Maintaining the control file

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  • Control File The control file is a small binary file necessary for the database to start and operate successfully. Each control file is associated with only one Oracle database. Before a database is opened, the control file is read to determine whether the database is in a valid state to use. A control file is updated continuously by the Oracle server during database use, so it must be available for writing whenever the database is open. The information in the control file can be modified only by the Oracle server; no database administrator or end user can edit the control file....

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  • Over the past few weeks, you've learned a great deal about the various control structures and objects available in JSP. You've see how to retrieve information posted in an online form, and connect your JSP document to a database for dynamic content generation. This week in The JSP Files, we're going to tackle yet another very interesting topic − the problem of maintaining "state" on a Web site.

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  • Git – is free software which enables you to maintain different versions of single or multiple directory contents, and allows you to switch back and forth between them at any given point of time. It also allows multiple people to work on the same file collaboratively or in parallel, without being connected to a server or any other centralized system continuously.

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  • Overview The recovery catalog is a schema that is created in a separate database. It contains the RMAN metadata obtained from the target database control file. RMAN propagates information about the database structure, archived redo logs, backup sets, and datafile copies into the recovery catalog from the control file of the target database. You should use a catalog when you have multiple target databases to manage. RMAN stores, uses, and maintains the information in the recovery catalog. The recovery catalog is maintained by RMAN when you do the following: 1.

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  • Documents will be filed and controlled in accordance with the project Document Control Plan (Appendix D). All documents will be maintained for the duration of the contract and organized, indexed, and delivered to WSDOT upon Final Owner Acceptance (FOA), as well as within five business days of receipt of a request from WSDOT. Files will be maintained in an organized and controlled manner at the Design-Builder’s project office, and the QO field office.

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