Multiple comparisons

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  • The trade entrance exam for each cluster includes questions that test for educational requirements for the trades and occupations in that cluster. The exams are made up of 100 multiple-choice questions that cover the areas of English/reading comprehension, mathematics and science.

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  • The third edition of this popular course builds on the success of the earlier editions and responds to suggestions from both students and teachers. Plagiarism has become a major concern in higher education, and a special feature of Academic Writing is a section on avoiding plagiarism. There are also units on the key skills of paraphrasing, summarising and referencing. The book includes sections on crucial areas such as argument, cause and effect, comparison, definitions and academic style.

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  • As shown in Table 2, the area of agricultural land worldwide is larger than that of forests (FAOSTAT Resources 2009). Furthermore, non-wood fibres usually have high annual biomass yields per hectare which are equal or superior to that of woods (Pierce 1991). Approximately 30% of the forest area is used primarily for the production of wood. An additional 24% of the forest area is designated for multiple uses, which also includes the production of wood in most cases (FAO 2010).

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  • The purpose of this book is to provide the inexperienced scientist, notably junior faculty, residents, and predoctoral clinical students, with practical guidance on how to go about finding a research project and how to design appropriate studies and then write up the results. In order to provide a useful “how to” book, the approach is to give concrete advice and information as well as show how a program of research work can be developed, analyzed, and presented.

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  • The purpose of this practical manual is to describe and illustrate each step of the basic surgical procedures involved in the placement of implants in qualified patients. To that end, each procedure is briefly but lucidly described; carefully illustrated in a series of drawings of the techniques and instrumentation used; and reinforced through clinical photographs, including radiographic and postoperative follow-up views.

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  • We use data from the Expenditure and Food Survey (EFS), which is administered every year in the UK. The annual sample includes between six and seven thousand households. For each household, an initial interview collects detailed demographic information. Immediately after the interview, each household member starts a expenditure diary, in which they record everything they buy during the next fourteen days. Diary expenditures are aggregated to “diary weeks” in the data, for reasons of confidentiality, resulting in two seven-day aggregates of expenditure for each individual.

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  • Describe Operator Overloading Unary operators Binary operators Binary arithmetic operators Compound assignment operators Comparison operators Describe overloading of the Assignment Operator Describe Copy Constructors

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  • CHAPTER 43 Multiple Comparisons in the Linear Model. Due to the isomorphism of tests and confidence intervals, we will keep this whole discussion in terms of confidence intervals. 43.1. Rectangular Confidence Regions Assume you are interested in two linear combinations of β at the same time

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  • In cross-economy comparisons (such as the graphs on pages 43 and 95 of this volume), it is notable that both banking and bond markets tend to be larger, relative to GDP, in rich countries,2 although even some rich countries still have small bond markets. As economies mature, banking markets tend to become developed before bond markets.

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  • The disclosure table is the heart of the prototype. It addresses two of the questions: “How do we ensure that consumers can understand the information about financial sharing policies and their personal information?” and “How do we ensure that consumers can compare sharing practices across financial institutions?” At the simplest level, the disclosure table shows what the individual financial institution is sharing, especially through the yes/no columns.

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  • Mechanical impedance is experienced to varying degrees by virtually all roots growing through soil. If continuous pores of sufficiently large diameter do not already exist, a root tip must exert a force to deform the soil. This process may considerably decrease root elongation rates, increase the root diameter and change the pattern of lateral root initiation (Russell, 1977). In this paper, the effects of mechanical impedance on root morphology are reviewed and some direct comparisons between soil resistance to root growth and resistance to a penetrometer are discussed.

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  • We resolve these issues as follows. We show that a nonincreasing returns to scale (nrs) model is usually appropriate when modeling rational choice among investors. We show when multiple risk and return measures can justifiably be combined and identify some suitable measures. We show we need a nonlinear model to justify the assumption of convexity and to model diversification. We develop a method to approximate a solution to this model as accurately as needed using a sequence of linear models. Coherent measures of risk come up again and again in our discussion.

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  • Protein family databases obtain sequences fromone of the large protein sequence databases,most commonly SWISS- PROT with TrEMBL (Bairoch and Apweiler, 2000) but also PIR (Barker et al., 2000). They then apply an algorithm, either manual or automatic, to group the sequences into families. Each family is represented in one or more ways to facilitate both inspection by humans and comparison by computer programs. The most common representation is a multiple alignment of the family’s sequences, either with insertion and deletion (gap) characters or without.

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  • The purpose of this handbook is to bring together original chapters and other material that address and analyze the basic issues and components of the United States military administration and provide an international comparative perspective. Although the United States military produces numerous “handbooks” by highly competent authors, none of the currently available manuals address the breadth of the subject matter here while simultaneously providing an international comparison.

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  • Both a tutorial and a language reference, Programming in Go brings together all the knowledge you need to evaluate Go, think in Go, and write high-performance software with Go. Summerfield presents multiple idiom comparisons showing exactly how Go improves upon older languages, calling special attention to Go’s key innovations. Along the way, he explains everything from the absolute basics through Go’s lock-free channel-based concurrency and its flexible and unusual duck-typing type-safe approach to object-orientation....

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  • We used t-tests with robust standard errors (to account for clustering caused by multiple nutrient comparisons within studies) to test the null hypothesis of no evidence of a difference between organically and conventionally produced food in content of nutrients and other substances. P-values were calculated to determine the significance of observed differences; p-values of less than 0.05 were used as a basis for evidence of significant differences between organically and conventionally produced foodstuffs.

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  • Several efforts have been made since 1990 to overcome the effort required to maintain curated protein family data- bases by automatically clustering the protein sequence databases using sequence similarity. The general approach is to compute all possible pairwise comparisons, and then cluster them in some fashion, shifting the effort from humans to computers. This otherwise computationally very demanding process has benefited from the introduc- tion of the rapid PSI-BLAST system(Altschul et al., 1997).

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  • The focus of interest is the multiple access technology that will be employed in Wireless Local Loop (WLL) systems, here referred to as Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) networks. The discussion of whether to employ Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) or Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) has gone on for a long time with no result to be expected in the near future. In this chapter, a capacity comparison for FWA based on two access technologies is performed. The TDMA system is analysed with the help of a simulator in chapter by S. V. Krishnamurthy et al. [8]....

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  • These consistencies have made it possible for accrediting groups to compare programs at multiple institutions. They make the handling of transfer credit from institution to institution reasonably systematic. They make it possible that institutions can issue “transcripts that follow commonly accepted practices and accurately reflect a student’s academic experience" as required by Criterion 5 of the North Central Association’s Criteria for Accreditation (Adopted February 2001).

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  • The guanidinium chloride- and urea-induced unfolding of FprA, a mycobacterium NADPH-ferredoxin reductase, was examined in detail using multiple spectroscopic techniques, enzyme activity measurements and size exclusion chromatography. The equilibrium unfolding of FprA by urea is a cooperative process where no stabilization of any partially folded inter-mediate of protein is observed. In comparison, the unfolding of FprA by guanidinium chloride proceeds through intermediates that are stabilized by interaction of protein with guanidinium chloride. ...

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