Mastering floats

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  • In Unix there are many ways to accomplish a given task. Given a problem to solve, we may be able to get to a solution in any number of ways. Of course, some will be more efficient, be more readable, use less disk space or memory, may or may not give the user feedback on what is going on or give more accurate details and more precision to the result. In this book we are going to step through every detail of writing a shell script to solve real-world Unix problems and tasks. The shell scripts range from using a pseudorandom number generator to create pseudo-random...

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  • A full decade has passed since the publication of the first edition of The LATEX Companion—a decade during which some people prophesied the demise of TEX and LaTEX and predicted that other software would take over the world. There have been a great many changes indeed, but neither prediction has come to pass: TEX has not vanished and the interest in LaTEX has not declined, although the approach to both has gradually changed over time.

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  • 1804 CreationDate property (MembershipUser class) CreationDate property (MembershipUser class), 1231 credentials element, 1218 cross-page posts, 96, 98, 100 cryptographically strong keys, generating, 1214 CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), 199 adding to Themes, 281-284 App_Themes\StyleTheme\ SimpleStyle.css file, 281-282 multiple Cascading Style Sheets, 285 ShowSimpleCSS.aspx file, 282-283 changing page layouts with, 285-290 absolute layouts, 288, 290 Absolute.css file, 288, 290 Float.css file, 287-288 floating layouts, 287-288 ShowLayout.

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