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  • Image recognition and classification is one of the most actively pursued areas in the broad field of imaging sciences and engineering. The reason is evident: the ability to replace human visual capabilities with a machine is very important and there are diverse applications. The main idea is to inspect an image scene by processing data obtained from sensors.

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  • lierman troops have taken part in a French National Day parade. 200 German soldiers were in military vehicles along the Champs Elysees for the first time since World War IL The Germans were along troops from the new Euro - Corp Defence Force.

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  • This book is about GPS and INS and their integration. An inertial navigation unit can be used anywhere on the globe, but it must be updated within hours of use by independent navigation sources such as GPS or celestial navigation. Thousands of self-contained INS units are in continuous use on military vehicles, and an increasing number are being used in civilian applications. 2.1.1 Systems Other Than GPS

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  • Armor materials are remarkable: Able to stop multiple hits and save lives, they are essential to our military capability in the current conflicts. But as threats have increased, armor systems have become heavier, creating a huge burden for the warfighter and even for combat vehicles.

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  • The first approach has the drawback that assumptions need to be made about the average an‐ nual vehicle mileage. The second approach allows to derive for cars an average annual mileage  by confronting  the car  stock with  the car  transport demand  that  is derived  in  the MODAL and  TIME CHOICE module.   In  the  first version of PLANET  the  first approach was used.  In  the new version of PLANET,  the  second approach is used.

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  • The Army’s strategic vision calls for transformation to a full-spectrum Objective Force that can project overwhelming military power anywhere in the world on extremely short notice. It must be agile, versatile, and lethal, achieving its objectives through the application of dominant maneuver, precision engagement, focused logistics, information superiority, and highly survivable combat systems.

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  • The African Press Agency has reported that Libyan leader Mouammar Kadhafi has this month pledged to send military observers to probe the security situation in northern CAR. According to the Ministry of Defence military observers from the Community of Sahel-Saharan States (CEN-SAD) will “take stock of the realities of insecurity, which is fuelled by armed groups from neighbouring countries’ rebellions.” CEN-SAD is expected to plan measures for an intervention in the region.

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  • On 18 August, a military convoy based in Bossangoa was ambushed by rebels just east of Markounda in north-central CAR. The town of Bele is now under the control of the APRD rebel group. Three soldiers were seriously injured in the ambush, and were medi-evacuated to Bangui. The mayor and most of the villagers have subsequently sought refuge in Markounda. On the same day, a drunken soldier reportedly shot a 17 year old female in Markounda. The girl is now undergoing treatment with MSF in the town. On August 19, four men were killed, and three more...

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  • The school curriculum in all countries has always been influenced by judgements made by governments and other policy-makers about what is deemed a priority in relation to the education of young people and the needs of society. Many European countries in the second half of the twentieth century had considerable debate on the role of schools and education more generally. In some cases, there was a move towards school education “producing” young people who were more able to serve the economic needs of the country.

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  • The recent fuel cell (FC) development worldwide has always been accompanied by a number of studies and projects investigating the applications of FCs onboard ships. Almost all possible FC types and different fuels such as hydrogen, natural gas (liquefied or pressurized), liquefied pressurized gas (LPG), methanol, and maritime diesel have been considered. These applications of FCs are still mainly focused on onboard power generation (OPU) and propulsion.

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  • As new technologies emerge, the Federal government has a responsibility to lead by example. Our government owns and manages approximately 500,000 buildings and operates more than 600,000 fleet vehicles. The electricity used for its buildings, the fuel used in its cars and trucks, and the energy required in military operations make it the largest energy consumer in the US economy.

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  • Rockets, artillery, and mortars (RAM) have been mainstays of the world’s military forces for hundreds of years. Historical approaches against RAM can be grouped as either purely defensive (e.g., taking cover in foxholes, bunkers, or armored vehicles) or offensive (e.g., attacking the launchers and guns). The U.S. military’s approach to countering these weapons has primarily been one of counterbattery fire, which is consistent with traditional offensive strategies of taking the fight to the enemy....

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  • Even now that military drones have become a familiar topic, the idea of self-driving cars sounds pretty far fetched. But is it still just science fiction? Something that gets batted around in robotics labs and think tanks? Or are self-driving vehicles on the verge of becoming a viable form of personal mobility? Will the market accept them, want them, and pay for them? We think the answer is a resounding yes: The marketplace will not merely accept self-driving vehicles; it will be the engine pulling the industry forward.

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  • The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) faces a tightening budget in the coming years. Despite the lean budget years, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are expected to be a priority. Due to their usefulness for intelligence collection in irregular warfare (IW) and counterinsurgency (COIN), UAS were quickly fielded and sent to theater

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  • The EU’s common purpose was principally economic and le- gal, but despite its economic strength, the EU is weak both as a political and as a military entity. People in the European Union take for granted personal, economic and social liber- ties, such as the freedom of movement. Attaining this level of individual liberty has been an incredible achievement. But very few EU citizens feel any responsibility to defend these liberties by military force, should the need arise.

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  • Virtually every action, message, and decision of a military force shapes the opinions of an indigenous population: strategic communication, treatment of civilians at vehicle checkpoints, and the accuracy or inaccuracy of aerial bombardment. Themes of U.S. goodwill mean little if its actions convey otherwise.

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