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  • Dự án do chuyên gia thương hiệu Võ Văn Quang thực hiện, bao gồm brand strategy, logo concept và slogan; thiết kế logo thực hiện bởi project partner là Rebranded - Jakob Lennartson. Bài viết cũng phần nào giải thích rằng một brand name hay một brand message có thể được với giá 3000USD ngay tại Việt Nam.

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  • With this in mind, Roberts met with Holscher and together they created YouthAIDS, sketching the logo and mission on a napkin over coffee in a Washington, DC café. YouthAIDS would be a specific entity within the PSI portfolio of activities. The concept was to begin with a cause-related marketing campaign that would provide a platform from which to raise awareness, promote PSI’s work and provide a novel source of funding. The cause – preventing young people from becoming infected with HIV – would form the core of the campaign.

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  • In this significant year for the environment and sustainable development, the world leaders will once again meet at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development 20 years after the historic Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, 1992. Dubbed Rio+20, one of the main themes of this Summit is ‘a green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication’. Embodying this concept, the World Environment Day logo reflects the Green Economy through several elements that are included in the image.

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  • Hospitals, hit hard by the Great Depression, rushed to embrace plans for prepaid health care as a way to survive. In 1939 the American Hospital Association began allowing plans that met its standards to use the Blue Cross name and logo. State legislatures agreed not to treat Blue Cross plans as insurance, based on the rationale that they were owned by hospitals. This permitted Blue Cross plans to operate as non-profit corporations, escaping the 2% to 3% premiums generally charged private insurance companies, and exempted them from insurance company reserve requirements.

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  • This reader-friendly guide helps veterinary nurses and technicians use calculations to determine dosage rates, anesthetic flow rates, radiography exposure rates, parenteral nutrition, and more. Self-assessment questions, examples, logos, clinical hints and tips clarify important concepts and ensure that readers master everything they need to know about calculations in their day-to-day clinical environment.

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