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  • Our current level of long-term and comparative information on estuaries in many cases prohibits objective determination of the status and trends among these ecosystems. The way to resolve this situation is to develop and evaluate estuarine environmental indicators that will permit objective and meaningful evaluation of estuaries. However, this effort far exceeds the ability of one or a few well-intentioned scientists.

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  • Since the 1980s, the Bank has made progress in integrating gen- der issues into country work and lending, particularly in education and health. For example, between 1995 and 2000 the Bank lent more than $3.4 billion for girls’ education programs, and was also the single largest lender in the world for health, nutrition, and pop- ulation projects, three-quarters of which contained gender-respon- sive actions. Attention to gender issues in World Bank Country Assistance Strategies (CASs) also increased during this period.

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  • Defi ning, gathering, and disseminating international statistics is a collective effort of many people and organizations. The indicators presented in World Development Indicators are the fruit of decades of work at many levels, from the fi eld workers who administer censuses and household surveys to the committees and working parties of the national and international statistical agencies that develop the nomenclature, classifi cations, and standards fundamental to an international statistical system.

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