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  • We live in an age that is dominated by the “I know what I want and I want it now” attitude. It is a time of fast food and quick fixes. A time of self before everything and Me! Me! Me! A rat race of the lowest kind. Keeping up has never seemed more important-a mentality of getting rich quick at any cost. This attitude is also why many people are getting involved with the commodity and futures industry.

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  • The present edition has been much enlarged. The author has added a section on the conduct and management of the mother herself, besides several other important amendments and additions. The whole has also been carefully revised, and we cannot but indulge the hope that no popular work of the kind will be found more perfect, or more worthy of the public confidence.

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  • PRACHAR’s goal is to improve the health of mothers and their children by changing the customs of early marriage and childbearing and spacing subsequent births. To reach this objective, Pathfinder works with every section of society that influences the decisions of young people. Pathfinder has trained staff of 30 local partner organizations, who in turn have trained 342 community members to work as change agents, the key village-level representatives of the PRACHAR project. The project was launched in each village with a community meeting.

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  • It was a summer's evening in Sydney, and the north-east wind that comes down from New Guinea and the tropical islands over leagues of warm sea, brought on its wings a heavy depressing moisture. In the streets people walked listlessly, perspired, mopped themselves, and abused their much-vaunted climate. Everyone who could manage it was out of town, either on the heights of Moss Vale or the Blue Mountains, escaping from the Inferno of Sydney.

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  • Reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies reduces the risk of maternal deaths. The contraceptive prevalence rate is only about 55 per cent leaving the rest of the women exposed to the risk of pregnancy, in many cases unwanted. Unmet need on contraception (limiting and spacing) is 21 per cent.33 About 16 per cent of girls in the age-group 15-19 have begun childbearing (either have had a live birth or pregnant with the first child).34 The poor status of health of child-bearing adolescents, coupled with physiological immaturity elevates the risk of maternal and perinatal deaths.

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  • Bollywood heroines have mostly been homely, content to stay happily ever after in the institution of marriage even if educated and keen to carve and identity of one‟s own. Where are the women building careers and working professionally? They have been almost silenced.

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  • This book began over a decade ago when, in a chapter of my doctoral dissertation, I suggested that the rise of company unions in early twentieth- century American manufacturing might be usefully viewed as an institutional change from “exit” to “voice” in the mechanisms by which workers expressed their shopfloor concerns to management. Since then— in between other research projects, a marriage, and two children—I have periodically returned to a study of the history of US shopfloor governance....

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  • Four years after the marriage, Lady Pitt died, and the widower, having spent three years and a half at Monte Carlo, working out an infallible system for breaking the bank, to the great contentment of Mons. Blanc and the management in general, proceeded to the gardens, where he shot himself in the orthodox manner, leaving many liabilities,

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