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  • The rights of the insured party are NOT effected if it BONA FIDE forgot or had no time to declare to the insurer as per above, or if it gave the insurer a declaration containing wrong information. The right declaration can be filed even after the goods are lost or delivered

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  • The Transaction Finding a market for the goods (market research) Selecting the marketing channels Negotiations Pricing Distribution channels Order Contract Commercial Invoice Commercial Invoice must include (minimum): Payment Terms Mode of Payment Division of Costs Details of Carrier Details of Receiving Party Details of Buyer Other Details For best results use the ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) Standard Commercial Invoice Packing List must include (minimum): Contents of the Packaging (=of the shipment) If more than one package or outer and inner packing – all contents per each pac...

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  • Broadly speaking, Islamic modes of finance can be divided into two types: either they provide direct finance as capital funds through partnership (musharakah and mudarabah), or they provide indirect finance through leasing (ijarah) and sale contracts (murabahah, bai ajil, salam, and istisna’a). All modes are based on the principle of riba (interest) prohibition, and all seek to maintain Islamic business ethics (freedom and leniency of transactions, recognition of and regard for private property, and justic.

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  • The first set of indicators focuses on formal accounts; the mechanics of the use of these accounts ( frequency of use, mode of access); the purpose of these accounts (personal or business, receipt of payments from work, government, or family); barriers to account use; and alternatives to formal accounts (mobile money). The account penetration indicator measures individual or joint ownership of formal accounts—accounts at a formal financial institution such as a bank, credit union, co- operative, post office, or microfinance institution.

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