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  • This is the first book in a three-volume series deploying MATLAB-based applications in almost every branch of science. This volume, presents interesting topics from different areas of engineering, signal and image processing based on the MATLAB environment. The book consists of 20 excellent, insightful articles and the readers will find the results very useful to their work. This collection of high quality articles, refers to a large range of professional fields and may be used for scientific, engineering and educational purposes....

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  • MATLAB is a software package used primarily in the field of engineering for signal processing, numerical data analysis, modeling, programming, simulation, and computer graphic visualization. In the last few years, it has become widely accepted as an efficient tool, and, therefore, its use has significantly increased in scientific communities and academic institutions. This book consists of 20 chapters presenting research works using MATLAB tools.

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  • Chương trình MATLAB là một chương trình viết cho máy tính PC nhằm hỗ trợ cho các tính toán khoa học và kĩ thuật với các phần tử cơ bản là ma trận trên máy tính cá nhân do công ty "The MATHWORKS" viết ra. Thuật ngữ MATLAB có được là do hai từ MATRIX và LABORATORYghép lại. Chương trình này hiện đang được sử dụng nhiều trong nghiên cứu các vấn đề tính toán của các bài toán kĩ thuật như: Lý thuyết điều khiển tự động, kĩ thuật thống kê xác suất, xử lý số các tín...

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  • Matlab là viết tắt từ "MATrix LABoratory", được Cleve Moler phát minh vào cuối thập niên 1970, và sau đó là chủ nhiệm khoa máy tính tại Đại học New Mexico. MATLAB, nguyên sơ được viết bởi ngôn ngữ Fortran, cho đến 1980 nó vẫn chỉ là một bộ phận được dùng nội bộ của Đại học Stanford.

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  • This worksheet is an introduction on how to handle images in Matlab. When working with images in Matlab, there are many things to keep in mind such as loading an image, using the right format, saving the data as different data types, how to display an image, conversion between different image formats, etc. This worksheet presents some of the commands designed for these operations. Most of these commands require you to have the Image processing tool box installed with Matlab.

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  • In this chapter, we will introduce you to the tools you need in order to begin using MATLAB effectively. These include the following: some relevant information on computer platforms and software; installation protocols; how to launch MATLAB, enter commands and use online help; a roster of MATLAB’s various windows; and finally, how to exit the program. We know you are anxious to get started using MATLAB, so we will keep this chapter brief. After you complete it, you can go immediately to Chapter 2 to find concrete and simple instructions for using MATLAB to do mathematics.

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  • The Finite element method is one of strong numerical methods that applied in technology problem widely and it is the essence of famous finite element program for example: SAP, ANSYS,… MATLAB is a very strong matrix analysis language and it is interested to apply for solving professional problem by researchers, engineers. This thesis research to apply CALFEM tool to set up finite element program on MATLAB determining the force adjustment of stayed-cable bridge.

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  • Power flow solutions are needed in both for planning and operation studies. Power flow studies for three phases balanced power system can be carried out using very efficient methods. Power flow analysis for certain type of power system network can be carried on by using several software that already been develop without manual calculation on this time. One of the software is MATLAB with its toolbox: Power System Analysis Toolbox. This software also uses numerical methods to do power flow analysis like Newton-Raphson and its modified form, Fast Decoupled Method.

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  • Năm 1983, Jack Little, một người đã học ở MIT và Stanford, đã viết lại MATLAB bằng ngôn ngữ C và nó được xây dựng thêm các thư viện phục vụ cho thiết kế hệ thống điều khiển, hệ thống hộp công cụ (tool box), mô phỏng... Jack xây dựng MATLAB trở thành mô hình ngôn ngữ lập trình trên cơ sở ma trận (matrix-based programming language).

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  • After providing the basic background in electromagnetic theory necessary to utilize the software, the author of Ebook Antenna and EM Modeling with Matlab describes the benefits and many practical uses of the Matlab. Sergey Makarov's text utilizes the widely used Matlab(r) software, which offers a more flexible and affordable alternative to other antenna and electromagnetic modeling tools currently available.

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  • MATLAB® & Simulink® are the premier software packages for technical computation, data analysis, and visualization in education and industry. The Student Version of MATLAB & Simulink provides all of the features of professional MATLAB, with no limitations, and the full functionality of professional Simulink, with model sizes up to 300 blocks. The Student Version gives you immediate access to the high-performance numeric computing power you need.

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  • The main reason for a fourth edition of Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists is to keep up with MATLAB, now in its latest version (7.7 Version 2008B). Like the previous editions, this one presents MATLAB as a problemsolving tool for professionals in science and engineering, as well as students in those fields, who have no prior knowledge of computer programming.

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  • This supplement to any standard communication systems text is one of the first books to successfully integrate the use of MATLAB? in the study of communication systems concepts and problems. It has been developed for instructors and students who wish to make use of MATLAB? as an integral part of their study. The former will find the means by which to use MATLAB? as a powerful tool to motivate students and illustrate essential theory without having to customize the applications themselves; the latter will find relevant problems quickly and easily.

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  • The Matlab programming language provides an excellent introductory language, with built-in graph-ical, mathematical, and user-interface capabilities. The goal is that the student learns tobuild computational models with graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that enable exploration of model behavior.

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  • Một trong những vấn đề chung nhất xuất hiện trong xử lý số tín hiệu là cấu trúc của bộ lọc với các đặc tính biên tại các tần số khác nhau. Một trong tools (công cụ) trong toolbox xử lý tín hiệu là 2 hàm yulewalk và remez. Chúng ta gọi chúng với bộ lọc số H của N điểm, đặt tần số lấy mẫu số liệu x, sinh ra tần số mới y, quan hệ với x theo đẳng thức.

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  • Kermit Sigmon, author of the MATLAB® Primer, passed away in January 1997. Kermit was a friend, colleague, and fellow avid bicyclist (although I’m a mere 10-mile-aday commuter) with whom I shared an appreciation for the contribution that MATLAB has made to the mathematics, engineering, and scientific community. MATLAB is a powerful tool, and my hope is that in revising our book for MATLAB 7.0, you will be able to learn how to apply it to solving your own challenging problems in mathematics, science, and engineering....

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  • Tham khảo sách 'matlab – a fundamental tool for scientific computing and engineering applications – volume 2', công nghệ thông tin, kỹ thuật lập trình phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • "Introduction to Matlab for Engineers" is a simple, concise book designed to be useful for beginners and to be kept as a reference. Matlab is a globally available standard computational tool for engineers and scientists. The terminology, syntax, and the use of the programming language are well defined, and the organization of the material makes it easy to locate information and navigate through the textbook. The text covers all the major capabilities of MATLAB that are useful for beginning students. Animation and Sound in Matlab

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  • MATLAB là một ngôn ngữ lập trình bậc cao với môi trường tương tác cho phép tính toán, xử lý đồ thị/hình ảnh, mô phỏng đơn giản với nhiều công cụ hỗ trợ sẵn có từ thư viện Tools và Functions. Trong nhiều trường hợp, do cho phép làm việc bằng các phép toán xây dựng cho mảng và ma trận nên MATLAB tỏ ra ưu thế hơn các ngôn ngữ truyền thống khác như C/C++ hay Java™.

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  • This book is a collection of 19 excellent works presenting different applications of several MATLAB tools that can be used for educational, scientific and engineering purposes. Chapters include tips and tricks for programming and developing Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), power system analysis, control systems design, system modelling and simulations, parallel processing, optimization, signal and image processing, finite different solutions, geosciences and portfolio insurance. Thus, readers from a range of professional fields will benefit from its content....

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