Membrane bioreactors

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  • The study of catalytic membranes and membrane reactor processes is a multidisciplinary activity, which in recent years has attracted the attention of scientists and engineers in a number of disciplines, including materials science, chemistry and biology, and chemical and biochemical engineering.

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  • These CNVs may show association with certain clinical conditions and help in predicting risk and also diagnosis. All these approaches have their merits and demerits and in general are tedious, time consuming and need manpower with stringent handling. This naturally prompted the development of several automated methods for culturing cells in mass scale, use of membrane bioreactors, and image analysis for interpreting the cytogenetic observations made.

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  • Vào thap niên 90, các công nghe x$ lý nư c th i bang phương pháp sinh h'c hiêu khí thông thưng như: bùn hot tính [3] ñã ñưc nghiên cu và ng dng rong rãi. Tuy nhiên, phương pháp trên van còn mot sô nhưc ñiem như: t i tr'ng x$ lý chât hu cơ thâp (0,5 – 1 kgCOD/m3.ngày), de b sôc t i, hàm lưng sinh khôi dư cao cân chi phí x$ lý bùn. T 1980, nhiêu nghiên cu ñã bat ñâu tap trung vào các công nghe x$ lý nư c th i m i như Bio - 2 - sludge, Anaerobic baffler reactor (ABR), membrane bioreactor (MBR) và he...

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  • Some carotenoids are considered as nutrients, such as alpha-, beta-, and gamma-carotene, and alpha- and beta-cryptoxanthin, exhibiting vitamin A activity following their metabolisation into retinol by humans (Biehler & Bohn, 2010; Biehler et al., 2010). Carotenoids are pigments with several conjugated double bonds (polyene chain), which could be divided into oxygen containing carotenoids (oxocarotenoids or xanthophylls), and non-oxygen containing carotenoids (carotenes).

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  • Singapore carries out some of the most advanced and innovative water research across the whole water cycle. Leveraging on technologies and best management practices, Singapore is actively pursuing new technologies and processes to ensure security of supply to meet the ever-growing demands of its population and industry. This effort is spearheaded by PUB Singapore—the national water agency—and the Environment & Water Industry Programme Office established in May 2006 by the National Research Foundation.

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  • Công nghệ SBMMBR (Sequencing batch moving bed membrane bioreactor), kết hợp quá trình lọc màng MF trong hệ bùn hoạt tính với giá thể lưu động Anox Kaidnes K2 (MBBR) theo chế độ hoạt động theo mẻ (SBR) đã được nghiên cứu để đánh giá khả năng xử lý chất hữu cơ và tổng nitơ của nước thải thuộc da.

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  • MBR (Membrane Brio-Reactor) can be broadly defined as systems integrating biological degradation of waste products with membrane filtration. Set up of MBR plant is mainly utilizing a bioreactor and membrane filtration as one unit process for wastewater treatment thereby replacing, and in some cases supplementing, the solids separation function of secondary clarification and effluent filtration, resulting the possibility to eliminate the secondary clarification and operate at higher MLSS concentration....

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