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  • HEIs that pass the audit receive a quality label and are added to the register of audited institutions maintained on FINHEEC’s website. The quality label is valid for six years from the Evaluation Council’s meeting at which the audit decision was made. The audit certificate related to the quality label explains whether the audit was carried out by a Finnish or an international audit team, provides a summary of the key findings and describes the optional audit target.

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  • Furthermore, Americans have gotten more sophisticated about food and have learned their fair share about wine. These days, wine tastings take place at the local liquor store, and comprehensive classes can be had at community colleges and universities, democratizing a formerly elite subject (Malone, 2003). In the past, diners were at the mercy of the sommelier, now they read books like “Wine for Dummies” and make authoritative choices on their own.

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  • An integrated approach among the local, State, and Federal Government provides for a logical clearinghouse for intelligence on the movement and activities of terrorist groups and the collection, interpretation, and dissemination of that information to the proper enforcement agencies. Effective planning and intelligence gathering can lessen the likelihood of a surprise emergency incident, which, improperly handled, can make or break a department and its administrators at all levels of government.

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  • Several Oscar shows during the decade presented themed montages by other filmmakers, on women in cinema (by Lynne Litman), the work of the cinematographer, and on the activity of going to the movies (by Mike Shapiro and John Bloom respectively, both uncredited). The 67th show (1995) presented a tribute to comedy that incorporated a credited Workman montage with a dance number where onstage stars interacted with the screen. And Workman montages were highlighted in the 70th through 72nd shows (1998- 2000), on Oscar acceptances, “great moments,” and history in film.

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  • The OFT is also bound by the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the FoIA). Where a person makes a request in accordance with the FoIA the OFT may have to disclose whether it holds the information sought and the information itself (including confidential information). The FoIA contains exemptions (including one which may exempt confidential information) and the OFT will not have to make those disclosures if an exemption applies. If you consider that any information you provide may be exempt from such disclosures you should say so and explain why.

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  • The rest of the paper is organized as follows. Section 2 evaluates the situation of German banks in terms of capitalization. In section 3, bad bank solutions of the past are studied and prerequisites for success are examined. Section 4 develops a classification scheme for existing and planned bad bank solutions. We develop in Section 5 the efficient design for a public bad bank. Section 6 evaluates the German Government’s bad bank proposal. Section 7 concludes. Two simple numeric examples illustrate the working of both bad bank plans in the Appendices. ...

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  • A source of airborne particulate matter that cannot be neglected is the injection of windblown natural dust into the atmosphere in sand and dust storms common during windy conditions in the world’s deserts. In the northwestern Mediterranean region, the input of Saharan material, known locally as red rains, has been estimated as 3.9 million of tonnes each year [22]. In some parts of the Mediterranean basin, it is thought that this makes a substantial contribution to local airborne particulate matter.

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  • The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) follows on from the Implementation Schedule and provides the detail behind each key activity showing tasks, deliverables and allocated resources including staff. WBSs vary depending on the complexity and type of project undertaken. There is no single format that must be adopted, as long as there is a clear line of sight between the Implementation Schedule, scope and WBS. For complex projects, a WBS will extend over many pages.

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  • Aesthetic Realism class Mr. Siegel explained what I and many people have gone for: “You get a value out of thinking you are secret and immune. The question is: How much do you want to be in relation to things not yourself and to the world?” This is a question for every person, whether on a frozen tundra, a Brooklyn street, or a university classroom. One of the most moving aspects of the mask are the two curved hands which reach out from the sides, as though from the depths within. The gracefully curved fingers give the hands a yearning quality, a desire to embrace what...

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  • Perhaps even more important than barriers of physical access and eligibility are barriers of affordability. These issues seem to be particularly important in Latin America and the Caribbean, where 40 percent of non-account-holders report that formal accounts are too expensive. Worldwide, reducing withdrawal charges and balance fees could make formal accounts more attractive to more than 500 million adults who are without one. Again, these statements are meant to be indicative, not causal, and further analysis is required.

