Minimal stimulation

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  • This book contains four parts with 16 chapters. Firstly, an optimal stimulation scheme  for  ovaries,  particularly  natural  and  minimal  stimulation  of  ovaries,  has  been  discussed  in  the  first  part.  Then,  one  paper  analyzed  that  how  many  oocytes  per  retrieval will be  the best  for human IVF practice. If one stimulation scheme produces  too  many  eggs,  it  often  results  in  hyperstimulation  syndrome.

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  • The initial volume of Biennial Review of Infertility was published in 2009. In the preface to that volume we shared our vision that this series would serve as a forum for evidence-based reviews of cutting-edge topics in the field of infertility, written by experts in the field and accessible and applicable to clinicians and researchers alike. We also began a tradition of highlighting and providing contrasting reviews to emerging and controversial topics. We are very pleased with the response we have had to Biennial Reviews of Infertility, Volume 1, and are excited now to present Volume 2...

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  • In a decentralized-decisions economy under uncertainty, the financial system can be seen as the complex of institutions, infrastructure, and instruments that the society adopts to minimize the costs of transacting promises under agents’ incomplete trust and limited information. Building on a microeconomic, general equilibrium model that portrays such fundamental function of finance, this study analytically shows that, in line with recent empirical evidence, the development of financial infrastructure stimulates larger and more efficient capital industrial accumulation.

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  • Tetanus: Treatment General Measures The goals of therapy are to eliminate the source of toxin, neutralize unbound toxin, and prevent muscle spasms while monitoring the patient's condition and providing support—especially respiratory support—until recovery. Patients should be admitted to a quiet room in an intensive care unit, where observation and cardiopulmonary monitoring can be maintained continuously but stimulation can be minimized. Protection of the airway is vital. Wounds should be explored, carefully cleansed, and thoroughly debrided.

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  • Excessive inflammatory responses can be horribly destructive. Unsurprisingly, therefore, immune responses are dampened down and fine-tuned in a multitude of ways to minimize their damaging effects. Four articles in this issue provide examples of such immune regulation on four different levels. Wolfgang Junger (page 201) explains that cells take it upon themselves to control their behaviour to extracellular cues through autocrine feedback loops involving purinergic receptors.

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