Microelectronics manufacturing

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  • New knowledge and tools are constantly expanding the range of applications for semiconductor devices, integrated circuits, and electronic packages.

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  • CAD-CAM systems are probably the most significant development in the field of new technology related to engineering, design and drafting in all technical spheres. These systems find application in all branches of modern design – from machine engineering and microelectronics to architecture and construction building and others. In current publication the author describes in detail via review, analysis and processing case study data the state of art in the selection, application and implementation of such systems....

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  • Electrical consumption, especially direct or variable frequency currents, has strongly increased over 50 years in industry. This situation explains the growth of power electronics. At the beginning, when rectifiers replaced DC machines, only diodes and thyristors were used. Then power transistors appeared and enabled the extension of smaller power applications for domestic use. New research topics were developed around converters and power devices.

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  • The field of design automation (DA) technology, also commonly called computer-aided design (CAD) or computer-aided engineering (CAE), involves developing computer programs to conduct portions of product design and manufacturing on behalf of the designer. Competitive pressures to produce more efficiently new generations of products having improved function and performance are motivating the growing importance of DA. The increasing complexities of microelectronic technology, shown in Fig. 34.1, illustrate the importance of...

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  • The Springer Series in Advanced Microelectronics provides systematic information on all the topics relevant for the design, processing, and manufacturing of microelectronic devices. The books, each prepared by leading researchers or engineers in their fields, cover the basic and advanced aspects of topics such as wafer processing, materials, device design, device technologies, circuit design, VLSI implementation, and subsystem technology.

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