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  • We live in an era where success is often defined by over-achievement in either our professional or personal lives. When we focus too much on our business or professional goals, our relationships can suffer. Likewise, when we ignore our professional development needs, our job security or business can be put at risk. We’re thrown into a constant state of unbalance between the relentless and competitive corporate work ethic, the “need-it-now” mentality encouraged by our dependency on technology, and the desire to see, do, and achieve more each day ...

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  • The delivery of mental health services to infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and their families involves a complex interweaving of skills that straddle disciplines and test boundaries. Provision of such services is a testament to the strength of practitioners who struggle to balance the necessary knowledge base, application strategies, and self-awareness required by the work.

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  • We all know it’s not always easy as women to live up to what’s expected of us in the 21st century.We’re supposed to run the family, the home and a job and stillwe struggle with inequalities in thewaywomen are treated, particularly around those everyday issues such as balancing home and family life, or women’s lack of equal pay. It’s hardly surprising that the incidence of stress and depression is rising. But we rarely encounter women who are experiencing the severe and enduring conditions of mental illness and distress that are described here....

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  • Mental health laws exist in many countries to regulate the involuntary detention and treatment of individuals with serious mental illnesses. ‘Rights-based legal- ism’ is a term used to describe mental health laws that refer to the rights of individuals with mental illnesses somewhere in their provisions. The advent of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities makes it timely to rethink the way in which the rights of individuals to autonomy and liberty are balanced against state interests in protecting individuals from harm to self or others....

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  • Tom's mind felt like a bowl of vanilla pudding. He'd been in meet-ings all day and now felt distracted and preoccupied, a feeling that was becoming all too familiar. Recently his attention span seemed to be getting shorter, and his ideas were increasingly mediocre. Tom realized that he was thinking about the same old things in the same old ways.

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  • One of the hallmarks of a civilized society is the way in which it caters for those who require help as a result of mental health problems. Mental health legislation has generally developed internationally from that which protected society from people with mental disorder to additionally protecting the health and safety of people with mental disorder.

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  • Medicine without statistics is quackery; statistics without medicine is numerology. Perhaps this is the main reason why clinicians should care about statistics. Statistics in medicine began in the early nineteenth century (it was called “the numerical method” then) and its debut involved disproving the most common and widely accepted medical treatment for millennia: bleeding. From ancient Rome until 1900, all physicians – from Galen to Avicenna to Benjamin Rush – strongly and clearly advocated bleeding as the treatment for most medical illnesses.

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  • As with other age groups, more older women than older men experience depression, but rates decrease among women after menopause. 13 Evidence suggests that depression in post-menopausal women generally occurs in women with prior histories of depression. In any case, depression is NOT a normal part of aging. The death of a spouse or loved one, moving from work into retirement, or dealing with a chronic illness can leave women and men alike feeling sad or distressed.

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  • Several years ago someone told me that once you hit thirty-five you have to work harder just to keep playing golf at the same level. I want to play until I’m fifty-five, and I don’t want to be one of those guys just barely clinging to the PGA Tour. I want to keep getting better and I want to win. So when I turned thirty-five, I hired Boris Kuzmic as my personal trainer and started working out.

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  • Afew years ago I left my well-paid and prestigious job to ven- ture into the scary world of self-employment as a life coach. Many of my colleagues who I’d come to know and love over the years wished me well and asked exactly what I’d be doing. ‘Well,’ said I, ‘I suppose what I’m really interested in is inspiring people to find the right balance, enjoyment, and meaning in their lives.’ ‘Oh,’ they replied, and a faraway look came into their eyes, ‘I could really do with some of that.’ Then their gaze focused back on their overflowing desk and the ringing phone.

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  • Mark Twain commented on golf by saying, “it is a good walk spoiled.” You might gather that he was not a golfer. You’d be wrong. He was, but like most, he was continually frustrated by the game. Certainly there are those days when “it is a good walk spoiled,” but thankfully there are moments when it is “a good flight made better.” I’m passionate about three things in life: flying, golfing, and dining. Those of you who have read The $100 Hamburger: A Guide to Pilots’ Favorite Fly-In Restaurants or visited the companion website www.100dollarhamburger.

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  • Die Autoren bedanken sich bei folgenden Mitwirkenden, die bei der Zusammenstellung des Buches geholfen haben: Ronel Nel von der Gary Player Group für ihre fortwährende unschätzbare Mithilfe; Dennis Bruyns von Compleat Golfer für seine Kenntnisse in der Geschichte des Golfs und seine Auswahl der ~Denkwürdigen Augenblicke~; Bernard Mostert für seine Mithilfe, besonders bei dem Kapilei Ausrüstung; Arne Cederval, dessen guter Schwung und der angenehme Umgang mit ihm die Außenaufnahmen zu einem Vergnügen machten; Andrew Lanning, Peter Milne und John Cummock von Touchline Photos für ihr...

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  • People talk lots of hokum about life coaching. Life coaching television programmes, magazines and newspaper columns range in quality from the powerful and inspirational through to the downright misleading and dangerous. True life coaching isn’t about some guru telling you how you should live. Yes, you may be tempted to bask in the comfort of an expert who can fix your life, your fashion sense, your body flaws and your emotional angst. But these fixes are too often like an elegant sticking plaster. Changes don’t last, unless a real change has come from deep within you.

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  • Regular physical activity provides numerous health benefits, including a reduced risk of diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, some cancers, and heart disease, as well as increased mental well-being, longevity, and life satisfaction. Beginning a physical fitness program is important at any age, and it can provide a lifelong love of fitness in children, increased strength and endurance in adults, and improved balance and flexibility in the elderly. Yet, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 39% of Americans engage in no leisure-time physical activity....

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  • Trophies, titles, new records, personal bests, satisfaction, and strong social relationships— nearly every athlete strives for these. In this book, we give you the keys to mental success in golf. Certainly, real success requires a good handle on both your physical and mental game. No one gets very far without a light grip, balanced stance, and mastery of basic swing mechanics, but we’re leaving the physical aspects up to you and your golf instructor.

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  • Functioning loss is the inability to perform certain physical or mental tasks, such as lifting, walking, balancing, reading, writing, counting, and using fingers and hands to grasp and open. Functioning loss generally results from the onset of diseases and conditions and occurs at a later age than disease onset. Disability is the inability to perform an expected social role. For older people, this has generally been defined as independent living and self-care.

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  • Understanding of the neuroendocrine system provides an insight into a wide range of bodily and mental processes, e.g. from water balance to social activity. Neuroendocrinology and Behavior brings its readers a concise guide to up-to-date knowledge on the function of the endocrine glands and organs in association with neurotransmitters, neuropeptides, and behavioral manifestations. In particular, this volume provides a unique medium for interactions across these multiple levels of the exploration on neuroendocrinology, behavior, and related disorders....

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