Medicine dances

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  • Justus Friedrich Karl Hecker was one of three generations of distinguished professors of medicine. His father, August Friedrich Hecker, a most industrious writer, first practised as a physician in Frankenhausen, and in 1790 was appointed Professor of Medicine at the University of Erfurt. In 1805 he was called to the like professorship at the University of Berlin. He died at Berlin in 1811. Justus Friedrich Karl Hecker was born at Erfurt in January, 1795.

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  • The sacred formulas here given are selected from a collection of about six hundred, obtained on the Cherokee reservation in North Carolina in 1887 and 1888, and covering every subject pertaining to the daily life and thought of the Indian, including medicine, love, hunting, fishing, war, self-protection, destruction of enemies, witchcraft, the crops, the council, the ball play, etc., and, in fact, embodying almost the whole of the ancient

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  • Two thioredoxin h isoforms, HvTrxh1 and HvTrxh2, were identified in two and one spots, respectively, in a proteome analysis of barley (Hordeum vulgare) seeds based on 2D gel electrophoresis and MS. HvTrxh1 was observed in 2D gel patterns of endosperm, aleurone layer and embryo of mature barley seeds, andHvTrxh2was presentmainly in the embryo. During germination, HvTrxh2 decreased in abun-dance and HvTrxh1 decreased in the aleurone layer and endospermbut remainedat high levels in the embryo.

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  • Many times over the years I have found myself musing about how I ended up working in medicine. On the one hand, my father was a physician, but he discouraged me from following in his footsteps. It was the era when we were told “that’s not a good profession for a woman”—like so many other professions that were not for women in the early 1960s. On the other hand, because I was a young woman, I was free to pursue pretty much anything else I was interested in, which left me free to go where I was being led—to music, to dance, and eventually to film. As...

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