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  • Lecture notes in Macroeconomic and financial forecasting include all of the following: Elementary statistics, trends and seasons, forecasting, time series analysis, overview of macroeconomic forecasting, business cycle facts, data quality, survey data and indicators, using financial data in macroeconomic forecasting, macroeconomic models,...

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  • Nevertheless, maintaining macroeconomic and financial stability during the growth process will remain a challenging task. A smooth process of catch up growth depends critically on higher growth and income being realised in a sustainable way, i.e. that the debt and credits can be serviced without major demand adjustment. The lower interest rate is likely to be beneficial for investment, but at the same time may challenge the capacity of the financial system to choose and monitor the most efficient investment projects.

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  • Extensive evidence confirms that creating the conditions for a deep and efficient financial system can contribute robustly to sustained economic growth and lower poverty (e.g., see Beck, Levine, and Loayza 2000, Honohan 2004a, and World Bank 2001a). Moreover, in all levels of development, continued efficient and effective provision of financial services requires that financial policies and financial system structures be adjusted as needed in response to financial innovations and shifts in the broader macroeconomic and institu- tional environment....

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  • In 2008 and 2009, the policy challenge was all about putting out fires. It was a call to action to address a lot of issues, and ICI was deeply involved with regulators and other market participants to sort things out. This year and last, we’ve been in a diˆerent phase. It’s not uncommon after any financial crisis to have a regulatory response, and this one has been broad and deep. Essentially, the sprint of 2008 has turned into a marathon. You have to call on diˆerent skills and diˆerent muscles. So now, perseverance is the order of the day. And what...

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  • A banking entity may acquire or retain an owner- ship interest in a covered fund for hedging purposes if the acquisition or retention of the ownership interest meets specifi ed criteria.

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  • The period from 2006 to 2012 saw a number of major events, a very significant one being the global meltdown in the banking and financial services industry (BFSI), which had knock-on effects on almost all business sectors. Considering that we now live in a connected world, India faced its own share of consequences although companies in the BFSI segment remained relatively unaffected by the turmoil seen in the Western world. It seemed as though the tighter regulatory regime had paid a dividend in an imploding global scenario.

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  • It has been widely acknowledged that Bulgaria’s macroeconomic performance has changed dramatically since 1997. Macroeconomic and financial stability have been restored and economic activity started to recover; inflation was brought down to single-digit numbers, real incomes have been rising and the chronic fiscal gap has been closed. A CBA is an extremely rigid macroeconomic regime which hardens macro-budget constraints as it eliminates direct central bank credits to finance the budget deficit.

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  • Another paper from this period (1897a) is an investigation of the dispositions which serve as the presuppositions of the presentation of complexes.

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  • With data provided by the tool, users can create a matrix to show industry employment location quotients above 1.2 for each county in the region and for the region as a whole. (A location quotient over 1.0 means that a region has a higher concentration of employment in a particular industry than the national average. Using a location quotient of 1.2 or more provides a conservative estimation for this example.) This matrix enables users to see the overall competitive strengths of the region, as well as those of individual counties.

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  • You put your hand in your pocket, murmuring, “Hmmm, 12th card from the top is the 8♦, I seem to remember.” And you pull out the 8♦. Just as you said, you’ve matched their suit with a diamond. “Of course,” you continue, “there was a one in four chance of getting a Diamond at random, so I will pull out another card to add to this card to make the value of your chosen card, the 10♦.” Without much effort you remember out loud, “There was a 2♥ five cards from the bottom.” You pull it out to complete your...

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Macroeconomics - Principles, applications, and tools" has contents: Aggregate demand and aggregate supply, fiscal policy, investment and financial markets, money and the banking system, the federal reserve and monetary policy, macroeconomic policy debates, international trade and public policy,...and other contents.

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  • DaFIS is an electronic accounting system designed to achieve the objectives of the University Accounting Program. Specific procedures in DaFIS ensure proper accountability and compliance with university policies, and state and federal laws and regulations.

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  • There are many critical limits in the material available. For example, Senlis -- which sometimes tends to exaggerate the Taliban and Al Qa'ida challenge as part of its effort to increase aid and NATO/ISAF troop strength -- provides most of the available maps that give some idea of the progress in the fighting and the relative balance of Afghan Central government, Pakistani central government, NATO/ISAF, Taliban, and Al Qa'ida presence and influence. The end result is necessarily long and complex. The full brief runs over 200 pages.

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  • Mistakes happen with social media because it is instant and perceived as a casual environment. Yet, communication protocols and parliamentary regulations apply here too and staff using social media must take care to follow these. Of course, these rules only apply to parliamentary staff and not to members when using social media to present their own political positions and views and exercising their repre- sentative function. In some instances, however, limitations could also apply to members (see 3.4).

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  • The issue of health system financing has dominated the health care agenda of consecutive governments since the changeover from the communist regime. The first wave of reforms (1989–1993) transformed the system from one financed primarily through taxes to one based on compulsory health insurance. In 2009 Hungary spent 7.4% of its GDP on health, with public expenditure accounting for 69.7% of total health spending. Health spending has been unstable over the years, with several waves of increases followed by longer periods of cost-containment and budget cuts.

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  • Chapter 14 - Money, banking, and financial institutions. In this chapter, we start by looking at the functions of money and the definitions of the money supply. Then there is a discussion of the factors that back the money supply. In this chapter, you will be introduced to the U.S. banking system, in particular, the Federal Reserve. You will learn about their functions and how the Fed has been set up.

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  • We obtain information from SIF on the social screening activity of SRI funds. SIF pro vides information about the use of screens in eleven screening categories: alcohol, tobacco, gambling, defense/ weapons, animal testing, products/services, environment, human rights, labor relations, employment/equality, and community investment. We also obtain information from SIF on whether social screening is performed in-house or delegated to an external firm.

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  • A study on French learning, with university students as participants, by Jones and Plass (2002) supported the proposition that simultaneous visual and auditory presentations can cause the modality effect, which lowers extraneous cognitive load and enhances learning performance. Another study about English learning, also with university students as participants, by Daio et al. (2007) revealed that double modes, such as sound and complete paragraph, and ...

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  • Audit Committees are no more than a part of those defences. But we believe that they are a most important part and that there could be considerable benefits if their role were clarified and enhanced. This would be beneficial not only in increasing the level of assurance against catastrophic failure and gross malfeasance; it would also offer improvements on a wider front, raising the overall standard of corporate governance for all companies that implement our guidance.

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  • If there is confidence that the Project Initiation will result in an immediate authorization to proceed to the next stage then perform this task now. If not, then it will be performed after the Project Board authorizes the project to proceed as part of the next stage planning. Identify any additional technical or business specialists required to support the project. These roles contribute to the creation of products by providing information about the business and reviewing the products. They generally fulfill the "consult" and "approve" responsibilities.

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