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  • A perpetual challenge facing city governments is the quality of political leadership. Eff ective mayors provide a sense of direction and help ensure that all parts of city government are working in a coordinated and purposeful way with community support for the city’s goals. Ineff ective mayors leave their cities to drift, allow city departments and staff to work ineff ectively, and fail to make a connection with citizens. With increasingly complex problems to address, the need for leadership is even greater.

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  • Cựu Tổng Giám đốc UNESCO Federico Mayor đã đưa ra một nhận xét như sau: “Văn hóa phản ánh và thể hiện một cách tổng quát và sống động mọi mặt của cuộc sống (của mỗi cá nhân và cả cộng đồng) đã diễn ra trong quá khứ cũng như đang diễn ra trong hiện tại, qua hàng bao thế kỷ, nó đã cấu thành một hệ thông các giá trị, truyền thống thẩm mỹ và lối sống mà dựa trên đó từng dân tộc tự khẳng định bản sắc riêng của mình”.

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  • chúng ta không thể hiểu sang trọng của mất dịp có lúc bắt đầu của 90 năm. dân chủ không chỉ là một câu hỏi mayor'as nhưng trên tất cả tôi một codecision cân bằng của các dân tộc thiểu số. chúng ta có thể làm cho cegar porcentajes của pháp luật cộng đồng

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  • Urban design is a diffuse and abstract term. It means different things to different people. For those not directly involved in its practice or aware of its effects on their daily lives, it may not mean much, if anything at all. I first heard the term in architecture school, but I didn’t really think much about what it might mean until my schoolmate Jonathan Barnett started using it to describe his aspiration to put together with some of his colleagues a design capability in the New York City government.

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  • The term "liberalism," from the Latin "liber" meaning "free," referred originally to the philosophy of freedom. It still retained this meaning in Europe when this book was written (1927) so that readers who opened its covers expected an analysis of the freedom philosophy of classical liberalism. Unfortunately, however, in recent decades, "liberalism" has come to mean something very different. The word has been taken over, especially in the United States, by philosophical socialists and used by them to refer to their government intervention and "welfare state" programs.

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  • “Toàn cầu hoá ngày nay là một sự kiện không thể. tránh khỏi của cuộc sống”. “Đó là một quá trình bất đối xứng, với một số ít. người thực hiện toàn cầu hóa (globalizers) còn đa số. bị toàn cầu hóa (globalized)”. (F. Mayor). Do đó phải tiên lượng được những cơ hội cũng như. những thách thức để chủ động và tỉnh táo đón lấy nó...

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  • Information about climate1 is used to make decisions every day. From farmers deciding which crops to plant next season to mayors in large cities deciding how to prepare for future heat waves, and from an insurance company assessing future flood risks to a national security planner assessing future conflict risks from the impacts of drought, users of climate information span a vast array of sectors in both the public and private spheres. Each of these communities has different needs for climate data, with different time horizons (see Box 1) and different tolerances for uncertainty...

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  • The government of Mexico City, Mexico believes that access to health care is a human right, and should be universal and free to those who cannot afford to pay. In Mexico City the mayor has made health care accessible to all, and has garnered the broad support of the City’s leaders and citizens for this unique effort 9. When the City’s popular mayor, Andres Manuel López Obrador, came to power, he faced two significant challenges to keeping his campaign promise of free health care to poorer families. First, the public health system was fragmented.

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  • rally around (someone or something) - to come together to support someone or something Everybody in the small town began to rally around the mayor when he was accused of wrongdoing. ram (something) down (someone`s) throat - to force someone to do or agree to something that is not wanted Our teacher always tries to ram her ideas down our throats which makes us angry. ramble on about (someone or something) - to talk aimlessly and endlessly about someone or something My friend spent the entire evening rambling on about his problems at work.

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  • Communities have different ways of organizing participation, for example community assemblies, solidarity committees, and so on. Bolivia has an interesting form of citizen participation called vigilance committees. These committees oversee the proper expenditure of project money and the mayor’s work in ensuring the needs and demands of communities are met. The workshop’s participants are now asking whether projects built by social funds are sustainable.

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  • El crecimiento sin precedentes en la industria de las telecomunicaciones ha llevado al uso extensivo de la fibra óptica en los últimos años. Como resultado de ello, muchos proveedores de servicios descubren que sus bastidores se están sobrepoblando con grandes cantidades de cables con conexiones provisionales de fibra óptica. Además, el rápido desarrollo de SONET e iniciativas de fibra en redundancia y vídeo, ha creado una demanda cada vez mayor de una densidad de terminación en el bastidor repartidor de fibras.

