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  • A three-stage method for compressing bi-level line-drawing images is proposed. In the first stage, the raster image is vectorized using a combination of skeletonizing and line tracing algorithm. A feature image is then reconstructed from the extracted vector elements. In the second stage, the original image is processed by a feature-based filter for removing noise near the borders of the extracted line elements. This improves the image quality and results in more compressible raster image. In the final stage, the filtered raster image is compressed using the baseline JBIG algorithm....

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  • Although the age-old art of pencil drawing is the basic foundation of all the visual arts, its elemental beauty allows it to stand on its own. And pencil art is amazingly versatile—it can range from simple, unshaded contour line drawings to complex, fully rendered compositions with a complete range of tonal values. The projects in this book are taken from some of the most popular drawing books in Walter Foster's How to Draw and Paint Series. And because all the successful artists featured in this book have developed their own special approach to drawing, there are countless lessons to be...

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  • Step 1 - The Initial Line Drawing There are two things that you should carefully observe when starting your drawing of an eye: 1 - The difference in shape between the upper and lower eyelids. 2 - How the upper eyelid covers the top of the iris. (mouse over the image to view this effect.) Step 2 - The Eyeball There are two main elements to consider when drawing the glassy surface of the eye:

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  • Mở Corel DRAW, chọn công cụ Text Tool để viết chử, chọn kiểu chữ dày. Dùng công cụ Bazier Tool vẽ 1 đường line, Click đúp 2 lần vào đường line để hiện tâm quay và di chuyển tâm quay xuống dưới : coppy tại chỗ bằng cách ấn phím + trên bàn phím nhập góc quay 12 độ trên thanh Property Bar nhấn Enter sau đó nhấn Ctrl + D để nhân bản tô màu trắng cho tất cả các đường line

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  • The five chapters in Part I provide all the basics you need to start drawing in AutoCAD. These chapters are essential for the beginner, but even current users will find some new tips and pointers, especially related to features that are new for AutoCAD 2002. If you feel you know enough to skip to Part II, skim this part first for New Feature icons to bring yourself up to date. Some of the major new features of AutoCAD 2002 are introduced here.

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  • This first step is important to understanding how the hand is constructed and were the pivot points are. Once you are comfortable with the proportions of the hand it will be easier to draw it in different positions. For now let's concentrate on the basic "Spread Fingered" hand. Follow along and study your own hand as you go. Hands : Step 1- the oval Draw an oval. Much like the one you see to the left. Designate a point on the lower center line of the oval. This is the anchor point we'll use for our fingers. ...

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  • *These lessons are designed using basic skills already learned by students; to measure and to draw straight lines using a ruler. Elements of self-expression are based on familiarity and habit and will come gradually - particularly when the student grows comfortable with the lesson structure. Such self-expression is first emphasised in the homestudy area.

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  • Giraffe characteristics: Very tall with long neck (elongated neck vertebrae) and long limbs. Bony prominences of neck vertebrae can be seen on the surface; brachiocephalicus and omotransversarius muscles, which usually cover the neck, begin low on the side of the neck, rather than up at the skull and first neck vertebra. Back line slopes downward toward rear. Usually three, permanent, bony "horns" in both male and female, covered with skin and fur.

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  • The Stick Figure In our methodical approach to building up your confidence as an artist, we're going to tackle something simple at first—our friend the stick figure. Go ahead, draw one right now! A reasonable stick figure at this point should contain a midline for the spine, two arms, two legs, and a circle for the head. Fingers for hands and lines for feet are optional, but being the conscientious craftsman that you are, I know you'll want to include them. Now draw your stick figure running, jumping, falling, walking, running, climbing—see how many poses you can come up with. The...

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  • Step 1 Firstly just draw the basic outlines and mark the parts in which you want to shade and keep in mind about the light shades and all. Step 2 After you are done with basic outlines and single lined drawings, Start shading the parts with small and light stokes using any number of pencil varrying according to you if you want dark portrait use 4B pencils to 9B and if you want to use lighter tones use HB pencil to 3B pencil. Then start smudging using a piece of cloth or .your thumb.

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  •  These lessons are designed using basic skills already learned by students; to measure and to draw straight lines using a ruler. Elements of self-expression are based on familiarity and habit and will come gradually - particularly when the student grows comfortable with the lesson structure. Such self-expression is first emphasised in the homestudy area.

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  • This sweet cartoon manatee is quite easy to make and you can make it with very few lines and some basic shapes. Step 1 - Start with a Circle Start off your drawing with a circle. Seems very basic, but don't underestimate how useful a circle can be to create the basic underlying shapes for almost any kind of cartoon character, be it an cartoon animal or a cartoon person.

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  • This cute, plump cartoon panda is a lot of fun to make and also extremely easy if you follow these steps. There are lots of circles and ovals in this one as the panda is nice and round, so be sure to check the placement and size of each one! Step 1 - Drawing Circles Make a small oval (for the head) and then a much bigger semi circle below the top oval for the body. Close the bottom semi-circle off with a curved line to finish off the body of the cartoon panda.

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  • Drawing Hair can be scary because it's a little tricky to know exactly where to start. Once you know how to draw it though, it isn't terribly hard to draw. Step 1: Make your Outlines Start by making light pencil lines to create the main outline of the hair. This includes the line that makes the outer shape as well as the hair that frames the face of your character. I usually try to find a photo in a magazine or on the net that is similar to the hair that I want to draw. This helps me draw great...

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  • Cartoon stars are easy to draw. It seems that everyone and their mother can draw a star, but this particular star is a bit different. He's got style, and he's got moxie. This pretty little star is extremely easy to make and you can learn how to draw it with just a few lines. Step 1 Make a C shape. It should be a slightly tilted C so that it seems as though it's lying down face up!! .Step 2 Now make another C joining the earlier one. What you should have now should look like a slightly tilted crescent moon. ...

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  • Ink drawing is one of the oldest methods of drawing. There are many different types of pens to choose from these days, and each produces a different look. Pen drawings create more of a hard mechanical structured look to your drawings. Drawing with ink has its challenges. When using ink, you must make your lines confidently and deliberately.

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  • Learn how to draw cats by starting off with a few circles so that the shape comes out easily. If you have your pencil ready, then hop right in and start drawing this adorable kitten. Remember not to make your lines too dark because you will need to erase some of the early steps once you get further on in the lesson. Step 1 Make one larger circle for the head and then two smaller circles for the body like in the example. Be careful that the placement is correct because these circles will let the body take shape. .Step...

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  • The cartoon Buddha drawing in this how to draw lesson is both easy and fun. Grab your pencil and eraser and let's get busy! Remember to draw lightly so you can erase any mistakes that you make along the way. Once you finish everything up and you can trace over your lines again with either a pen, or pressing hard with the pencil to get nice clean lines in your final drawing. Start your cartoon Buddha with two ovals, one for the body and one for the head. Drawing the body's circle first may be a little bit easier...

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  • This sweet little cartoon flower is quite easy to make and you will learn how to draw it using very few lines and some basic shapes. Step 1 – Basic Circle Start your cartoon rose drawing off by making a circle. Circles form the basis of so many drawings, so no matter what subject matter you are approaching, there's a good chance that you can use circles to lay out the basic shapes before moving into adding more details.

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  • Watch the how to draw a horse video at the bottom of this page for the full step by step walkthrough of this drawing. Use the notes provided to go along with the video for further explanation. How to start your Horse Drawing To begin with you want to start to define the major areas of the head like the nose, mouth ears and eyes of the horse along with the general shape of the head. At this stage keep your lines loose and light so that if you make any mistakes they will be easy to erase later. .Next you...

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