Misunderstood process

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  • It is unlikely that a person would wake up one morning and say, “Grief, what a concept, I think I’ll make it my life’s work.” That is not how it happened for either of us. We are John W. James and Russell Friedman, and together we represent the Grief Recovery Institute. Here is a little outline of our lives, the institute, and the evolution of The Grief Recovery Handbook. John was thrust painfully into this arena by the death of a child in 1977. After discovering a successful process for completing his grief, he continued his career in the solar energy design business.

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  • BEAR WITH ME , if you will, while I talk about mission and values. I say that because these two terms have got to be among the most abstract, overused, misunderstood words in business. When I speak with audiences, I’m asked about them frequently, usually with some level of panic over their actual meaning and relevance.

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  • In the right situation, a speaker can use an unqualified indefinite description without being misunderstood. This use of language, normal slate implicature, is a kind of conversational implicature, i.e. a non-truth-functional context-dependent inference based upon language users' awareness of principles of cooperative conversation. I present a convention for identifying normal state implicatures which is based upon mutual beliefs of the speaker and hearer about certain properties of the speaker's plan.

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  • In calling this little book 'The Curse of Education,' I trust that I shall not be misunderstood to disparage culture. The term 'education' is used, for want of a better word, to express the conventional mode of teaching and bringing up children, and of educating youth in this and other civilized countries. It is with education systems, with the universal method of cramming the mind with facts, and particularly with the manufacture of uniformity and mediocrity by subjecting every individual to a common process, regardless of his natural bent, that I have chiefly to find fault. ...

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