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  • PRESENTING IN ENGLISH is a breakthrough in teaching English for professional purposes. Resulting from research into what really makes presentations so successful, its radical new approach combines the language and skills needed to give truly effective presentations. It is aimed at intermediate to upper intermediate students and employs simple rhetorical techniques.

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  • The topic discussed in this chapter is making capital investment decisions. In this chapter, you will learn: Understand how to determine the relevant cash flows for a proposed investment, understand how to analyse a project’s projected cash flows, understand how to evaluate an estimated NPV.

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  • "Garment making - For the course of fashion and garment making" presentation of content: Sewing machine types, tools used in garment construction, paper patterns, stitches, seams and seam finishes, fullness, plackets, necklines, fasteners, body measurements, bibliography.

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  • Lecture "Chapter 16: Making the system operational" provides students with the knowledge: Program development, order of implementation, structure chart for a payroll system, system flowchart for a payroll system, construction and test plan,...Invite you to consult.

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  • This chapter presents the following content: Describe the kinds of decisions you will face as a manager, summarize the steps in making “rational” decisions, recognize the pitfalls you should avoid when making decisions, evaluate the pros and cons of using a group to make decisions,...and the other contents.

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  • Chapter 5 - Managerial decision making . The main contents of this chapter include all of the following: Nature of managerial decision making, managers as decision makers, effective decision making, barriers to effective decision making, group decision making, creativity in decision making.

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  • Making decisions is one of the basic functions of a manager. To be successful in decision making, managers must be able to tell the difference between relevant and irrelevant data and must be able to correctly use the relevant data in analyzing alternatives. The purpose of this chapter is to develop these skills by illustrating their use in a wide range of decision-making situations.

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  • When you complete this chapter you should be able to: Create a simple decision tree, build a decision table, explain when to use each of the three types of decision-making environments, calculate an expected monetary value (EMV), compute the expected value of perfect information (EVPI), evaluate the nodes in a decision tree, create a decision tree with sequential decisions.

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  • Unit 20: Introduction to Biscuit - Making presents about What is the biscuit? Outline of the Basic Processes used in Biscuit – Making; Dough mixing; formation of the dough piece; baking and cooling.

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  • After studying this chapter you should be able to: Define the decision-making process and identify the types of cost information relevant for decision making; use relevant cost analysis and strategic analysis to make special order decisions; use relevant cost analysis and strategic analysis in the make, lease, or buy decision; use relevant cost analysis and strategic analysis in the decision to sell before or after additional processing;…

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  • What is the role of information in the management process? How do managers use information to make decisions? What are the steps in the decision-making process? What are the current issues in managerial decision making?

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  • After reading this chapter, you will be able to: Define management and explain its role in the achievement of organizational objectives, describe the major functions of management, distinguish among three levels of management and the concerns of managers at each level, specify the skills managers need in order to be successful, summarize the systematic approach to decision making used by many business managers, recommend a new strategy to revive a struggling business.

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  • After completing this chapter, students will be able to: Discuss accounting as the language of business and the role of accounting information in making economic decisions, discuss the significance of accounting systems in generating reliable accounting information and understand the five components of internal control, explain the importance of financial accounting information for external parties - primarily investors and creditors - in terms of the objectives and the characteristics of that information,...

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  • After you have mastered the material in this chapter, you will be able to: Explain the terms incremental costs and incremental benefits, describe situations where incremental analysis may be used to assist management, distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information used in decision making,...

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  • Lecture Operations management - Chapter 13 supplement: Operational decision-making tools include all of the following contents: Monte Carlo simulation, computer simulation with excel, areas of simulation application. Inviting you refer.

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  • Chapter 1 - Introduction. The topics discussed in this chapter are: Managerial accounting: decision making and control, design and use of cost systems, marmots and grizzly bears, management accountant’s role in the organization, evolution of management accounting: a framework for change, vortec medical probe example.

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  • Chapter 2 - Describing data: frequency tables, frequency distributions, and graphic presentation. The main goals of this chapter are to: Make a frequency table for a set of data, organize data into a bar chart, present a set of data using a pie chart, create a frequency distribution for a data set, understand a relative frequency distribution, present data from a frequency distribution in a construct and interpret a cumulative frequency distribution.

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  • Decision Support Systems: Chapter 2 - Decision - Making Systems, Models, and Support presents about Decision making, A preview of the modeling process, Decision making, Evaluation, Decision making, How decision are supported, Human cognition and decision styles.

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  • The topic discussed in this chapter is making capital investment decisions. In this chapter, you will learn: Understand how to determine the relevant cash flows for a proposed investment, understand how to analyse a project’s projected cash flows, understand how to evaluate an estimated NPV.

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  • Chapter 9 gives an overview of managerial decision making with an expanded discussion of how confl icting interests among managers can create uncertainty regarding decisions. A new section on why managers often make bad decisions looks at the biases that can cloud judgment. The chapter also includes a new section on innovative group decision making and the dangers of groupthink.

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