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  • The widespread use of credit scores to underwrite and price automobile and homeowners insurance has generated considerable concern that the practice may significantly restrict the availability of affordable insurance products to minority and low- income consumers. However, no existing studies have effectively examined whether credit scores have a disproportionate negative impact on minorities or other demographic groups, primarily because of the lack of public access to appropriate data.

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  • This book owes its inception to my fascination with the natural microcosms that are water-filled tree holes and, subsequently, the broader class of plant container habitats we call phytotelmata. That fascination was born, first, in a Somerset woodland, when my fellow undergraduate Alastair Sommerville pointed out to me a massive stump hole, commenting that such places were both entomologically special and of great potential as objects of ecological study.

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  • The Rural Energy II Project (the Project) is classified as Category B for environmental assessment (EA, see OP/BP/GP 4.01 Environmental Assessment). The project may include both positive and negative impacts. Negative impacts are minor, and temporary and are primarily associated with preconstruction and construction activities. Positive impacts are mostly incurred during operation, and are likely to be significant because of their longer term nature at both the local and regional level.

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  • Bond Funds, which account for €320.7 billion of shares/units in issue, and are therefore the largest fund category, experienced minor positive revaluations of €1.7 billion, but mostly benefitted from increased confidence in bonds by recording significant new investment of €12 billion, the highest relative inflow of any category. Hedge Funds, which account for €73.2 billion of shares/units in issue, also benefitted from positive revaluations and net inflows. Revaluations at €3 billion, or 4.

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  • But there are serious downsides. Unless questions are tested with a few people first and carefully worded, they may be easily misinterpreted. Hence, a poorly worded question can deliver useless or misleading results.8 Surveys tend to weight all performance aspects similarly, so if the director does a great job on community relations and finances but has failed at an area the board thinks is very minor, the less important category can “drag down” the overall score.

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  • W e propose an apparently minor extension to Kay's (1985} notation for describing directed acyclic graphs (DAGs}. The proposed notation permits concise descriptions of phenomena which would otherwise be difficult to describe, without incurring significant extra computational overheads in the process of unification. W e illustrate the notation with examples from a categorial description of a fragment of English, and discuss the computational properties of unification of DAGs specified in this way. ...

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  • Although a significant proportion of the general population has low health literacy, certain groups have an even higher prevalence of the problem. Such groups include the elderly, minorities, individuals who have not completed high school, adults who spoke a language other than English before starting school, and people living in poverty. 14 12 For instance, the NAAL demonstrated a higher prevalence of poor health literacy among the elderly.

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