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  • In complying with ever tightening regulations for emission of HCl, Cl2, and particulate matter, various melt refining processes in furnace have been applied to reduce or to replace chlorine gas. In the last decade, many technical papers have been submitted on innovative, in-furnace melt refining processes using rotary nozzle injector.

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  • Basic Tasks of a Mold q Accomodation and Distribution of the Melt q Shaping of the Molded Part q Cooling/Heating and Solidification of the Melt q Ejection (Demolding) of the Molding q Mechanical Functions Accomodation of forces Transmission of motion Guidance of the mold components CORETECH SYSTEM The mold is probably the most important element of a molding machine. It is a arrangement, in one assembly, of one (or a number of) hollow cavity spaces built to the shape of the desired product, with the purpose of producing large numbers of plastic parts.

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  • Fractures are ubiquitous in the brittle lithosphere in the upper part of earth’s crust. They play a critical role in the transport of fluids. Moreover, all major discovered geothermal reservoirs and a considerable number of petroleum reservoirs are in fractured rocks. This restates the importance of studying multiphase flow behavior inside the opened fracture space. From the engineering point of view, a rock fracture as defined here is simply a complex-shaped cavity filled with fluids or solid minerals. Therefore it is understood to include cracks, joints, and faults.

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  • The most widely used welding processes rely on fusion of the components at the joint line. In fusion welding, a heat source melts the metal to form a bridge between the components.

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  • Metal foams are a new, as yet imperfectly characterized, class of materials with low densities and novel physical, mechanical, thermal, electrical and acoustic properties. They offer potential for lightweight structures, for energy absorption, and for thermal management; and some of them, at least, are cheap. The current understanding of their production, properties and uses in assembled in this Design Guide.

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  • Complete guide to hobby metal casting. Metal casting made easy. A complete guide for the hobby metal caster. Learn the techniques for green sand casting. How to select scrap aluminium & bronze, How to melt metal in your hobby foundry. Section two of this hobby foundry ebook will show you all the details and complete specifications to build a “Gas Fired Crucible Furnace”. The last section will show how to build the best labour saving device any, hobby foundry worker could wish for… “The Motorised Gyratory Riddle” will deliver silky smooth freshly conditioned sand every time.

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  • With global populations on the rise and the increasing threat associated with climate change, the need for the development of low emission energy resources is clear. Geothermal energy, which originates from the underground heat of the earth (Sankaran, 2002), has the advantage of being a low-emission, baseload energy resource. Unlike other alternative energy resources, geothermal energy production does not fluctuate with time of day or season.

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  • The scientific evidence is clear: before 2020 global greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) must peak and by 2050 they must be reduced by 50-85% below 2000 levels, in order to avoid a rise in global temperature of 2°C or more above the preindustrial level.2 Without ambitious international action, new scientific research3 predicts close to, or even more than, a metre of sea level rise by the end of this century, due to melting glaciers and expansion of the oceans. Tthese and other changes will have serious economic and human consequences....

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  • Tungsten Carbide - Processing and Applications, provides fundamental and practical information of tungsten carbide from powder processing to machining technologies for industry to explore more potential applications. Tungsten carbide has attracted great interest to both engineers and academics for the sake of its excellent properties such as hard and wear-resistance, high melting point and chemically inert. It has been applied in numerous important industries including aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, semiconductor and marine as mining and cutting tools, mould and die, wear parts, etc.

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  • Body solder differs from conventional solders in that it becomes semi-solid, i.e., spreadable, before it melts fully into liquid. A small gas blowlamp is ideal for soldering small to moderate areas. It can only be applied properly to absolutely clean bare metal, using a liquid or paste flux. Always observe sensible precautions; remove any flammable materials or plastics from the surrounding area, and check the rear of the repair for wires, pipes or other items which may be damaged or catch fire. Grind the rusted area back to bare metal, finishing with a wire brush if necessary to...

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