Medical malpractice

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  • Getting sued for medical malpractice is one of the most traumatic events of a physician's career. This text will guide doctors and physicians through the process from the moment they receive a summons until the after-trial appeal process.

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  • The purpose of this document is to provide hospitals and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals Organization (JCAHO) a guide prepared by medical physicists recommending tests and proce- dures for medical lasers to maintain a high level of quality care in a safe environment. The guidance for safe use of laser systems for diagnosis and therapy is intended for use by all health care personnel associated with laser systems’ operation (physicians, nurses, medical physicists), maintenance (engineers), and service (biomedical technicians).

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  • During the past year the Board was also active on the policy front, releasing a major report on ten years of medical malpractice payments in Massachusetts, from 1994 to 2003. The Board also directed its Patient Care Assessment unit to monitor and oversee the implementation of the recommendations made in the Department of Public Health/Betsy Lehman Center report on weight loss surgery.

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  • ICJ research is supported by pooled grants from corporations, trade and professional associations, and individuals; by government grants and contracts; and by private foundations. The Institute disseminates its work widely to the legal, business, and research communities, and to the general public. In accordance with RAND policy, all Institute research products are subject to peer review before publication. ICJ pu

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  • It is estimated that medical liability premiums in the United States have reached an astounding $26 billion annually, representing a 2,000% increase since 1975. 1 At 12 percent per year, the growth rate in medical malpractice premiums since 1975 is four times the rate of inflation and twice the rate of inflation in the cost of health care. 2 Million- dollar verdicts are now the norm in jury trials: 52% of all awards exceed $1 million, while the average award now weighs in at $4.7 million.

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  • The Board is the repository of medical malpractice payment data. It receives reports of medical malpractice payments from the courts, medical malpractice insurance carriers and from physicians. In November 2004 the Board issued a report analyzing medical malpractice payment data from 1994 through 2003. Among many significant findings, the report shows that the number of medical malpractice payments in Massachusetts peaked in 2001 and has since declined by 17%. The size of malpractice payments, however, continues to grow.

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  • One of the key areas the Board wants to pursue in the coming years continues to be Clinical Skills Assessment. This testing procedure would measure the clinical skills not only of new doctors, but of physicians coming into the state from elsewhere, who have been away from practice for an extended period or who may have had multiple medical malpractice payments or other problems. In 2004, the National Medical Board of Examiners began requiring all new physicians to pass a clinical skills exam. But there are only five locations nationwide where such physicians may take the test.

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  • Introduction: β-Lactum antibiotics constitute an important class of antibacterial agents being used extensively for both humans and food-producing animals to treat or prevent infections. The drugs occasionally cause human deaths due to anaphylactic shock during medical treatments, especially when they are parenterally administered without their prior intracutaneous tests. These cases are usually handled as medical accidents (malpractice), and subjected to autopsies and analysis of the drugs used. These antibiotics are composed of cephems ( Table 10.1) and penicillins ( Table 10.

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  • With this edition of Biomedical Ethics Reviews we commence a somewhat new focus for the series. Building on its solid tradition of exploring and debating pressing bioethical issues of the day, this series will now also examine the real-life implications of these issues for patients and the health care system in which care is delivered. With each topic, attention will be focused not only on the theoretical and policy aspects of ethical dilemmas, but also on the clinical dimensions of these challenges, and effects on the patient–physician relationship....

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