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  • Purpose – The Encyclopedia of Operations Management (EOM) is an ideal “field manual” for students, instructors, and practicing managers. For students, the EOM is a useful guide for developing an integrated mental map for the entire field of supply chain and operations management. It has also proven useful as a reference for students preparing for case discussions, exams, and job interviews. It is particularly helpful for students new to supply chain and operations management and for international students who need precise definitions of specialized terms.

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  • Vietnam‟s hydro-power resources are very plentiful and distributed widespread in national scope. Vietnam is one of 14 countries which are rich in hydro-electric resources in the world. Total hydro-power resources potential of more than 2200 mini, medium and large rivers (just mention rivers with more than 10 km in length) in national scope is assessed as follows:

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  • This book is for anyone who manages, works on, or is interested in projects, whether they are certified project management professionals (PMPs) or not. Most people who manage projects in the world are not professional project managers. Many are untrained and have little or no professional support. Some do not even know they manage proj- ects; they just get things done. There are professionals who manage large complex projects in global settings and incidental project manag- ers who manage or take part in projects that are part of their normal jobs in just about any field.

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  • am sincerely appreciative of the many public and private institutions that have provided resource material from which I was able to shape this text. In this regard, I am particularly indebted to the Federal Aviation Administration for their numerous publications. Faculty and students at University Aviation Association institutions who have reviewed material in the previous four editions have significantly shaped this book. To them I owe a special thanks because they represent the true constituency of any textbook author....

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  • Most students want to get good marks for their essays, and pass every exam. Most students worry about not knowing enough to do this. Some are right to worry. But you may not realise that your marks depend at least as much on how well you can communicate your knowledge. This chapter looks at how you can use what you know to the very best effect. Getting great marks is a skill in its own right, and is obviously important at university. Less obviously, most of the constituent skills are highly transferable....

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  • distortion in the cell organelles and inhibit the activity of various enzymes (Valarmathi & Azariah, 2003; Yadav et al., 2007), which may greatly disturb the physiological state of the exposed living organism. The heavy metals present in the fertilizer industry discharge are usually in dissolved state which could easily be uptaken by fish and enter human food chain. There have been studies showed that metals will cause damage to the human kidney and liver even at low concentration.

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  • Market and banking supervisors and regulators are in the process of stepping up their monitoring of the ETF market. Work is underway nationally and internationally on assessing how recent innovations in this area can add to financial system risks, what incentives underpin them, and what potential flaws there might be in current risk practices. The interaction of ETF regulatory frameworks with recent innovations as well as the scope for regulatory arbitrage across regions and markets is also being examined.

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  • Over the past few years, there has been a fundamental shift in data storage, management, and processing. Companies are storing more data from more sources in more formats than ever before. This isn’t just about being a “data packrat” but rather building products, features, and intelligence predicated on knowing more about the world (where the world can be users, searches, machine logs, or whatever is relevant to an organization).

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  • The history, culture and community values of East Africans are embedded in agriculture. It is the most important source of livelihoods for millions of East Africans. The sustainable management of the agriculture production process is therefore crucial if livelihoods are to be sustained. Organic agriculture is a holistic production management system, which promotes and enhances agro- ecosystem health, including bio-diversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity.

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  • The sense of taste is very similar to the sense of smell. Taste is the sense through which the chemical constituents of a solid are detected and information about them is transmitted to the brain. The molecules are detected by five types of taste buds that are on the tongue and throat; some areas of the tongue are more sensitive to certain basic flavors than others, but the commonly-referenced Tongue Taste Map has been debunked. For example, you can taste bitterness more towards the back of your tongue, but the entire tongue can taste it. The five basic tastes detected...

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  • An investment property offers a unique option: you can buy one virtually anywhere. If you’re comfortable being an absentee landlord, you can actually own a home thousands of miles away and have a team of specialists manage your property. But most investors opt to be more involved than that, buying properties closer to home. An NAR study of investment home purchases shows the median distance to be 99 miles from the owner’s primary residence, with 37% located less than 25 miles away.

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  • The provinces have primary responsibility for property law in Canada. In all provinces except Québec, property law has developed through the English common-law process. In Québec, property law is governed by the Civil Code of Québec (which is derived from the Napoleonic Code.) There is no constitutional protection for property rights in Canada. Consequently, property can be expropriated by government and quasi-governmental authorities, but, appropriate compensation must be paid.

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  • An  effective  network  security  plan  is  developed  with the understanding of security issues, potential  attackers, needed level of security, and factors that  make a network vulnerable to attack [1]. The steps  involved  in  understanding  the  composition  of  a  secure network,  internet or otherwise,  is  followed  throughout this research endeavor.     To  lessen  the vulnerability of  the computer  to  the  network  there are many products available.

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  • The items in the Product Backlog can vary significantly in size; however, the larger ones will often be broken into smaller pieces during the Sprint Planning Meeting, and the smaller ones may be consolidated. One of the myths about Scrum is that it prevents you from writing detailed specifications; in reality, it’s up to the Product Owner and Team to decide just how much detail is required, and this may vary from one Product Backlog item to the next. The general advice is to state what’s important in the least amount of space necessary – in other words, one doesn’t...

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  • If
Spain1 ,

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  • We believe one factor that did not exist in past decades now affects the current healthcare crisis in a grand way, which is the exponential growth of IT. Granted, during the past six decades the healthcare industry used computing and communications tech- nologies, but it is only in the last two decades that the capabilities of IT expanded at a phenomenal rate. IT affects every aspect of society and personal life, for example, the Internet, e-mail, texting, cell phones, and handheld computing. Healthcare is no exception. Many say healthcare is relatively slow to accept IT.

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  • The smooth operation of these economic activities will rely on good infrastructure to support mobility. In fact, as one of the main pillars of the MP3EI, strengthening national connectivity includes the development of infrastructure as a key strategy to achieve not only regional connectivity but also a global connectivity. As an archipelagic country, developing infrastructure to better connect the regions is undoubtedly important.

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  • Get an introduction to the goals, processes and operations of business enterprises in the United States. Your focus is on the functions that a company—whether a multinational corporation or a corner grocery store— must manage effectively to be successful. You also study the legal environment in which businesses operate and the importance of business ethics and corporate citizenship. Applied Economics for Business Welcome to the study of microeconomics, including the theory of supply and demand and the use of that theory to explain market functions.

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  • The city of Bellevue intended to become a sponsoring partner of the District’s small business program in 2010. The city agreed to pay a membership fee in return for having access to activities offered by the program. Separately, the city entered into a five-year lease for the use of office space in a city-owned building. City staff stated they believed the membership agreement and the lease were with the District. However, the lease and the membership agreement were with the private company because, according to city staff, the District program manager...

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  • It should be pointed out, however, that the initial set of processes included here are more appropriate for internal incident management or CSIRT capabilities, as defined in our report Organizational Models for CSIRTs [Killcrece 03a]. An internal capability is one in which staff in the organization have been assigned the responsibility for incident management and the constituency being serviced is the parent organization. Future work will include applying these processes to other organizational models, particularly the Coordinating CSIRT model....

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