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  • Maximum Security, provides updated, comprehensive, platform-by-platform coverage of security issues, and includes clear, to the point descriptions of the most common techniques hackers use to penetrate systems. This book provides information for security administrators and others interested in computer and network security and provides them with techniques to take steps to protect their systems.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'maximum security: a hacker's guide to protecting your internet site and network', công nghệ thông tin, an ninh - bảo mật phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Now more than ever, it is imperative that users be able to protect their system from hackers trashing their Web sites or stealing information. Written by a reformed hacker, this comprehensive resource identifies security holes in common computer and network systems, allowing system administrators to discover faults inherent within their network- and work toward a solution to those problems.

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  • Charging for Network Security Based on Long-Run Incremental Cost Pricing Pricing for the use of the networks is essential in the way that it should be able to reflect the costs benefits imposed on a network when connecting a new generator or demand and to provide forward-looking message to influence the site and size of future network customers. Studies have been extensively carried out over the years to achieve this pricing goal. Few methodologies can directly link nodal generation/demand increment to network long-run marginal/incremental costs.

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  • Module 9: Implementing caching. This module explains how ISA Server can cache content that clients request from the Internet to provide a quicker response to the client. This module discusses how to configure caching for maximum efficiency.

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  • Windows 2000 Server supports Symmetric Multi-processing with a maximum of four processors, and up to 4 GB of RAM. Advanced Server scales up to 8 processors and 8 GB of RAM. Windows 2000 DataCenter Server is only available in OEM configurations and supports up to 32 processors and 64 GB of RAM.

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  • The Investment Company Products/Variable Contracts Products Limited Representative Qualification Examination (Test Series 6) is a 100-question multiple-choice examination. A maximum of 135 minutes testing time is allowed for candidates to complete the examination. The passing grade is equal to 70% of the total number of questions on the examination. Candidates will be required to correctly answer 70 of the 100 questions on the examination to receive a passing grade.

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  • INFRASTRUCTURE DESIGN, SIGNALLING AND SECURITY IN RAILWAY Edited by Xavier Perpinya .Infrastructure Design, Signalling and Security in Railway Edited by Xavier Perpinya Published by InTech Janeza Trdine 9, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia Copyright © 2012 InTech All chapters are Open Access distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, which allows users to download, copy and build upon published articles even for commercial purposes, as long as the author and publisher are properly credited, which ensures maximum dissemination and a wider impact of our publications.

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  • Phần mềm diệt virus miễn phí tốt hơn cả loại trả tiền .Microsoft Security Essentials, phần mềm chống virus của Microsoft, bất ngờ vượt qua một loạt ứng dụng bảo mật khác của các công ty nổi tiếng như Symantec, Kaspersky, Eset và AVG. Đây là kết quả thử nghiệm của công ty NSS Labs trên 11 phần mềm diệt virus phổ biến nhất trên thị trường.

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  • The decreased maximum quantum yield of primary photochemistry (Fv/Fm), interpreted as photodamage (Powles, 1984; Torzillo et al., 1998; Maxwell & Johnson 2000), may be due to an inactivation of PSII reaction centers, an inhibition of electron transport at both donor and acceptor sides of PSII, and a distribution of excitation energy transfer in favor of PSI (Lu & Vonshak, 1999; Lu et al., 1999; Lu & Vonshak, 2002), increasing the cyclic electron flow around PSI (Gilmour et al., 1982; Joset et al., 1996).

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  • My acknowledgments are brief. First, I would like to acknowledge the folks at Sams, particularly Randi Roger, Scott Meyers, Mark Taber, Blake Hall, Eric Murray, Bob Correll, and Kate Shoup. Without them, my work would resemble a tangled, horrible mess. They are an awesome editing team and their expertise is truly extraordinary

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  • When vampire hunter Laura Caxton is locked up in a maximum-security prison, the cop-turned-con finds herself surrounded by countless murderers and death-row inmates with nothing to lose . . . and plenty of time to kill.…

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  • To specify the Outpost Network Security Client log cleanup settings on client computers, select the Log Cleanup tab. Select Delete obsolete events to preserve log size to have the Log Cleaner automatically remove outdated log entries from the database or select Keep all records to disable the Log Cleaner. Specify the age in days after which events are considered outdated, the maximum number of the most recent event records to keep in the log and the Log database size limit, a value in megabytes, that determines how large the log database should be allowed to grow. ...

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  • Thin stock is made on the table saw by double ripping the stock on edge, as in photos 1 and 2. The maximum width of stock you can achieve equals twice the maximum height of your blade above the table, which on most 10" saws is about 2-3/4", so 5- 1/2" is about the most. This kind of ripping is very demanding of your saw blade if you try to cut the full 2-3/4" in one pass, which I don't recommend. First set the blade at 1" high and double rip the stock as in photo 1, always putting the same...

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  • Use the following table to find the installation and configuration steps that are required for your implementation of the Cisco ASA 5500 series adaptive security appliance. The adaptive security appliance implementations included in this document are as follows: The Cisco ASA 5550 adaptive security appliance is designed to deliver maximum throughput when configured according to the guidelines described in this chapter.

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  • Market efficiency prevails when many investors are willing to depart from maximum diversification, or a passive strategy, by adding mispriced securities to their portfolios in the hope of realizing abnormal returns. The competition for such returns ensures that prices will be near their “fair” values. Most managers will not beat the passive strategy on a riskadjusted basis. However, in the competition for rewards to investing, exceptional managers might beat the average forecasts built into market prices....

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  • Organized for maximum efficiency: describes actual commands and options in the sequence they should be used Helps network pros eliminate time-consuming documentation searches Extensive updates: IPv6, MPLS, AutoQoS, SIP, MGCP, voice troubleshooting, VPNs, security, and more "At-a-glance" illustrations offer fast answers and easy double-checking

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  • The Cisco PIX Firewall lets you establish stateful firewall protection and secure VPN access with a single device. PIX Firewall provides a scalable security solution with failover support available for selected models to provide maximum reliability. PIX Firewall uses a specialized operating system that is more secure and easier to maintain than software firewalls that use a general-purpose operating system, which are subject to frequent threats and attacks.

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  • Abstract We present an attack on hardware security modules used by retail banks for the secure storage and verification of customer PINs in ATM (cash machine) infrastructures. By using adaptive decimalisation tables and guesses, the maximum amount of information is learnt about the true PIN upon each guess.

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  • A more sophisticated technique to measure portfolio risk is value-at-risk (VaR). Whereas a portfolio sensitivity analysis measures portfolio value changes for a specific interest rate change for all securities, VaR measures the maximum potential loss on a portfolio for a specified confidence level and a specified time period. For example, consider a portfolio manager who measures VaR at a 95 percent confidence level and for a 90-day time horizon.

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