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  • Tạo mới và lưu dự án Menu File – New/Save Nhập thông tin dự án Menu Project – Project Information Start date : ngày bắt đầu dự án Status date : ngày dùng để ước lượng, thống kê Calendar : lịch làm việc của dự án Tạo lịch làm việc cho dự án Menu Tool – Change Working Time Thay đổi Standard (lịch chuẩn) Tạo mới lịch của dự án : New…

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  • Although the United States is the most powerful nation on earth, the one area in which this country does not excel is health. And the future is not bright. Almost a third of our young children are obese, and many do not exercise. No matter how much information becomes available about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle and a diet heavily dependent on processed foods, we don't change our ways. Ideally, Americans should be able to translate financial well-being into habits that lead to longer and better lives, untroubled by expensive and chronic medical illnesses.

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  • A diaspora bond is a debt instrument issued by a country — or potentially, a subsovereign entity or even a private corporation — to raise financing from its overseas diaspora. Israel annually since 1951 and India on three occasions since 1991 have raised over US$35 billion using these bonds. The rationale behind the Government of Israel’s issuance of diaspora bonds has been different from that of the Government of India’s. The Government of Israel has offered a flexible menu of diaspora bonds since 1951 to keep the Jewish diaspora engaged.

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  • By the end of the lesson, students will be able to speak about the food and write the menu about a healthy and balances meal by listening and writing. II/ Language contents. 1, Vocabulary: About the food. 2, Structures: Use the simple tense. III/ Teaching aids. -Make a plan. -Prepare a book, a tape, a cassette- player and some pictures in the book. IV/ Teaching produces. Stages 1, Warm up Teacher’s activities Talk about: -The importance of food. -The advantages of sugar. Students’ activities Go to board and talk about this. -What food should we eat/ Others listen and give ideas.

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  • Name: 1 Look at these extracts from people talking about printing jobs. Which type of printer is each person talking about? Choose from the drop-down menu. 1 “Can you order some more toner for the printer on the third floor?” 2 “The plans for the new office building on Vyner Street are almost ready. Shall I print a copy for the meeting tomorrow?” 3 “We’re almost out of bar codes. Simon, can you print some more?” 4 “I couldn’t believe it – I was in the middle of printing my report and I ran out of ink!” 5 “As soon as the client...

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