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  • For the past fifteen years the New Keynesian model has served as a frame of reference for analyses of fluctuations and stabilization policies.1 That framework has allowed the rigor and internal consistency of dynamic general equilibrium models to be combined with typically Keynesian assumptions, like monopolistic competition and nominal rigidities, thus setting the stage for a meaningful, welfarebased analysis of the effects of alternative monetary policy rules.

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  • The Santa Fe Institute (SFI) is interested in understanding evolving complex social, biological, and physical adaptive systems in a most general sense (see Cowan et al. 1994). Those of us at SFI interested in the evolution of social behavior have tended to focus on either small-scale societies or on specific aspects of more complex societies, such as the economy.

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  • The discipline of economics has developed principles, theories, and models that isolate the most important determinants of economic events. In constructing a model, economists make assumptions to eliminate unnecessary detail to reduce the complexity of economic behavior. Once modeled, economic behavior may be presented as a relationship between dependent and independent variables. The behavior being explained is the dependent variable; the economic events explaining that behavior are the independent variables.

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  • This paper studies the role of long-term unemployment in the determination of prices and wages. Labor market theories such as insider-outsider models predict that this type of unemployed are less relevant in the wage formation process than the newly unemployed. This paper looks for evidence of this behavior in a set of OECD countries. For this purpose, I propose a new specification of the Phillips Curve that contains different unemployment lengths in a time-varying NAIRU setting.

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  • People use social media for a number of reasons: communicating, collaborating, seeking expert advice, sharing multimedia, presenting opinions, sharing reviews and for entertainment. Many claim that social media brings a new sense of community by allowing people to connect with others who are similar to themselves. While this might involve reconnecting with long lost friends from childhood or former coworkers, it is also used to meet new friends who have similar interests. An increasing number of people are using social media in their buying decisions.

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  • Theoretical modeling of unemployment insurance (UI) has typically focused on the benefit level or the replacement rate, i.e., the fraction of earnings replaced by unemployment benefits. Of course, the design of an optimal UI system raises many other issues.

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  • In implementing a programme of privatisation and restructuring, it should be recognised that the restructuring process, if left solely to the market forces, may create substantial unemployment and incur considerable social costs. Supporting a programme of careful restructuring by the creation of new business out of the old, engaging under-utilised assets, with or without an element of public subsidy, may add considerable value to local economies. The experience of the transitional economies in Europe shows the potential for creating small businesses out of large company restructuring.

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  • Chapter 13 - Wages and unemployment. Learning objectives of this chapter include: Discuss the four important trends that have characterized labor markets in the U.S. since 1960, apply a supply-and-demand model to understand the labor market, explain how changes in the supply of and demand for labor explain trends in real wages and employment since 1960,...

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  • Chapter 9 - Business cycles, unemployment, and inflation. This chapter previews the business cycle, unemployment, and inflation. It is an important chapter as it sets the stage for the analytical presentation in later chapters.

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  • This is a short book. It aims to get across the essential elements of dynamics that are used in modern treatments of the subject. More significantly, it aims to do this through the means of examples. Some of these examples are purely algebraic. But many others consider economic models: both microeconomic and macroeconomic. Macroeconomics is replete with dynamic models – some simple and others quite complex. But this is not true of microeconomics.

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  • Chapter 10 Unemployment The study of unemployment is usually cast as the study of workers. Several theories seek to explain why the labor market might not clear at a particular wage. Among these are “search” models, in which unemployed people are in the process of looking for work.

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  • Although health economics provides a useful starting point for such analyses of coverage, the ultimate effect of a mandate is not easily reduced to, and in fact could differ from, the predicted effect of treating penalty amounts as dollar-for-dollar equivalents to subsidies. People can respond to penalties and subsidies differently and in ways that are not considered in standard health economics models.

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  • Three themes run through the essay. Think medium term! The financial cycle is much longer than the traditional business cycle. Think monetary! Modelling the financial cycle correctly, rather than simply mimicking some of its features superficially, requires recognising fully the fundamental monetary nature of our economies: the financial system does not just allocate, but also generates, purchasing power, and has very much a life of its own. Think global! The global economy, with its financial, product and input markets, is highly integrated.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Macroeconomics for today" has contents: Introducing the economic way of thinking; production possibilities, opportunity cost, and economic growth; market demand and supply; markets in action; gross domestic product; business cycles and unemployment,...and other contents.

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  • The microsimulation approach combined with reweighting contrasts with a popular method of examining population ageing, which combines population projections with age-specific per capita expenditures on a range of benefits in order to obtain projected social expenditures. These are typically combined with GDP projections based on age-specific labour force participation and unemployment ratios, along with productivity growth assumptions.

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  • Macroeconomic Principles (3-4 semester credits) Students address classical models of macroeconomic thought in assessing the economy as a whole and the critical factors impacting economic problems. Topics evaluate the works of economists such as John Maynard Keynes and others and investigate how overall levels of employment, production and growth are determined in an economy and of how interactions among nations influence activity worldwide.

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  • After reading this chapter, you should be able to: Explain the relationship between short-run aggregate supply and long-run aggregate supply; discuss how to apply the "extended" (short-run/long-run) AD-AS model to inflation, recessions, and economic growth; explain the short-run trade-off between inflation and unemployment (the Phillips Curve);...

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Macroeconomics" has contents: Economics - Foundations and models, the economics of health care; comparative advantage and the gains from international trade; firms, the stock market, and corporate governance; unemployment and inflation; unemployment and inflation short run.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Macroeconomics for today" has contents: Introducing the economic way of thinking; production possibilities, opportunity cost, and economic growth; market demand and supply; markets in action; gross domestic product; business cycles and unemployment,...and other contents.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Macroeconomics" has contents: Consumption; investment; money supply, money demand, and the banking system; stabilization policy; government debt and budget deficits; aggregate supply and the short run tradeoff between inflation and unemployment; a dynamic model of aggregate demand and aggregate supply,...and other contents.

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