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  • Nature in her ever-constant, ever-changing phases is indispensable to man, his whole existence depends upon her, and she influences him in manifold ways, in mind as well as body. The physical character of a country is reflected in its inhabitants; the one factor of climate alone gives a very different outlook to northerner and southerner.

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  • With some six billion mobile subscriptions now in use worldwide, around three-quarters of the world’s inhabitants now have access to a mobile phone. Mobiles are arguably the most ubiquitous modern technology in some developing countries, more people have access to a mobile phone than to clean water, a bank account or even electricity. Mobile communications now offer major opportunities to advance human development from providing basic access to education or health information to making cash payments and stimulating citizen involvement in democratic processes.

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  • Even though human-induced species extinction presently seems to rank low on peoples’ attention scale compared to other political and societal topics, this does not mean that its significance in earth history or its ecological consequences have diminished in any way. It must repeatedly be made clear that if current trends continue, within the next one hundred years half of all our planet’s species will most likely have become extinct.

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  • In the spirit of place, Steve Apfelbaum and his partner, Susan Lehnhardt, have found a unique spiritual connection through their love of the land. To be “rooted in the land” involves actively participating in a known landscape. Steve and Susan have worked directly on the land, connecting both with it and with each other as members of a community of interdependent parts —soils, waters, plants, and animals.

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  • President Thabo Mbeki claims that he asked for Madlala- Routledge’s resignation because she travelled to an AIDS vaccine conference in Spain earlier in the year without receiving the required permission to make the trip. But no one believes this petty transgression to be the real issue. The fact of the matter is that Madlala- Routledge’s direct and honest approach to AIDS and other health challenges had placed her on a direct collision course with both Mbeki and his health minister, Manto Tshabalala-Msimang....

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  • Prior to a trip to Canada, many think about a country with tremendously large areas containing some of the world’s most beautiful nature. Expansive forests, great lakes, roaring rivers and high mountains. True, this is all a big part of Canada’s trademark, but a number of cultural experiences await in the Canadian cities. Everything from small villages on the prairie, where only grain silos break the horizon, to modern cities with millions of inhabitants offering a hectic and, very lively, cultural milieu….

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  • One of the most spectacular population movements, which still affects the modern world, was the transatlantic slave trade from the mid- sixteenth century to the 1820s. The forced and violent transfer of millions of Africans has had an important impact on the composition of the American population. Towards 1818 almost half the Brazilian population (4 million inhabitants) was composed of slaves. Today it is estimated that some 40 million people in the Americas and the Caribbean are descended from African slaves (Stalker 2007).

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  • There is evidence that the neighbourhood of Ripon was inhabited during, and perhaps before, the Roman occupation of Britain. Whether the place was a settlement of the Romans is uncertain; but it was assuredly in touch with their civilization, for several of their roads passed near it--notably Watling Street, on which, six miles to the east, was Isurium, the modern Aldborough; while imperial coins and other Roman objects have been dug up in Ripon itself.

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  • The region described in the following pages comprises the valley of the Rio Verde, in Arizona, from Verde, in eastern central Yavapai county, to the confluence with Salt river, in Maricopa county. The written history of the region treated extends back only a few years. Since the aboriginal inhabitants abandoned it, or were driven from it, the hostile Apache and Walapai roamed over it without hindrance or opposition, and so late as twenty-five years ago, when the modern settlement of the region commenced, ordinary pursuits were almost impossible.

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  • The collection of photographs from which the plates in this and the February number were selected was only recently made under the direction of Signor Boni, an official of the Italian government, charged with the care and restoration of historic monuments. The province of Apulia has been so little invaded by the march of modern improvement, and its present inhabitants are, as a rule, so poor, that it is difficult to travel here except on the line of a few main thoroughfares, and strangers seldom visit more than one or two of the principal towns on the coast. Bari...

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