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  • Title The Great Metropolis (Dodo Press)Authors and contributors By (author) James GrantPhysical properties Format: PaperbackNumber of pages: 316Width: 152 mmHeight: 229 mmThickness: 18 mmWeight: 467 gAudience General/tradeISBN ISBN 13: 9781409965824ISBN 10: 1409965821Classifications BIC geographical qualifier: 1DNielsen BookScan Product Class: T5.2BICMainSubject: HBDPublisher Dodo Pre......

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  • In the course of researching and writing this book, I have been blessed with abundant help. Arthur McEvoy has been a personal and scholarly model for more than a decade, and it is to him that I owe the greatest thanks for anything that is creative in this project. Whenever recommending one of his favorite books or his foolproof model for writing, he often promised me, “This will change your life.” My studies with him did.

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  • Thea Gabriele von Harbou (December 27, 1888 – July 1, 1954) was a German actress and author of Prussian aristocratic origin. In 1905, she published her first novel in the Deutsche Roman-Zeitung. However, she then started to work as an actress, beginning in 1906 in Düsseldorf, then moving to Weimar (1908), Chemnitz (1911) and Aachen (1913). In Aachen she met her first husband, the actor and director Rudolf Klein- Rogge, whom she married in 1914. In 1920, she wrote her first film script Das Indische Grabmal (The Indian Tomb, Mysteries of India), together with Fritz Lang.

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  • The nonprofit arts currently face an environment that challenges the way they have grown and raises the prospect of future consolidation. The authors focus on the relationship among the components of local communities’ arts ecology and develop a new framework for evaluating systems of support to the arts. They then use this framework to assess the strengths and weaknesses of Philadelphia1s arts sector.

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  • Lecture Algorithm design - Chapter 12: Local search include all of the content: Gradient descent, metropolis algorithm, hopfield neural networks, maximum cut, nash equilibria. Inviting you refer.

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  • Vài năm trở lại đây nhiều phim sử dụng CG từ máy vi tính. Tuỳ theo nhu cầu mà người ta có engine riêng để thực hiện phần 3D cho phim. Có khi chuyển động 3 chiều như Ghost in the Shell. Có khi liên quan đến kết hợp 2D và 3D như trong Metropolis hay Macross Plus. Hoạt hình - Anime Có nhiều thể loại hoạt hình. Từ giấy cắt đơn giản cũng có thể làm nên một phim hoạt hình. Lúc còn bé hẳn nhiều người từng vẽ hình vào tập giấy rồi tinh nghịch lật nhanh các...

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  • 6 mô phỏng luyện kim, FCM, phân vùng hệ số và tìm kiếm Tabu Phương pháp mô phỏng từ máy tính vật lý chất ngưng tụ được sử dụng để mô hình các quá trình tôi luyện thể chất. Metropolis và những người khác giới thiệu một thuật toán đơn giản để mô phỏng sự tiến hóa của một chất rắn trong một bồn tắm nóng ở trạng thái cân bằng nhiệt. Thuật toán này được dựa trên kỹ thuật Monte Carlo, tạo ra một chuỗi các trạng thái rắn.

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  • The Hong Kong metropolis is an extremely exciting city to visit and it has fascinated the millions of travelers that go there to experience its many unique contrasts. Hong Kong is Chinese, but is also influenced by the more than 150 years of British rule, which ended in 1997. Between the skyscrapers, one finds small buildings made in the finest colonial architectural style, providing living proof of the city’s history.

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  • London (England), city, capital of the United Kingdom. London is situated in southeastern England along the Thames River. With a population of about 7 million, this vast metropolis is by far the largest city in Europe,

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  • Osaka and Kyoto are not far apart and together they constitute a great opportunity of seeing one of Japan's largest and most modern cities, Osaka, and Japan's stronghold of history and culture, Kyoto. Osaka is Japan's second largest urbanised area after Tokyo-Yokohama and the metropolis offers everything you can possibly want from a modern big city. Next to the skyscrapers lie beautiful historic buildings as witnesses of the city's rich past, e.g. the Osaka Castle, an example of true Japanese architecture....

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  • London is the centre of the British world. As the capital of the British Empire, the city has been ranked among the leading cities of Europe for centuries, and cultures from all over the world have left their mark upon the streets of the British capital. London is a colossal metropolis and has something for every taste – also literally, due to the many ethnic restaurants run by the international Londoners.

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  • Few cities cause as much happiness as Rio de Janeiro. Samba, soccer, the colourful, annual carnival as well as the beaches Copacabana and Ipenema are only a few of the many things that await the visitors. The highlights of the city are literally speaking the characteristic Sugar Loaf Mountain and the impressive Statue of Christ, which is watching and embracing the entire Rio de Janeiro. A visit to the statue is a must on a trip to the charming Brazilian metropolis.

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  • The 29th of January, 1757, was a notable day in the life of Ben Franklin of Philadelphia, well known in the metropolis of America as printer and politician, and famous abroad as a scientist and Friend of the Human Race.

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  • Hướng dẫn sinh thái đối với quản lý của Afforestations ở nông thôn Những biến đổi trên diện rộng của cảnh quan thiên nhiên phản ánh hàng ngàn năm của con người tác động vào hệ sinh thái tự nhiên. Đồng cỏ, các lĩnh vực trồng, trồng rừng, làng mạc, thị trấn, cụm công nghiệp, và metropolies lớn thay thế rừng, đồng cỏ và đầm lầy.

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  • New Delhi is capital of the world’s second most populous country. The city in itself has a population of more than 13 million. The atmosphere is as hectic and exciting as one would expect of a metropolis in a large and culturally diverse country. Visitors to New Delhi immediately get a sense of the city’s centuries old history under various English rulers, Indian maharajas and Moguls, as well as today’s democratic government elected by the largely Hindu population.

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  • Shanghai has great historic attraction. It is one of the largest Chinese cities; a lively and interesting metropolis. Shanghai is one of China’s economic locomotives, something that shows quite clearly in the city streets, which function as a showcase to the world of Chinese progress and increasing wealth within the global economy. For tourists, this means a number of fascinating skyscrapers and exciting modern architecture, not least along the city’s harbor where the Pudong district rises up impressively opposite the old city center....

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  • One could say this is a book about heroes: those salient architects whose London works have made them significant in the life of the metropolis. On the other hand, the surreptitious principal among the dramatispersonae in the book is London itself.

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  • Urban ecology in Berlin has been developing over the past 350 years, from garden floras and wild floras of castles and ruins to the Graduate Research Training Group 780 “Perspectives in Urban Ecology”. This program has brought together universities and scientific institutes from all over Berlin. Since the beginning, urban ecology in Berlin has included approaches from biology and geography, leading to the current interdisciplinary work documented in this summarizing publication.

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  • The metropolis of Johannesburg is the economic locomotive of southern Africa, and it is one of the large and interesting cities of this continent. The city is the largest in South Africa and consists of what one might well think of as two cities: the old city and the modern Sandton, where there are large shopping malls and modern buildings. The old part of the city has a number of tourist attractions, such as the district of Soweto, which is known all over the world because the former President, Nelson Mandela, came from that area....

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  • Latvia’s capital, Riga, is the largest city in any of the three Baltic countries. It is a European metropolis with all the gastronomic, cultural and shopping facilities that entails. The old part of town is very atmospheric. It has cobblestone streets, Brick Gothic churches, wellpreserved buildings, some dating centuries back, and excellent museums. The newer parts of the city lie outside the old earthworks. It is there one finds Europe’s largest concentration of houses in the beautiful Jugend style....

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