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  • It is also important to note that our definition of support is narrow and excludes certain instances of sponsor intervention to protect MMMFs from losses. Specifically, direct support excludes support in the form of Capital Support Agreements (CSAs) and/or Letters of Credit (both of which provided guarantees on individual or a portfolio of securities) that were not drawn upon - even where such facilities were important in maintaining the market value NAVs of the funds.

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  • Organizations need to consider who their audience will be for an arts event. Organizations should ask themselves, who is our current audience? and, who is our potential audience? Who is our current audience? Current audience members and supporters should always be informed of and invited to events. Maintaining contact with attendees is an easy way to begin building a relationship and loyalty with an audience. Keep a mailing list at all events to collect the contact information of the audience. Any donors or fiscal supporters should always be informed of and invited to events.

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  • Prediction and understanding of the folding and stability of the 3D struc-ture of proteins is still a challenge. The different atomic interactions, such as non polar contacts and hydrogen bonding, are known but their exact relative weights and roles when contributing to protein folding and stability are not identified.

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  • One day when I was a student in graduate school, the professor asked the class to discuss whether there was enough culture and race in our counseling psychology curriculum. To my surprise, several classmates claimed that since we had a cross-racial counseling course, there was sufficient attention given to these issues. I countered that, other than the minorities, few students took this course, and voiced my feeling that issues of culture and race needed to be integrated into every class.

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  • The publisher offers discounts on this book when ordered in bulk quantities. For more information, contact Corporate Sales Department, Phone: 800-382-3419; FAX: 201-236-7141; E-mail: Or write: Prentice Hall PTR, Corporate Sales Dept., One Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458. Other product or company names mentioned herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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  • 204 Chapter 4: Using HTML solicitations—come from and what tools are used to create them. The answer is: from email marketing services.3 Constant Contact is one of the more popular email marketing services. A Constant Contact customer creates and maintains a database of email recipients with the service and composes formatted emails using Constant Contact’s web-based editor and online templates. Constant Contact charges a monthly fee for its service based on the number of recipient email addresses. Constant Contact’s approach is to build an email as a series of sections or blocks.

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  • compose / comprise If you follow the traditional rule, you say that the whole comprises the parts and that the parts compose the whole. Thus you would say The Union comprises fifty states and Fifty states compose (or constitute or make up) the Union. While writers often maintain this distinction, comprise is increasingly used in place of compose, especially in the passive: The Union is comprised of fifty states. Don’t be surprised if this usage still elicits comments, however contact The verb contact is a classic example of a verb that was made from a noun and of a new usage that was...

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  • This is an online customer relationship management program as well as a groupware and a marketing tool also used for cellular company ‘Mycell’. The CRM module helps admin to identify and maintain their customers and employees. Customers can contact with the plan responsibles and add, edit or delete their own personal profile. They can view different products details, ask their queries, give suggestions and provide feedback for the product which they are using.

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  • One key distinction is that business angels invest their own funds, unlike VC funds, who primarily invest funds committed by others (e.g. institutional investors). For this reason they typically invest in companies with which they can maintain close contacts (OECD, 2006). Furthermore, typically companies that receive BA financing are smaller (i.e. in terms of turnover – see also table 1 later in this text) than VC backed companies. Most of the companies that receive BA financing, do not receive VC financing at the same time.

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  • In order to achieve good reflectance performance through environmental and stress conditions seen in service, fiber-optic connectors must achieve and maintain physical contact between fiber cores. It is a given in the industry that ferrule endface geometry is critical to maintaining fiber core physical contact. The three critical attributes of endface geometry for physical contact (PC) connectors are radius of curvature, fiber protrusion/ recession, and apex offset. In angled physical contact (APC) connectors, the equivalent of apex offset is often referred to as dome offset....

