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  • The progress of data mining technology and large public popularity establish a need for a comprehensive text on the subject. The series of books entitled by "Data Mining" address the need by presenting in-depth description of novel mining algorithms and many useful applications. In addition to understanding each section deeply, the two books present useful hints and strategies to solving problems in the following chapters.

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  • In the beginning, the word ‘Project’ was associated primarily with engineering, in particular with developments at the forefront of technology. The next place it cropped up was in Information Technology where Software Programming required sophisticated project methodology. Today, though, a project mentality is essential in our topsy turvey world of the new millennium. The organisations that will remain healthy are the ones that have an effective and widely understood approach to managing projects as a way of implementing change. ...

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  • Acknowledgments The folks on the Microsoft Access development team provided invaluable technical support as I worked with the beta software and tried to figure out some of the challenging technical details in Microsoft Office Access 2003. Special thanks to Bill Ramos, Mike Wachal, Tim Getsch, and Clint Covington. You guys make an author’s job so much easier. But any errors or omissions in this book are ultimately mine.

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  • This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at Title: A Textbook of Assaying: For the Use of Those Connected with Mines. Author: Cornelius Beringer and John Jacob Beringer Release Date: July 3, 2006

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  • The PPS also recognises that renewable energydevelopments may have an adverse effect on both the historic and natural environment.It thereforestipulates that applications affecting World HeritageSites should only be granted after an assessment has shown that the integrity of the site would not be adversely affected.

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  • The report reviews the major Mercury and then Gemini precursors for the Apollo mission program and its development and mission sequence.

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  • Whether to co-process alternative fuels in cement kilns can be evaluated upon environmental and economic criteria. As is discussed in detail below, the potential benefits of burning alternative fuels at cement plants are numerous. However, the contrary is possible, when poor planning results in projects where cement kilns have higher emissions, or where alternative fuels are not put to their highest value use. Five guiding principles outlined by the German development agency, GTZ, and Holcim Group Support Ltd.

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  • The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Business of Mining, by Arthur J. Hoskin This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at Title: The Business of Mining A brief non-technical exposition of the principles involved in the profitable operation of mines Author: Arthur J. Hoskin Release Date: February 16, 2012 ...

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  • So far only old prisoners--those taken at Gettysburg, Chicamauga and Mine Run--had been brought in. The armies had been very quiet during the Winter, preparing for the death grapple in the Spring. There had been nothing done, save a few cavalry raids, such as our own, and Averill's attempt to gain and break up the Rebel salt works at Wytheville, and Saltville. Consequently none but a few cavalry prisoners were added to the number already in the hands of the Rebels. The first lot of new ones came in about the middle of March.

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  • Scrum is an iterative, incremental framework. Scrum structures product development in cycles of work called Sprints, iterations of work which are typically 1-4 weeks in length, and which take place one after the other. The Sprints are of fixed duration – they end on a specific date whether the work has been completed or not, and are never extended. At the beginning of each Sprint, a cross-functional team selects items from a prioritized list of requirements, and commits to complete them by the end of the Sprint; during the Sprint, the deliverable does not change.

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  • The psychological foundation of the theory of group learning should also be mentioned, if only briefly. With such strong advocacy of this particular method of instruction from the reformers, one would believe that its supe- riority over direct instruction has been firmly established by research data from large-scale studies in the field of cognitive psychology. However, no such data exist and the available evidence even appears to imply that direct instruction is the more effective method of the two.

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  • Despite tight economic conditions, organizations have been and will continue to increase their focus on benefits realization (in addition to cost and time) as a project and program success metric. Research conducted with senior project management leaders on PMI’s Global Executive Council found that the most important skill for managing today’s complex projects and programs is the ability to align the team to the vision of the project and design the project’s organizational structure to align people and project objectives.

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  • To help the U.S. Air Force identify potential interoperability problems that might arise in NATO alliance operations or U.S.–allied coalition operations with NATO allies over the next decade, and to suggest nonmateriel and technology-based solution directions to mitigate any identified potential shortfalls, this report provides background information used in a larger Project AIR FORCE study entitled Interoperability

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  • CHAPTER 10 The Real Option Future. From mining to high-tech projects, the real option concept has infiltrated valuation problems in several areas.1 Real option concepts have been developed to value worker flexibility created through cross-training, or composite risks in a manufacturing environment including demand uncertainty, production risks

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  • Landmines and explosive remnants of war (ERW), which include unexploded ordnance (UXO) and abandoned explosive ordnance, represent a major threat to civilian. This demands that all the mines and ERW affecting the places where ordinary people live must be cleared, and safety of people in areas that have been cleared must be guaranteed.

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  • The exploitation of natural resources of the moon and other celestial bodies represents one of the most fascinating developments in the fields of space law and space related activities. The mining and use of extraterrestrial mineral resources may not only contribute to the betterment of conditions of people on earth but may also enable the realization of projects such as those envisaging a permanent human presence on the surface of the moon and other celestial bodies.

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  • This is your book, not mine. Read it as you choose, think whatever you think, write all over it and, above all, please do something as a result of what you read. I have suggested six ‘journeys’. However, the way I have structured this book does not matter. What matters is that you are spending your time and energy in reading it – make that time and investment pay by taking action to help yourself, those whose lives you touch, your team, a project at your organization. This is your own, personal action journal....

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  • Our VLDB 1997 paper [26] reported our first technical results from the AutoAdmin project that was started in Microsoft Research in the summer of 1996. The SQL Server product group at that time had taken on the ambitious task of redesigning the SQL Server code for their next release (SQL Server 7.0). Ease of use and elimination of knobs was a driving force for their design of SQL Server 7.0. At the same time, in the database research world, data analysis and mining techniques had become popular. In starting the AutoAdmin project, we hoped to leverage some of...

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  • Omission of minerals is just one of the issues addressed in the construction of environmental accounts. Still, extending the nipa to include minerals is a natural starting point for the project of environmental accounting. These assets— which include notably petroleum, natural gas, coal, and nonfuel minerals—are already part of the market economy and have important links to environmental policy. Indeed, production from these assets is already included in the nation’s gross domestic product (gdp).

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  • At low levels of development measured by per capita GDP, environment pollution will increase. As a country reaches a certain level of GDP, environmental pollution tends to decrease as income increases. The Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC) basically describes the relationship between the concentrations of air pollution in the country relative to its gross national income per capita. It is stated that as a country starts to develop (as depicted by the increase of GNP/capita), air pollution level rises due to the increase in production of commodities.

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