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  • This book pilots the reader into the future. The first three chapters introduce new materials and material processing methods. Then five chapters present innovative new design directions and solutions. The main section of the book contains ten chapters organized around problems and methods of manufacturing and technology, from cutting process optimisation through maintenance and control to the Digital Factory. The last two chapters deal with information and energy, as the foundations of a prospering economy....

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  • Various bacterial protein toxins and effectors target the actin cytoskeleton. At least three groups of toxins⁄effectors can be identified, which directly modify actin molecules. One group of toxins⁄effectors causes ADP-ribosy-lation of actin at arginine-177, thereby inhibiting actin polymerization.

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  • Freeform fabrication technology does not require pre-formed mandrels or tooling; instead, it builds physical objects directly from computer graphical data. This type of technology is also known as layer manufacturing, since it constructs the three- dimensional object layer by layer (Jacobs, 1992; Beaman et al., 1997). The technology has proved that it can help to rapidly provide feedback on design concepts, discover inconsistencies in the design, modify the design, and eliminate inconsistency before fabricating the design.

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