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  • GLOSSARY OF SYMBOLS R P C G SL F Revolute pair or pin joint Prismatic pair or sliding joint Cylinder pair for joints that allow rotation and sliding along the cylinder axis Spheric pair (globe) for ball joints Screw pair with lead L Planar pair (flat) for a joint that maintains two planes in contact

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  • CHAPTER 39 A THESAURUS OF MECHANISMS L. E. Torfason Profesor of Mechanical Engineering University of New Brunswick Fredericton, Canada GLOSSARY OF SYMBOLS R P C G SL F Revolute pair or pin joint Prismatic pair or sliding joint Cylinder pair for joints that allow rotation and sliding along the cylinder axis Spheric pair (globe) for ball joints Screw pair with lead L Planar pair (flat) for a joint that maintains two planes in contact SUMMARY* This chapter is intended to be used as an idea generator.

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  • When you begin a new project, one of the first things you have to consider is the structure of your code. Whether you’re coding something as simple as an online contact form, or as complex as a full-featured content management system, how you organize your code is going to influence the performance and maintainability of the end product. When you use a language like PHP, there are two main routes you can go: procedural programming and object-oriented programming—OOP for short. Each strategy has its own benefits and limitations....

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  • You are responsible for maintaining current and accurate application information. You are required to notify the Housing Authority of Jefferson County in writing of any change in address; income and/or household composition (please use “Change of Circumstance” form available in the lobby). If we cannot contact you at the address listed on this application or an updated address, your name will be removed from the waiting list, and you will have to re-apply.

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  • HighBand® 10 Category 5e termination blocks utilize the silver plated, world renowned LSAPLUS ® contact principle. This technology has become the industry standard in over 140 countries. The gas-tight contacts ensure a reliable and long lasting connection. The frequent rewiring that occurs in today’s deployments can quickly degrade the quality of wire terminations. ADC products maintain superior connectivity during hundreds of re-terminations and deliver the best electrical performance in the industry.

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  • A Connector is a device used to provide a semi-permanent link between two optical fibers. Connectors must be able to maintain good optical contact between the fibers at the connector interfaces. In theory, only the cross sectional face of the two fibers need to touch, hence the term Physical Contact (PC) connector is used. The basic components of a connector include the body, the ferrule, the barrel (coupling nut/insert), and the boot. The body is the physical shell of the connector, which houses the mechanism used to secure the fiber to the connector.

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  • Current Status Today, Ferguson and Bardell, Inc. can be characterized as follows: Number 1 architectural firm in the Midwest. Growth acceleration in past 2 years as satellite offices added. Consultant team: • 620 consultants (billable resources) with varying expertise. • Average billable time for all consultants: 92% • Average tenure of consulting personnel: 7.5 years. Marketing team has 25 people in central office and 2-3 in each satellite. Sales team tends to focus on highly visible architecture projects by maintaining an extensive corporate contact list.

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  • Fiber optic connectors provide a low loss means of connecting optical circuits. Low loss is achieved by minimizing the lateral offset between optical fibers and by maintaining physical contact between the optical fibers. Physical contact can be achieved when the ferrules containing the optical fibers have a convex spherical polish on the endface. By having the apex of the spherical polish coincide with the center of the ferrule containing the optical fiber, the fibers have a high probability of achieving physical contact when mated together.

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  • The London network administrator informs you that there is no WAN connectivity. ISDN connectivity has been lost between London and San Jose. After some investigation you contact the San Jose administrator. Based on logs maintained in San Jose, there has not been a successful ISDN session since yesterday when a security audit was performed. Though International Travel Agency (ITA) does not rely on sensitive “topsecret” information, the database of customer information has to be kept confidential. Also, the integrity of the reservation systems is mission-critical.

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  • Today’s ever-changing network deployments frequently require wires to be reterminated, relocated or rewired. That rewiring can quickly degrade the quality of wire terminations. ADC has developed products like the LSA-PLUS® NT block to maintain superior connectivity through hundreds of reterminations and deliver the best electrical performance in the industry. The LSA-PLUS NT block is a high–density solution that utilizes the silver plated, world renowned LSA-PLUS contact principle. Its gas-tight contacts ensure a reliable and long lasting connection....

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