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  • Chiến Lược Đại Dương Xanh – Cạnh Tranh bằng cách không cạnh tranh Theo hai tác giả W.Chan Kim, Renée Mauborgne của cuốn sánh ““Blue Ocean Strategy. How to create uncontested Market Space And Make Competition Irrelevant. - Chiến Lược Đại Dương Xanh. Cách tạo ra thị trường trống và không cạnh tranh” - được xếp hàng đầu về chiến lược kinh doanh năm 2005 - thì các doanh nghiệp theo truyền thống khi thiết kế chiến lược kinh doanh, thường đặt mình trong một thị trường cạnh tranh.

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  • ĐẶC ĐIỂM MA TRẬN SPACE (STRATEGIC POSITION ACTION EVALUATION MATRIX – MA TRẬN VỊ TRÍ CHIẾN LƯỢC VÀ ĐÁNH GIÁ HOẠT ĐỘNG) Ma trận SPACE có thể được sử dụng trong giai đoạn 2 của quá trình hoạch định chiến lược. Ma trận này giúp doanh nghiệp lựa chọn chiến lược tấn công (Aggressive) thận trọng/ bảo thủ (Conservative) phòng thủ (Defenive) hay cạnh tranh (Competitive)

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  • Changes in regional economic environment, progress of science & technology, and socio-political changes will all cause the local feature under the perspective of Marketing Places to be affected. A place is a modern country, a geographical & political space in physical terms.

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  • Where we are now? The growth environment of early 2008 has changed to cost containment in 2009 Real Estate costs are often the second largest expense for Companies – typically behind labour In a contracting economy, an aggressive occupancy cost reduction plan can mean the difference between success and survival Following headcount reduction activities over the last 6 months, some corporate occupiers are carrying a significant amount of vacant space Market conditions have given rise to new opportunities for restructuring leases...

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  • Not long ago, social media seemed so new and different that it was treated as an appendage of sorts—a kind of marketing that should be tried only by “experts.” While that view still exists to some degree today, it’s become clear to many that social media is no longer marketing’s new thing. It’s now simply part of the way we do marketing today. I believe that the proper way to view social media from a small-business owner’s point of view is as more of an evolution than a revolution.

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  • Trong nhiều năm qua, những nhà thiết kế bao bì thương hiệu và những nhà sở hữu thương hiệu đã luôn ý thức được rằng hầu hết 70% các quyết định mua hàng được đưa ra khi người tiêu dùng đang ở tại cửa hiệu, nơi mà họ đối mặt với vô số lựa chọn khác nhau.

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  • A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is defined loosely as a network in which customer connectivity among multiple sites is deployed on a shared infrastructure with the same access or security policies as a private network. With the recent advent of marketing activities surrounding the term VPNs, from new technologies supporting VPNs to a flurry of VPN-enabled products and services, you might think that the VPN concept is a major technology throughput. However, as is often the case, VPN is a concept that is more than 10-years old and is well known in the service provider market space....

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  • Today’s industrial products, and many public sponsored projects, show a strong increase in functionality and complexity. Think of automobiles, mobile phones, personal computers, airplanes, or a space mission. To ensure success and cope with inherent risks of modern products, project management and systems engineering have become indispensable skills for forward-looking enterprises.

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  • When we talked to colleagues and friends during the last few months about our e-business book project, many of them asked whether we were arriving too late with this book. They reminded us that the Internet bubble had burst three years ago and that most online companies had since gone bankrupt. This is certainly true, yet we nonetheless believe that it is indeed a very timely moment to publish a book on e-business and strategy.

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  • This chapter offers an introduction to software based radio (SBR), discusses some top-level global drivers for (SBR) designs, and postulates potential evolutionary implications for software radio in one key market space (commercial wireless).

