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  • In a slow economy, companies no longer have the luxury of business as usual. Organizations must try to prevent quality issues, quickly identify and solve problems if they do occur, and drive down costs by increasing efficiencies. Six Sigma has proven its value in all these areas, and it is already in use at many large manufacturing companies.

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  • Vinamilk is the name refered to the VietNam Dairy Products JointCompany.A company manufacturing and trading of milk and other dairy products as well as equipment and machinery involvedin Vietnam. A production company, trading milk and dairy products as well as related equipment in Vietnam.

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  • Those assets that a company: 1. Intends to sell in the normal course of business. 2. Has in production (work in process) for future sale. 3. Uses currently in the production of goods to be sold (raw materials). 8-3 Types of Inventories Types of Inventory Merchandise Inventory Goods acquired for resale Manufacturing Inventory •Raw Materials •Work-in-Process •Finished Goods 1 .8-4 Inventory Cost Flows Raw Materials Work in Process Finished Goods

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  • Chapter 6 - Inventory and cost of goods sold. After completing this chapter, students will be able to: Trace the flow of inventory costs from manufacturing companies to merchandising companies, understand how cost of goods sold is reported in a multiple-step income statement, determine the cost of goods sold and ending inventory using different inventory cost methods, explain the financial statement effects and tax effects of inventory cost flow assumptions,…

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  • Chapter 4 "The Role of technology in operations", after studying this chapter you will be able to: Introduce the different ways in which technology can add value to the operations function within an organization, identify the various ways in which technology can be used in a manufacturing company, describe enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and how they impact an organization,...

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  • Chapter 4 - Sales and operations planning. The Sales and Operations Planning (SOP) process is used to develop an overall business plan to integrate the functional planning efforts within the company. SOP links strategic goals to production and coordinates the planning efforts of various groups such as marketing, finance, operations, and human resources.

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  • In 2006 Korean shipbuilding companies got new orders of 19,585,000 CGT, which was the highest number since 2000. Moreover in the first half of 2007 Korean shipbuilders have received 51.3% more orders than that of a year ago. Strong demand for new vessels was expected to continue for the next few years at least, due to expanding world-wide seaborne trade, especially between China and USA, and increasing need of new ships to adapt new International Maritime Organization’s requirements.

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  • JIT- A philosophy of continuous improvement that puts emphasis on prevention rather than correction, and demands a company wide focus on quality.

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  • This book is compiled to provide the reader a critical appreciation of key tools of Lean and Six Sigma and their implementation into both manufacturing and service organizations through drawing upon the research findings of a range of specialist scholars (including academics and practitioners) who have either proposed a conceptual model of framework for Lean/Six Sigma or have empirically gathered an extensive range of new data from organizations in the manufacturing and service sectors across a number of countries.

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  • 1.Vision: (Tầm nhìn) NH company will become one in the top 5 leading magnet wire manufacturing companies in South East Asia, with high technology and annual output quantity of at least 10,000 tons. Công ty NH sẽ trở thành 1 trong 5 công ty sản xuất dây điện từ hàng đầu của Đông Nam Á, công nghệ cao và sản lượng hàng năm thấp nhất là 10.000 tấn .

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  • Tasneem Khan is the General Manager for Calm Seas, a small ocean kayak manufacturing company in western Canada. It is the end of the day in mid-October. Tasneem is wondering where the day went. She has gotten nothing done on the “to-do” list that she had with her when she started her day. And yet, she had been busy from the moment she walked in until now. She shrugs her shoulders and starts to tackle some of the work piled up on her desk. Everyone else has left the building by now. Perhaps she can get in a couple of hours of uninterrupted work before...

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  • In recent years automatic identification procedures (Auto-ID) have become very popular in many service industries, purchasing and distribution logistics, industry, manufacturing companies and material flow systems. Automatic identification procedures exist to provide information about people, animals, goods and products in transit. The omnipresent barcode labels that triggered a revolution in identification systems some considerable time ago, are being found to be inadequate in an increasing number of cases....

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  • WHETHER WORKING WITH EXECUTIVES IN old or new companies— a Fortune 500, a start-up, a venture capital firm, an investment banking or management consulting firm, or a high tech, entertainment, consumer products, or manufacturing company—one of the top challenges I hear over and over is: How do we recruit, develop, and keep the best talent? The refrain is the same in both boom years and down times. This challenge is especially on organizations’ radar screens for MBAs and experienced talent.

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  • Welcome to The Motor Ship’s annual directory of marine diesel engines which is now published on our website so as to make it a more useful reference source for our readers. Produced in A4 size format, it covers engines with ratings of 300kW and upwards from around the world, where it joins what will be an ever increasing range of news and reference material. In the 2005 Guide marine diesel engines are listed alphabetically by design/manufacturing company.

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  • The characteristics of Engineer to Order (ETO) companies are described in terms of their markets, products and the internal processes of their organisation.

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  • The first all-inclusive guidebook for designing, building, and implementing a sturdy core valuation/projection model In today’s no-room-for-error corporate finance market, precise and effective financial modeling is essential for both determining a company’s current value and projecting its future performance. Yet few books have explained how to build models that accurately interpret a company’s financial statement, while none have focused on projection models.

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  • The names Bloch and Geitner are synonymous with machinery maintenance and reliability for process plants. They save companies like Dow and Equilon millions of dollars a year by extending the life of rotating machinery in their plants. Extending the life of existing machinery is the name of the game in the process industries, not designing new machinery. This series by Bloch and Geitner was the first and is still the best, most comprehensive source for doing just that.

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  • Fueled in part by some extraordinary theoretical developments in finance, an explosive growth of information and computing technology, and the global expansion of investment activity, investment theory currently commands a high level of intellectual attention. Recent developments in the field are being infused into university classrooms, financial service organizations, business ventures, and into the awareness of many individual investors. Modern investment theory using the language of mathematics is now an essential aspect of academic and practitioner training....

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  • Early portions of this textbook dealt mostly with financial accounting. Financial accounting is concerned with reporting to external parties such as owners, analysts, and creditors. These external users rarely have access to the information that is internal to the organization, nor do they specify the exact information that will be presented. Instead, they must rely on the general reports presented by the company. Therefore, the reporting structure is well defined and standardized.

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  • The BMTC is a small manufacturing company located in Gadsden. They have decided that they would like to create an awareness of their products over the Internet. Therefore their immediate requirement is to promote their products to potential customers by providing product overviews, reports, and testimonials. Future requirements could include e-mail, FTP, DNS, and online ecommerce services.

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