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  • Role of agriculture in economic development. Theories of agricultural development. Economics of traditional agriculture. Socio-cultural and other institutional constraints. Planning for utilisation of surplus resources including manpower. Linkages in agriculture. Structural transformation. Review of agricultural development in U.S.A, Japan, China and India. Planning: India's five year plans. Human Development Index. Welfare programmes. Globalisation of economies and its impact on Indian economy. ...

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  • In this book I have tried to cover all the basic topics of Software Engineering like Analysis, Project Management, Quality Testing and Designing. Any further improvement in the contents of the book by making corrections, omission and inclusion is keen to be achieved based on suggestions from the reader for which the author shall be obliged. I acknowledge special thanks to Mr. Rajeev Biyani, Chiarman & Dr. Sanjay Biyani, Director (Acad.

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  • “…The Audit Commission has lost its way. Rather than being a watchdog that champions taxpayers' interests, it has become the creature of the Whitehall state. We need to redress this balance.” Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government 13 August 2010 On 13 August, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government announced our plans to disband the Audit Commission and re-focus audit on helping local people hold their councils and other local public bodies to account for local spending decisions. We want to drive power downwards to people.

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  • The Congressional Budget Office consistently concludes that infrastructure and other state spending provide considerable boosts to the economy, while income tax changes for high- income households have minimal impact on short-term economic activity. Tax cuts for affluent households result in small increases in spending, and tax hikes result in only small decreases. Low- and middle-income households, on the other hand, have little savings, and reductions in their after-tax income result in equivalent reductions in spending.

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  • Critical Thinking and/or General Studies are usually better taken only as an ‘extra’, rather than as one of the advanced level subjects on which your university application will be relying. One of the best ways to keep your options at university open is to choose your advanced level subjects from the list of facilitating subjects. If you are not sure of what to study at university, why not think about your two favourite subjects from the facilitating subjects list? The section on what subjects can give me the most options may help you choose....

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  • To complete this course you are required to read the study unit, read the set books and read other materials which may be provided by the National Open University of Nigeria. Each unit contains self-assessment exercises and at certain points in the course you would be required to submit assignments for assessment purposes. At the end of the course there is a final examination. The course should take you about 17 weeks in total to complete. Below you will find listed all the components of the course. What you have to do and how you should...

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  • Based on the results from this year’s survey, it is pretty clear that Building Information Modeling (BIM) is here to stay. Firms reported using BIM technology in 38 percent of their projects in 2012, a slight increase compared to the 35 percent of firms that used BIM in 2011. BIM technology typically uses three-dimensional, real-time, dynamic building modeling software to increase productivity in building design and construction. Construction firms clearly expect demand for BIM to continue growing, with 43 percent reporting they expect use of BIM to increase in 2013.

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  • Businesses and societies can find approaches that will move towards all three goals - environmental protection, social wellbeing and economic development - at the same time. Sustainable development is good business in itself. It creates opportunities for suppliers of ‘green consumers’, developers of environmentally safer materials and processes, firms that invest in eco-efficiency, and those that engage themselves in social well-being. These enterprises will generally have a competitive advantage.

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  • Oracle Lite, once known as Oracle Mobile, is intended for single users who are using wireless/mobile devices. It differs from other members of the Oracle database family in that it doesn’t use the same database engine. Instead, Oracle developed a light- weight engine compatible with the limited memory and storage capacity of hand- held devices. Oracle Lite is described in more detail at the end of this chapter. Because the SQL supported by Oracle Lite is largely the same as the SQL for other Oracle databases, you can run applications developed for those database engines using Oracle Lite.

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  • Lending is an investment and investments are all about the comparison of alternatives and the assessment of risks -vs- return. Up until recently, the government was issuing treasury notes with yields in excess of 40%. Consequently, banks found treasuries more attractive than long-term loans yielding 16-20%. Treasury bills have since declined from the high levels, but still offer an attractive return on investment when comparing liquidity, the high transactional costs of long-term lending, and the short-term nature of the investment.

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