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  • This book explores four overlapping themes in biogeography among multiple plant and animal groups, across subcontinental to global spatial scales, and over evolutionary time. These four themes include: 1) biogeographic theory and tests of concepts and processes; 2) the regional biogeography of individual taxa; 3) historical and contemporary biogeography of complex landscapes; and 4) the evolutionary biogeography of macrotaxa. In the first chapter of the conceptual biogeography section, Khalid Al Mutairi et al.

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  • Given that the adverse affects of climate change on agriculture are expected to burden poor countries disproportionately, and their rural poor in particular, Bolivia is especially vulnerable as it is the poorest country in South America with at least 70% of the rural population living in poverty and more than a third of rural Bolivians living in extreme poverty. Those citizens who have been displaced by natural disasters in rural areas often remain at risk in urban areas as shantytowns and slums are frequently situated on land prone to flooding or landslide.

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  • If the UK environmental employment baseline  level grows  in  line with projected annual growth rates  (see Table 3 below), then, potentially, an additional 400,000 jobs could be created over the next eight  years ‐ representing a 45%  increase on today’s  level. This  is a rough estimate based on the growth  in  market  value, where  employment  levels  are  calculated  on  a  pro  rata  basis.

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  • The most notable aspect of the results from the Woodcock data collected in fourth grade (Table 3-2) is that, for the English-language results, there are minimal differences between the high-comprehending Spanish- and English-instructed children. However, when one examines these children’s Spanish-language test results, the differences are marked.

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  • Securities firm balance sheets primarily reflect securities portfolios and securities financing arrangements. For example, the stylised balance sheet included in Annex 2 suggests that the majority of assets for securities firms are fully collateralized receivables arising from securities borrowed and reverse repurchase transactions with other non-retail market participants. The next greatest asset category is securities owned by the firm at fair value, which includes positions related to derivative transactions.

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  • In 2002, an estimated 250,000 healthcare-associated pneumonias developed in U.S. hospitals and 36,000 of these were associated with deaths.1 Patients with mechanically-assisted ventilation have a high risk of developing healthcare-associated pneumonia. For the year 2011, NHSN facilities reported more than 3,525 VAPs and the incidence for various types of hospital units ranged from 0.0-4.9 per 1,000 ventilator days.2 Prevention and control of healthcare-associated pneumonia is discussed in the CDC/HICPAC document, Guidelines for Prevention of Healthcare-Associated Pneumonia, 20033.

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  • Recognising that significant levels of investment are required to make the transition to a low carbon economy, the Capital Markets Climate Initiative (CMCI) was launched by the UK Minister of State for Climate Change, Gregory Barker, to help accelerate the response to this financing challenge by supporting the scale up of private finance flows to developing countries. The CMCI will be working with policymakers in developing countries to understand why and how public sector action can help mobilise private capital and encourage new markets in low carbon investments.

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  • The house has a cement block, crawl space foundation. The vented volume of the crawl space is about 115 m3 . The under-floor belly volume defined by the floor joists and the metal frame is approximately 65 m3 . The belly space contains the heating and cooling (HAC) supply air distribution ductwork, plumbing lines and thermal insulation and is separated from the crawl space by an insulated, woven polyethylene membrane. The attic space has a volume of 43 m3 above the vaulted ceiling. There are five roof vents and a series of eave vents extending along the...

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  • Read-Only Transactions By default, Oracle guarantees statement-level read consistency. The set of data returned by a single query is consistent with respect to a single point in time. However, in some situations, you might also require transaction-level read consistency. This is the ability to run multiple queries within a single transaction, all of which are read-consistent with respect to the same point in time, so that queries in this transaction do not see the effects of intervening committed transactions.

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  • Elon University offers more than 50 major fields of study leading to the bachelor of arts, bachelor of fine arts or bachelor of science degree. The university also offers a dual- degree engineering program in cooperation with Columbia University, Penn State University, Georgia Tech, North Carolina A&T State University, North Carolina State University, University of Notre Dame, University of South Carolina, Virginia Tech and Washington University in St. Louis.

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  • The working pressure for governor systems vary, but generally the pressure required to apply the necessary squeeze is half of the working pressure. The servomotor stops usually must be adjusted to absorb part of the excess force of the full working pressure. Also the servomotor stops must be adjusted so that each servomotor applies the same amount of squeeze at the end of the stroke to prevent distortion of the operating ring and headcover.

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  • Investors often ask for assessment of and, subsequently, for permits for parts of the projects only (namely with regard to traffic infrastructure projects or energy projects).

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  • Population policies were first referenced in the first Five Year Plan (1956-61) that Nepal adopted. However, it was only from the Third Plan (1965-70) onwards that the policies were more extensively elaborated. Until the Eighth Plan, Nepalese population policies focused primarily on family planning programs. An enhanced integrated development approach was adopted in the Eighth (1992-97) and Ninth Plans (1997-2002).

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  • An additional issue arises because of payments such as future taxes and royalties. In acquiring the above property, the new owner must, for ex- ample, pay a 10 percent overriding royalty to the landowner. Such payments should be included in the value of the resource even though they do not accrue to the seller of the property. In the example shown in Box 3–1, future royalties and taxes are assumed to have a present value of $0.6 million. These payments introduce a major new complication because taxes and royalties depend on future production.

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  • A scholarship or grant is an award that does not have to be repaid. It may be given on the basis of need, or merit, or both. Most scholarships are conferred by individual law schools. Some organizations may also have scholarships to offer. Among them are local bar associations; fraternities, sororities, and other social clubs; religious or business organizations; and the US Department of Veterans Affairs. The availability of scholarships and grants is limited, but worth researching.

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  • School location influences travel distance, which in turn influences travel behavior (McDonald, 2005; 2008; McMillan, 2005; McMillan et al, 2006). School commuting via walking and bicycling decreased from 41% in 1969 to 13% in 2003, with the largest decreases among nonwhite elementary students; roughly half (47%) of the decline was explained by the increased distance between home and school (McDonald, 2008). Changes in the school-age population, including race and child age, and changing attitudes towards school travel likely explain some of the decline as well.

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  • Following the consensus points described above, we identify the specific benefits and beneficiaries that flow from the typical MA ecosystem services categories. We also identify the spatial data layers needed to map the location of these beneficiaries. In order to enable the ARIES modelling paradigm, all benefits must meet five requirements.

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  • The new millennium requires new thinking about the relationship between health and development. It is not simply the turn of a calendar page that beckons us to new thinking. It is the growing conviction that, notwithstanding enormous gains in many critical areas of health over the last 50 years, the old strategies are no longer sufficient. Indeed, to a large degree, they are failing. In many parts of the world mortality declines have slowed or stagnated; in others they have reversed, leaving literally billions suffering from avoidable mortality and morbidity.

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  • Most Families Enrolled in Oregon’s Premium Assistance Program Lacked Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance At the time of the study (2002), the Oregon Family Health Insurance Assistance Program (FHIAP) was a State-funded program that provided premium subsidies to families at up to 170 percent of FPL. Oregon’s premium assistance program was unusual in that families who chose to enroll in FHIAP could use the subsidy to purchase employer-sponsored insurance or to buy individual coverage directly from insurers.

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  • Viewing migrant networks as an information transmission mechanism influencing investment is a natural extension of existing work trade in the absence of formal institutions. Drawing on Grief’s (1989, 1993) work on the Maghribi traders of the 11th century, Rauch and Trindade (2002) provide empirical evidence that the overseas Chinese help link buyers to sellers across national borders. Giving pride of place to migrant networks in explaining the cross-national distribution of capital allows us to speak to a number of seemingly disparate literatures.

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