Military information technology systems

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  • Identifying an agile and adaptable acquisition process that can field new information technology capabilities and services in relatively short and responsive time frames is a pressing issue for the U.S. Navy. Damaging malware can mutate within hours or days, requiring a defense that is sufficiently

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  • The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) faces a tightening budget in the coming years. Despite the lean budget years, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are expected to be a priority. Due to their usefulness for intelligence collection in irregular warfare (IW) and counterinsurgency (COIN), UAS were quickly fielded and sent to theater

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  • Eric Stewart is a self-employed network security contractor who finds his home in Ottawa, Canada. Trained as a computer engineer at the Royal Military College, and later in computer science and economics at Carleton University, Eric has over 20 years of experience in the information technology field—the last 12 years focusing primarily on Cisco Systems routers, switches, VPN concentrators, and security appliances. He likes to divide his time evenly between his two great loves in the field: teaching and doing!...

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  • The chances are growing that the United States will find itself in a crisis in cyberspace, with the escalation of tensions associated with a major cyberattack, suspicions that one has taken place, or fears that it might do so soon. The genesis for this work was the broader issue of how the Air Force should integrate kinetic

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  • In the past, the formal discipline of project management was applied primarily to very large projects lasting several years and costing millions of dollars; this was as true for information technology (IT) projects as it was for other industries. Furthermore in the 20th century, project management methods were largely based upon “command and control” techniques. These techniques evolved from ancient military regimes and dictatorial governments, where relatively few educated people directed large numbers of uneducated people.

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  • The Army’s strategic vision calls for transformation to a full-spectrum Objective Force that can project overwhelming military power anywhere in the world on extremely short notice. It must be agile, versatile, and lethal, achieving its objectives through the application of dominant maneuver, precision engagement, focused logistics, information superiority, and highly survivable combat systems.

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  • List of a Few Government and Nongovernment Organizations with Useful On-line Resources Organization Address Description Web Site MEMSnet Reston, VA U.S. information clearinghouse MEMS Exchange Reston, VA Intermediary broker for foundry services MEMS Industry Group Pittsburgh, PA Industrial consortium NIST Gaithersburg, MD Sponsored U.S. government projects DARPA Arlington, VA Sponsored U.S. government projects IDA Alexandria, VA Insertion in military mems.ida.

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  • In most of the missions a mobile robot has to achieve – intervention in hostile environments, preparation of military intervention, mapping, etc – two main tasks have to be completed: navigation and 3D environment perception. Therefore, vision based solutions have been widely used in autonomous robotics because they provide a large amount of information useful for detection, tracking, pattern recognition and scene understanding. Nevertheless, the main limitations of this kind of system are the limited field of view and the loss of the depth perception....

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  • The extraordinary feature of the RAND Corporation that emerged quickly after its creation in 1946 was its interdisciplinary approach to identifying, evaluating, and applying technology. Throughout its history, RAND has conducted innumerable studies, often with world-changing results, involving technologies both military and civilian. Satellites, systems analysis, computing, the Internet — al......

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  • One hindrance to this flow of information is not a lack of creative minds to dream up new services nor lack of an educated workforce to develop enabling technology, but the pres- ence of mistake and malice, error and evil. The growing interconnectedness of networks means that systems are open to disruptions from a larger number of machines, software, and users that can foul the system with faults, bugs, and error.

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