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  • Tội ác và Trừng phạt là một trong những cuốn tiểu thuyết bi thảm nhất và có sức sống mãnh liệt của văn học thế giới. Nhân vật chính là Raskolnikov, sinh viên luật, rơi vào hoàn cảnh vô cùng khốn khổ, đành phải bỏ học: mẹ già ở quê nghèo túng, em gái Đunia trợ cấp cho anh ăn học phải bỏ nơi cô làm gia sư, vì chủ nhà đầy dục vọng tìm cách chiếm đoạt cô. Cô đành nhận lời lấy Lugin, một viên quan cao cấp ngành tòa án, để tìm nơi cho mẹ con nương...

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  • Welcome to WordPress and jQuery. The WordPress web-based publishing platform and jQuery's JavaScript library are two of the most powerful tools used on the Web today. Combining these tools together doubles the power and flexibility of your websites. Both technologies, being easy and fun to learn, create a recipe for web magic. I hope you're ready for some fun and interesting insights by learning how jQuery can improve your WordPress development experience.

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  • you've built web pages, or developed websites using HTML over the last few years, you will most likely have heard of jQuery—you may not have heard of jQuery Tools. Web professionals all over the world have been trying to make the Internet a more usable place to visit, using JavaScript to try to overcome some of the shortcomings of HTML and CSS. jQuery's power and flexibility lie in its deceptive simplicity, making navigating a document, selecting elements on a page, and handling events, straightforward, while smoothing out any browser differences.

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  • In 2009, Lightning Tools decided to take one of its best-selling products, a desktop application, and put it into the browser as an application page in SharePoint—which turned out to be quite a challenge. When we were looking at technologies to use, jQuery stood out as something that could be really helpful. We spent a lot of time trying to understand how to make SharePoint and jQuery work together initially, and then we started to learn what jQuery actually could do.

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