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  • Discover Linux Mint and learn how to install it. Learn basic shell commands and how to deal with user accounts. Find out how to carry out system administrator tasks such as monitoring, backups, and network configuration. In Detail

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  • Linux Mint is a computer operating system designed to work on most modern systems, including typical x86 and x64 PCs. Linux Mint can be thought of as filling the same role as Microsoft's Windows, Apple's Mac OS, and the free BSD OS. Linux Mint is also designed to work in conjunction with other operating systems (including those listed above), and can automatically set up a “dual boot” or “multi-boot” environment (where the user is prompted as to which operating system to start at each boot-up) during its installation.

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  • A complete guide and reference to five major Linux distributions Linux continues to grow in popularity worldwide as a low-cost, reliable operating system for enterprise use. Nine minibooks in this guide cover everything administrators need to know about the five leading versions: Ubuntu, Fedora Core, OpenSUSE, Mint, and Mandriva. The companion DVD includes full Ubuntu installations and ISO images for the other four, saving hours of downloading time.

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  • 4 cách truy cập nhanh tới một Terminal trong Linux Bạn rất cần một terminal luôn có sẵn trong Linux? Sau đây là 4 cách khác nhau giúp bạn truy cập nhanh một terminal. Shortcut bàn phím Trong Ubuntu và Linux Mint, mặc đình phím tắt của terminal là kết hợp giữa Ctrl+Alt+T. Nếu bạn muốn thay đổi phím tắt này để có thể mở terminal theo cách riêng, vào Menu System Preferences Keyboard Shortcuts. Kéo cửa sổ xuống và tìm shortcut for “Run a Terminal”.

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