Maternal education

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  • School-related gender-based violence remains an obstacle to girls’ education. Efforts to address school safety are needed at all levels, including teacher training, community intervention and ministerial policy and practice. Ministries of Education can send a clear message that gender- based school violence will not be tolerated by firmly and quickly prosecuting perpetra- tors. Teacher training should include strong messages about professional and ethical conduct.

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  • Previous studies have found that adverse effects of maternal employment on child obesity are limited to mothers with higher education and earnings. Explanations for this have centered on differences between the childhood nutritional and exercise environments provided by non-parental caregivers versus by the mothers.

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  • Epidemiology 101 should be conceptual rather than technical so that the underlying methods are apparent to a broad range of students. For example, the course might employ stratification rather than regression methods to illustrate adjustment for confounding, because the emphasis is on active engagement and ensuring an intuitive and clear understanding of key principles.

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  • The adult literacy rate in 2004 was 49.6% with 55.5% for males and 43.4% for females (BBS 2004). Although the female/male ratio in primary school was 100:115, in secondary schools and universities this gap increased to 100:131 and 100:322 respectively (Ministry of Education 2002). In addition to gender inequalities, inequalities also exist by geographical areas. Only 36% of the rural women are literate, compared to 60% of urban women. However, this situation is rapidly changing in recent years.

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  • Acknowledging the tremendous changes in the health care system, this book offers a current and fresh perspective on nursing in the 21st century. A departure from the "medical model", its emphasis on client education, shifting delivery of care, and a collaborative approach fosters a practical view of the challenges the student will encounter in the workplace. Core content areas are covered in detail, including pathophysiology, normal and high-risk pregnancy, and women's health across the life-span.

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  • Critical Care Obstetrics Preventing Maternal Morbidity & Mortality An Educational Program from the Safe Motherhood Initiative .US Maternal Mortality Today On the rise? .A Regional Look at Maternal Mortality Ratios* for the Year 2004 20.5 in all of NYS 15.9 in NYS 24.4 in NYC *per 100,000 live births HP2010 Goal 4.3 .

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  • Adolescents who become pregnant prior to completion of their education typically face expulsion from school, and those who give birth often are not readmitted. In many African societies for example, once a young woman has given birth she is regarded as an adult, a role that is generally perceived as incompatible with continued formal educa- tion. In the event that a young woman is forced to abandon her education due to early pregnancy, she likely faces curtailment of her social, intellectual and economic develop- ment.

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  • Acknowledging the tremendous changes in the health care system, this book offers a current and fresh perspective on nursing in the 21st century. A departure from the "medical model", its emphasis on client education, shifting delivery of care, and a collaborative approach fosters a practical view of the challenges the student will encounter in the workplace. Core content areas are covered in detail, including pathophysiology, normal and high-risk pregnancy, and women's health across the life-span.

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  • These efforts should be underpinned by a commitment to the Global Partnership for Development which has produced important achievements, including a record volume of Official development assistance (ODA) in 2010, increased aid to LDCs and increased South-South and other cooperation for development. The DCF has placed emphasis on the need for aid for gender equality to be on budget and to use national systems to promote transparency, accountability, cost-effectiveness, alignment and long-term results to promote gender equality.

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  • California, like many states, is facing a large budget deficit and difficult budgetary choices. The state legislature has made cuts to Early Care and Education (ECE)1 projected to total more than $1.6 billion between fiscal years 2009–2010 and 2011–2012 (California Budget Project [CBP] 2011). Since 2009, California has faced double-digit unemployment rates (California Employment Development Department 2011) and unemployment is projected to remain at that level through 2012 (Legislative Analyst’s Office [LAO] 2010b).

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  • Several organizations have undertaken efforts to promote oral health. The National Center for Education in Maternal and Child Health published The Bright Futures in Practice: Oral Health to promote and improve the health and well being of infants, children and adolescents. The American Dental Association, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the American Academy of Periodontology and the American Academy of Pediatrics have issued statements and recommendations for improving the oral health of pregnant women and young children....

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  • Gaynes et al. (109) did a meta-analysis of screening instruments (i.e., EPDS, Beck Depression Inventory (BDI), Postpartum Depression Screening Scale (PDSS), and the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale (CES-D)) for depression and concluded that, "various screening instruments can identify perinatal depression". They concluded that these instruments have high specificity and low sensitivity for depressive states, and this acquires a greater importance when deciding on whether false-positives or false-negatives are preferred.

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  • As the relationship among Canada, the United States, and Mexico develops, it creates the oppor- tunity to ask ourselves if and how continental prosperity is benefiting our most significant asset— our children. Does a child raised on this continent have the best chance at health, education, and safety? Will a child raised on this continent be able to face the challenges that globalization brings—today and in the future? Securing the well-being of our young people requires greater cooperation and information sharing.

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  • It demands of us that we attend to the enormous unmet needs in child and adolescent mental health, that we recognize the paucity of services precisely where needs are greatest, and that we insist on action to remedy the treatment gap. Some 30 years ago, Julian Tudor Hart, a primary care physician practicing in a low income community in Wales, proposed an inverse care law. It reads: “The availability of good medical care varies inversely with the need for it in the populations served.

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  • OPP has reached out with Public Service Announcements (PSAs) on Spanish-language radio stations to educate parents about the hazards of bringing pesticide residues home and is working with migrant and worker advocates, states, and farm groups on ways to encourage parents to send their children to school and not bring them to the fields where the parents work.

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  • Effective implementation of regulatory decisions relies on a strong regulatory framework, including clear, focused, and effective rules, regulations, and policies. Development and communication of these documents are crucial in educating pesticide registrants and users and changing behavior in a manner that promotes the safe use of pesticides. Many of the actions outlined in the risk assessment and risk management section were implemented by developing rules and regulations.

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  • In addition, other emergency preparedness measures such as capacity building for national disaster response teams (NDRT); standard operating procedures (SOP); volunteer management; and planning, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting (PMER) capacity, which are addressed in country development programmes, helped benefit the implementation of this DREF.

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  • This book has its conceptual origin from the lecture materials of the training courses taught by one of the authors in the early nineties. It was during this period that in several developing nations, particularly in Africa, even when the signs of widespread hunger and abject poverty were visible, policy makers did not act for want of ‘empirical evidence’. Some policy makers even dismissed the severity of the problem saying that the hunger reports prepared by government officials were not rigorous enough to take them seriously.

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  • The birth chamber--What to provide for a confinement--Ready to purchase obstetrical outfits--Position and arrangement of the bed--How to properly prepare the accouchement bed--The Kelly pad--The advantages of the Kelly pad--Should a binder be used--Sanitary napkins--How to calculate the probable date of the confinement--Obstetrical table--When should a pregnant woman first call upon her physician--Regarding the choice of a physician--How to know the right kind of a physician for a confinement--The selection of a nurse--The difference between a trained and a maternity nurse--Duties of a conf...

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  • On the other hand, it is essential to know which activities these savings are used for, once they are received by the migrants’ families. The most likely result is that there is no single pattern of remittance sending and usage. Each country, or even each province or small community, will probably follow a specific pattern depending on a long list of factors including their real possibilities of investment, their consumption requirements, the educational and health situation in the region, the development of the financial system, the exchange rate regime, etc.

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