Loops and branches

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  • This documentation contains, It is an application development language containing procedural statements and commands along with SQL commands, It bridges the gap between database technology and procedural programming languages, Uses procedural techniques of control, looping and branching, Supports SQL i.e. cursor operations, exceptions, functions and transactional commands ,Variables and constants, robust error handling and functions

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  • A working knowledge of shell scripting is essential to everyone wishing to become reasonably adept at system administration, even if they do not anticipate ever having to actually write a script. Consider that as a Linux machine boots up, it executes the shell scripts in /etc/rc.d to restore the system configuration and set up services. A detailed understanding of these startup scripts is important for analyzing the behavior of a system, and possibly modifying it.

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  • The M-superfamily with the typical Cys framework (–CC–C–C–CC–) is one of the seven major superfamilies of conotoxins found in the venom of cone snails. Based on the number of residues in the last Cys loop (between C4 and C5), M-superfamily conotoxins can be provisionally categorized into four branches (M-1, M-2, M-3, M-4) [Corpuz GP, Jacobsen RB, Jimenez EC, Watkins M, Walker C, Colledge C, Garrett JE, McDougal O, Li W, Gray WR,et al.

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  • The M-superfamily of conotoxins has a typical Cys framework (-CC-C-C-CC-), and is one of the eight major superfamilies found in the venom of the cone snail. Depending on the number of residues located in the last Cys loop (between Cys4 and Cys5), the M-superfamily family can be divi-ded into four branches,

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  • Chapter 2 introduction to the variables - constants – expressions - flow control - methods. In this chapter you will learn: Basic C# syntax variables, constants, expressions; how to branch code, loop code; how to write and call method; how to catch an exception.

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  • Lecture Electric circuit theory - Basic laws presents the following content: Ohm’s law; nodes, branches, and loops; Kirchhoff’s laws; series subcircuits; parallel subcircuits.

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