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  • Câu 1: Nhu cầu là gì ? A Là cảm giác thiếu hụt một cái gì đó mà con người cảm nhận được B .Là một nhu cầu đặc thù tương ứng với trình độ văn hóa và nhân cách của cá thể C .Là mong muốn được kèm thêm điều kiện có khả năng thanh toán D .Tất cả các phương án trên đều đúng Câu 2 :Nhu cầu của con người có đặc điểm gì ? A . Đa dạng phong phú và luôn biến đổi B . Đa dạng phong phú và luôn cố định C .Cụ thể và luôn biến đổi D . Cả A...

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  • Having studied the effect of monetary policy and capital ows shocks on housing activity, our second contribution is to explore how nancial innovation affects the transmission of the two shocks. Using an index of mortgage market development constructed in IMF (2008), 1 we split our sample in two groups of countries (with high and low mortgage market development) and estimate our panel VAR model across the two subsamples. We also split the sample using the ratio of mortgage debt to GDP in 2004.

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  • ValueSpace—we hold it in utmost admiration. ValueSpace—it is to us the be-all and the end-all of all business activity, the only purpose of all organizations, all business enterprises. It is the only justifiable goal of all reengineering, organizational renewal, entrepreneurship, and corporate innovation. And it is the only path for sustained growth, for winning the battle for market leadership. It is the space where true market value is created—for shareholders, for employees, and most of all, for customers....

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  • It is often lamented that academics, activists and practitioners engaged in corporate accountability and improving labour standards do not jointly reflect upon the subject of their work enough. Academics talk to practitioners when they want information and practitioners don’t often have the time to step back and reflect upon the efficacy of their strategies, except in planning meetings. This book arose out of a workshop held in December 2007 which aimed at creating a new space for reflection and collaboration.

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  • B2B Content Marketing: 2012 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends is the second annual survey about content marketing in the business-to-business (B2B) space. We surveyed 1,092 marketers from diverse industries and a wide range of company sizes in August 2011. Last year, the results revealed content marketing is a well-established, core marketing strategy in the B2B marketplace. However, while many marketers were using these tactics, they were uncertain about their effectiveness.

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  • Then work backwards on the overall margins to see what the range will need to be for your product to be competitive in the end market and pay for all the value chain functions between you and the consumer. Price margin examples have been provided for handicraft items, but note that other product lines – food, personal care products, etc. many have different margins. Shipping and warehouse costs tend to be consistent across products, since space is space for these functions. The exception is when climate controlled (e.g.

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  • Fiscal policy, based on cash-budgeting, aims over the medium term at preserving fiscal sustainability, while allowing for some modest increase in infrastructure and social spending. Given the fiscal framework, Government finances have improved. There are, however, unresolved issues concerning ghost workers and the accounting for diamond revenues. Total revenue increased from US$933.6 million in 2009 to US$2.34 billion in 2010, underpinned by increases in income and corporate taxes.

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  • Movies have always had a powerful influence on people’s behavior, from how they talk to how they dress. Tobacco marketers took advantage of this power to popularize cigarettes over cigars and to make smoking by women socially acceptable. The number of women stars posing with cigarettes in the 1930s and 1940s may have been no accident. And paying stars to endorse cigarette brands in print and billboard advertising was certainly business as usual, until smoking’s link to lung cancer shattered tobacco’s glamorous image in the early 1960s....

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  • Furniture layout design falls under the umbrella of space planning, a sub-field of interior design that deals with the allocation of spatial resources [Kilmer and Kilmer 1992; Kubba 2003; Pile 2007; Karlen 2009]. To identify guidelines for furniture layout we have consulted manuals on furniture layout [Talbott 1999;Ward 1999; Sharp 2008] and have interviewed four professional designers who specialize in arranging furniture. An effective furniture layout must address both functional and vi- sual criteria.

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  • For me, this book has become all about change. In the time that I have been watching the mobile computing marketplace and developing software solutions for it, there has never been a time when there has been a more rapid series of shifts and changes. A good friend of mine tells me that this is because of market consolidation. As of the time of writing (August 2010), we’re looking at the time when the people who will be leaders in this space for the next 20 years jostle for position.

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