have a significant impact on emissions. The EEA suggests that including vans and trucks in the agreement would help. Basing vehicle taxation more on CO2 emissions would be a further way of tackling the problem, it adds. So would setting CO2 emission limits like those already imposed on pollutants, and/or increased use of biofuels. Incentives for the use of cleaner cars, or new road pricing systems, are two possible given ways of dealing with an...

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  • S RECENTLY AS a few years ago, many nuclear medicine physicians would have taken the position that Cardiovascular Nuclear Medicine is now a static field. Similar perhaps in many ways to bone imaging, they would have suggested that all that is left to do is to make some detailed refinements of the techniques, but the big discoveries had been made. This issue and the second part of this issue of Seminars in Nuclear Medicine will certainly discredit that point of view. There are many, many new developments in this field.

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  • B REAST CANCER is the most common malignancy in women. At least 180,000 new cases were diagnosed in 1997, more than double that of the next most common neoplasm, lung cancer. According to the American Cancer Society over 40,000 American women succumb to this disease each year. Early detection of breast cancer by routine mammographic screening of women without clinical signs or symptoms facilitates earlier treatment and has enhanced survival. As pointed out by Dr.

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  • 3GPP, or the Third Generation Partnership Project, was formed in late 1998 to specify the evolution of GSM into a third generation cellular system. Although much focus was placed on new higher bandwidth radio access methods, it was realized that the network infrastructure must also evolve in order to provide the rich services capable of taking advantage of higher bandwidths. The original GSM network infrastructure was very much circuit- and voicecentric. Although data capabilities were added over time the system retained much of its circuit-switched heritage and its inherent limitations.

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  • Catalytic oxidation of organic compounds is an extremely important field of chemistry, spanning the range from biological oxidations to large scale industrial production of commodity chemicals. However, many of these transformations can hardly be classified as organometallic reactions, since the catalysts (often simple metal salts) and the intermediates can be rather regarded as coordination complexes than organometallic compounds.

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  • Metamaterials, i.e. artificial materials with properties not found in nature (Caloz & Itoh, 2006; Marqués et al., 2008), have gained a lot of attention in the past decade. The virtually unlimited freedom in tailoring their constitutive parameters created hopes for the realization of unique devices, such as subwavelength lenses and invisibility cloaks, which were essentially impossible to achieve with classical materials.

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  • At the onset of the 21st century, we are searching for reliable and sustainable energy sources that have a potential to support growing economies developing at accelerated growth rates, technology advances improving quality of life and becoming available to larger and larger populations. We have to make sure that this continuous quest for prosperity does not backfire via catastrophic irreversible climate changes, and depleted or limited resources that may challenge very existence of future generations.

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  • The best selling 'Algorithmics' presents the most important, concepts, methods and results that are fundamental to the science of computing. It starts by introducing the basic ideas of algorithms, including their structures and methods of data manipulation. It then goes on to demonstrate how to design accurate and efficient algorithms, and discusses their inherent limitations.

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  • Friction Drives with Clutch Capability Friction drives that also have clutch capabilities are attractive because they are relatively simple and inexpensive. However, they have been inherently limited to relatively low-power applications because of their dependence upon a coefficient of friction that is usually less than 0.6 between the contacting materials. A friction drive was used in an early automobile, but it was discontinued because of its power limitation.

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  • A context-sensitive approach to sustainable planning and development helps to protect public health, safety, andwelfare. By avoiding inherent site problems, or constraints, and by capitalizing on inherent site assets, or opportunities, site planners can limit long-term maintenance costs and, more important, reduce the risks to life and property from natural hazards. The careful analysis of sites—and the site’s context—can lead to better development proposals and, ultimately, to higher-quality built environments. Qualified site planners and designers are vital to this process.

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  • Wet sulfate deposits: eastern North America. (Source: Environment Canada SOE 96-2, Spring 1996.) LK P, P0 S r, Dr t = reactivity index = pressure, Pa = surface area of the test panel, m2 = distance, m = time, s Pa, Pb = pressure, Pa W, W0 = power, pW Acoustic Enclosures, Turbine A-13 FIG. A-7 Trends in lake sulfate levels (North America). (Source: Environment Canada SOE 96-2, Spring 1996.

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  • Advances in Taxation (AIT) is a refereed academic tax journal published annu- ally . Academic articles on any aspect of federal, state, local, or international taxation will be considered . These include, but are not limited to, compliance, computer usage, education, law, planning, and policy . Interdisciplinary research involving: economics, finance, or other areas is also encouraged . Acceptable research methods include any analytical, behavioral, descriptive, legal, quanti- tative, survey, or theoretical approach appropriate for the project .

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  • This article concerns the rationale, history, principal issues, and potential of fuel cell-powered rail vehicles. Issues include fuel cell type, hydrogen storage, special factors affecting fuel cell rail, and the question of which rail applications are appropriate for hybrid powertrains. It concludes with a brief discussion of a supersonic concept vehicle, a cross between a train and an airplane that operates in a hydrogen-filled tube and levitates on a gas film, thereby overcoming an inherent efficiency limitation of aircraft. ...

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  • The resulting view, that financial markets can be subject to inherent instability, induces governments to intervene to provide depositor protection in some form or other. Explicit deposit insurance is one approach, while an explicit or implicit deposit guarantee is another. In either case, general prudential supervision also occurs to limit the risk incurred by insurers or guarantors. To control the incentives of bank owners who rely too heavily on government funded deposit insurance, governments typically enforce some control over bank owners.

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  • This approach has inherent limitations, including its depends on assumptions about the material and boundary conditions. the assumptions can be minimized through diagnostic load test (Schulz, 1993, Goble et al. 1990 and 1992). This approach combines stress response under load conditions is known with the model number of the bridge. The difference between the approach to the assessment of civil structures and other structures system discussed earlier is huge.

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  • Surface science was revolutionized in 1982 by the invention of the scanning tunneling microscope (STM) by Binnig and Rohrer who received the Nobel prize only 4 years later in 1986 [1]. Shortly after the invention, the first images showing atomic resolution on a Si(111) 77 surface were obtained. As this allowed real space imaging of atomic structure, it gave a new turn on nanotechnology research. By means of its working principle, namely the quantum mechanical tunneling current, the STM is inherently limited to the study of conducting surfaces.

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  • We do not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of any status or condition protected by applicable federal or state law. Consistent with our affiliation with the Churches of Christ and our faith heritage, we do seek to hire and promote persons who support the goals and mission of the University, including, but not limited to, those who are members of the Churches of Christ. We respect the inherent worth of each member of the community. We do not engage in any forms of harassment of others.

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  • Despite evidence to the contrary, chemical industry critics of epidemiologic studies linking pesticides to major diseases argue that they are of limited value because of their reliance on records and study participants’ memory, among other issues. In fact, the correlation of patterns of chemical use with an effect is difficult to establish in epidemiology and therefore may underestimate hazard effects. When a correlation is established it raises serious concern.

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  • The Government understands that IPTV will indeed play an important role in the future of television broadcasting. It is Government‘s expectation that local TV will develop in two phases, the first as outlined in this paper through services carried on the DTT platform; the second through IPTV. The inherent limitations of spectrum, including the geographic interleaved spectrum proposed in this framework, mean that not all viewers will be able to receive local TV in the first phase. However, the Government aims to have the best superfast broadband in Europe by 2015.

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