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  • know what's what - know the facts about something It was difficult to determine what's what with the man's problem. know when one is not wanted - sense when one's presence is not welcome I know when I am not wanted so I decided not to go to the restaurant. know where (someone) stands on (something) - know what someone thinks or feels about someone or something I do not know where the mayor stands on the issue of the new parking fees. know which is which - be able to distinguish one thing or person from another I saw my aunt's dog and my cousin's dog...

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  • Từ khi được phát hiện, chỉ một thời gian ngắn sau khi phát minh, trong các tổn thương xương, các biến chứng khớp và sự cụt rụt (mutilation) của bệnh phong thì X quang được khuyến cáo như là công cụ hữu ích qua nhiều công trình: DeikePasa năm 1905, Miller năm 1913, Hudelet và Moreau đã đưa khảo sát X quang các tổn thương xương vào trong chẩn đoán bệnh phong, góp phần phát hiện sớm các tổn thương muộn trong diễn tiến của bệnh.

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  • To obtain the best possible picture of our chosen target audience, we conducted 21 interviews for the core case study and 11 interviews for the complementary case study, all with individuals who combined the above characteristics in the following subgroups. Direct advisors to government policy makers While interviewing government policy makers, such as a European or country minister, a region's administrator or a city's mayor would have been highly informative, we couldn't reasonably expect to reach such busy people.

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  • Michel Eyquem De Montaigne, the founder of the modern Essay, was born February 28, 1533, at the chateau of Montaigne in Pirigord. He came of a family of wealthy merchants of Bordeaux, and was educated at the College de Guyenne, where he had among his teachers the great Scottish Latinist, George Buchanan. Later he studied law, and held various public offices; but at the age of thirty-eight he retired to his estates, where he lived apart from the civil wars of the time, and devoted himself to study and thought. While he was traveling in Germany and Italy, in 1580-81, he was elected mayor of...

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  • We are Marcia Rackow, an artist, and Arnold Perey, an anthropologist, and are consultants on the faculty of the Aesthetic Realism Foundation. Both of us are honored to have studied with Mr. Siegel whose centenary is being celebrated this year, including in Baltimore, MD where he grew up. His birthday, August 16th , was designated "Eli Siegel Day" by the mayor and by the governor. We're proud to study now in classes taught by Ellen Reiss, the Class Chairman of Aesthetic Realism.

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  • Nhiều trong số quý vị đã biết Sam qua vai trò Nghị viên thành phố Boston. Được bầu vào một trong các chức vụ Nghị viên đơn vị thành phố, Sam đã đại diện cho toàn thể thành phố được gần 2 nhiệm kỳ...

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  • Nghỉ cuối tuần ở Madrid Thủ đô Tây Ban Nha là chốn thiên đường cho khách du lịch với những công trình đẹp nổi tiếng mang đậm chất cổ điển thế kỷ 17. Cùng dạo chơi ở thành phố xinh đẹp qua một số hình ảnh trên New York Times. Quảng trường Plaza Mayor, nơi từng diễn ra trận đấu bò tót hay hành hình tội phạm... Madrid được mệnh danh là thành phố của những quảng trường. Vẻ đẹp tráng lệ của nhà thờ San Francisco.

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  • Los efectos de primer orden de las restricciones leves a la entrada de bancos han sido favorables, tanto dentro de Estados Unidos como en otros países. A nivel internacional, los beneficios de dejar entrar bancos extranjeros parecen depender del grado de desarrollo, pero al menos en los países en desarrollo los bancos que llegan son más eficientes que los que ya están, y la competencia más ruda parece mejorar la eficiencia de la banca en general. Contrastando con estos efectos de primer orden, las implicancias de una mayor entrada sobre la estabilidad no son tan obvias.

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  • The technology-based Effluent Guidelines could not guarantee achievement of adequate water quality in all receiving waters, so permit writers were required to set even more stringent “water-quality-limited” standards for plants discharging into such water bodies. These standards necessarily depended on the current conditions of the receiving water body and its capacity to absorb waste. Also, the effluent limitations for any firm affected and were affected by the effluent limitations on all other firms. The front-line administration of this program—i.e.

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