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  • Eur. J. Biochem. 269, 5950–5955 (2002) Ó FEBS 2002 doi:10.1046/j.1432-1033.2002.03323.x The most active factor VIIa (FVIIa) variants identified to date carry concurrent substitutions at positions 158, 296and 298 with the intention of generating a thrombin-mimicking motif, optionally combined with additional replacements within the protease domain [Persson, E., Kjalke, M. & Olsen, O. H. (2001)Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. USA98, 13583– 13588]. Here we have characterized variants of FVIIa mutatedat one or twoof these positions toassess the relative importance of the individual replacements.

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  • The contents of this book focus on the recent investigations in molecular biology where applications of topology seem to be very stimulating. The volume is based on the talks and lectures given by participants of the three-month program “Topology in Condensed Matter”, which was held in the Max Planck Institut fur Physik komplexer Systeme, Dresden, Germany, 8May–31 July 2002, under the scientific direction of Professors M. Kl´eman, S. Novikov and myself.

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  • From this Chapter we will study thermal properties of matter, that is what means the terms “hot” or “cold”, what is the difference between “heat” and “temparature”, and the laws relative to these concepts. We will know that the thermal phenomena are determined by internal motions of molecules inside a matter. There exists a form of energy which is called thermal energy, or “heat”, which is the total energy of all molecular motions, or internal energy.

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  • The success of MIPIM Asia’s sixth edition last year confi rmed the dynamism of the Asian property market and the fact that the show is now the international event for major real estate companies operating within the region or seeking to work internationally with Asia Pacifi c players. The emerging presence of retailers refl ected Asia Pacifi c’s potential for retail expansions and the attractiveness of retail real estate.

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  • Fungalb-N-acetylhexosaminidases are inducible extracellular enzymes with many biotechnological applications. The enzyme fromPenicillium oxalicum has unique enzymatic properties despite its close evolutionary relationship with other fungal hexosaminidases.

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  • Trehalose synthase (TreS) catalyzes the reversible inter-conversion of trehalose (glucosyl-a,a-1,1-glucose) and maltose (glucosyl-a1-4-glucose). TreS was purified from the cytosol ofMycobacterium smegmatisto give a single protein band on SDS gels with a molecular mass of68 kDa. However, active enzyme exhibited a molecular mass of 390 kDa by gel filtration suggesting that TreS is a hexa-mer of six identical subunits.

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  • The sodium pump (Na + /K + -ATPase; sodium- and potas-sium-activated adenosine 5¢-triphosphatase; EC has been under investigation formore than fourdecades. During this time, the knowledge about the structure and properties of the enzyme has increased to suchan extent that specializedgroupshave formedwithin thisfield that focuson specific aspects of the active ion transport catalyzed by this enzyme.

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  • Department of Chemistry ‘IFM’, University of Torino, Italy; 2Department of Biology, University ‘Roma Tre’, Rome, Italy; 3Department of Structural and Functional Biology, University of Insubria, Italy Haem binding to human serum albumin (HSA) endows the protein with peculiar spectroscopic properties. Here, the effect of ibuprofen and warfarin on the spectroscopic properties of ferric haem –human serum albumin (ferric HSA–haem) and of ferrous nitrosylated haem –human serum albumin (ferrous HSA –haem-NO) is reported.

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  • The repressor protein and cognate operator DNA of any temperateStaph-ylococcus aureusphage have not been investigated in depth, despite having the potential to enrich the molecular biology of the staphylococcal system. In the present study, using the extremely pure repressor of temperate Staphylococcus aureusphage/11 (CI)

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  • Substrate properties of xanthine (Xan) and xanthosine (Xao) for purine nucleoside phosphorylases (PNP) of mammalian origin have been reported previously, but only at a single arbitrarily selected pH and with no kinetic con-stants. Additionally, studies have not taken into account the fact that, at physiological pH, Xao (pKa¼5.7) is a mono-anion, while Xan (pKa¼7.7) is an equilibrium mixture of the neutral and monoanionic forms.

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  • In  Molecular simulation of nanoparticle diffusion at fluid interfaces molecular dynamics simulations are used to exam- ine the transport properties of a nanoparticle in both bulk solvent and at a liquid–liquid interface. Specifically it aims to address the effect of interfacial adsorption on the diffusion of nanoparticles (at low concentration).


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  • A thermodynamic model for heterogeneous mixtures involving multi-molecular sorption is proposed. Some complex relationships between sorption potential, diffusion, sorption kinetics polymer network change kinetics, chemical affinity energy of internal changes and physico- chemical properties of polymer network are obtained. This model has interpreted some experimental results of fluid sorption in polymer network. Proposed model may be also used for study of other problems in heterogeneous mixture of fluid and polymers.

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  • Polymers present a class of materials that play a role of importance growing in catalysis. Polymeric catalysts based on polypropylene-polyacrylic acid (PP-APA) were prepared by the two methods: co-polymerization in the presence of transition metal ions (Cu(II), Fe(III), Co(II), Mn(II)…) and soaking method. Their catalytic activity was determined by oxidation reactions of ions S2- and hydroquinone by molecular oxygen in normal condition.

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  • Chapter 24 introduce to genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics. We will begin this chapter with an examination of functional genomics. Then we will consider a quest that is even more complex than genomics: proteomics, the study of an organism’s proteome-the properties and activities of all the proteins an organism makes in its lifetime. Finally, we will introduce bioinformatics, the discipline concerned with managing and using the vast stores of data that come from genomic, proteomic, and other massive biological studies.

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  • We will begin this chapter with an examination of functional genomics. Then we will consider a quest that is even more complex than genomics: proteomics, the study of an organism’s proteome—the properties and activities of all the proteins an organism makes in its lifetime. Finally, we will introduce bioinformatics, the discipline concerned with managing and using the vast stores of data that come from genomic, proteomic, and other massive biological studies.

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  • Is a branch of polymer science dealing with analysis and characterisation of polymers. üThe complication of macromolecular chains, the dispersion in molecular weight, tacticity, crystallinity, orientation, composition of polymers etc. and complex morphological systems ⇒ analysis of polymer ≠ the small organic materials ⇒ Focus on viscoelastic properties, dynamic mechanical testing.

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  • Polymers are materials of very high molecular weight that are found to have multifarious applications in our modern society. They usually consist of several structural units bound together by covalent bonds [1,2]. For example, polyethy- lene is a long-chain polymer and is represented by

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  • Molecules, small structures composed of atoms, are essential substances for lives. However, we didn’t have the clear answer to the following questions until the 1920s: why molecules can exist in stable as rigid networks between atoms, and why molecules can change into different types of molecules. The most important event for solving the puzzles is the discovery of the quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics is the theory for small particles such as electrons and nuclei, and was applied to hydrogen molecule by Heitler and London at 1927.

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  • If the text you're using for general chemistry seems to lack sufficient mathematics and physics in its presentation of classical mechanics, molecular structure, and statistics, this complementary science series title may be just what you're looking for. Written for the advanced lower-division undergraduate chemistry course, The Physical Basis of Chemistry, Second Edition, offers students an opportunity to understand and enrich the understanding of physical chemistry with some quantum mechanics, the Boltzmann distribution, and spectroscopy.

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  • Permanganate may be applied to sites as either potassium permanganate (KMnO4) or sodium permanganate (NaMnO4). Where cost dominates over engineering factors at a site, potassium permanganate is the preferred chemical form because it is more widely available, less costly, and is available in solid form, which facilitates transport and handling. Where other factors are more important, the liquid form of sodium permangante is preferable.

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