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  • The Upper Jurassic deposits of Milne Land lie in a key area for Jurassic Boreal ammonite stratigraphy. Early collections brought back to Copenhagen by Rosenkrantz (1929) and Aldinger (1935) were described in two classical monographs by Spath (1935, 1936), and all these works continue to form the basis for subsequent stratigraphical and palaeontological revisions. Since then extensive field work and collecting have yielded important new material and much more detailed stratigraphical information (Callomon, 1961; Hikansson et al., 1971; Birkelund et al.

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  • D ' localities which are of importance for working out the latcst Jurassic anrl earliest Cretaceous succession. The exceptions were soulh-wcstern Jameson Land, and castern Kuhn f3, which 1 was not able to reach. As a result I have been ablc to review the rocks of this ago and bring ilp to date their correlation, and this is the object of this paper.

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  • The second new sub-genus Hoplocardioceras with its three rows of prominent spines is characterised by its Aspidoceratid aspect which in the case of some badly preserved examples from Kuhn island has indeed caused them to he attributed to the genus Aspidoceras, hitherto unknown from the Arctic regions.

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